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  1. yes, they missed or lost our medical sealed packet from port of entry. got RFE for I-693 during our interview. going thru dr. checkup and blood work to resubmit the packet to San Bernardino office.
  2. so when my fiance (now wife) completed her dr. visit for K1 visa, she got CD copy and dr mentioned.. dont need to share this with Embassy or interview. and post interview, she got the sealed packet along with her passport. at port of entry, the officer removed the seal.. took all the paperwork including medical inside the packet and said, these will be sent to NVC and for your I-485 interivew. on 31st, Oct, we had our her interview. officer said he doesnt see any medical records or info in his system, he made some phone calls and looked into various applications on his computer and said he couldnt find it gave us 2 options 1. wait for him and USCIS to track the packet 2. get RFE and get re-examined at USCIS approved doctor and mail it back to the field office for approval.
  3. Good luck, fingers crossed for ur medical packet (Port of entry) is at Officer desk
  4. so, we got our RFE post Interview (Oct 31st) during our interview, officer didn't have our Medical packet from LAX port of entry. so, my wife needs to go thru USCIS approved doctor and have the dr. do sealed envelope and send it to San bernardino office.
  5. 2-3 days. i'm waiting on my interview status to change.. had our interview yesterday, the officer was missing our medical packet from port of entry.. during the end of interview and few waits.. he said he made some calls and found my wife medical packet.. and should be received yesterday EOD and my case would be updated, if the packet is missing any info.. we will need to go to doctor office to get the physical and any vaccinations done and resubmit via postal mail.
  6. so had our interview today at San Bernardino office. oath, had us both seated in his office, greeted well Officer went thru submitted paperwork, asked 10 standard security questions.. have you ever... kinda of.. asked me and my wife, where we met and how? asked my naturalization citizenship certificate.. took a look, along with my wife birth certificate. asked when we got married. didn't ask nor look any photographs. then, he checked everything on his end, looks like our medical packet at port of entry was missing on his end. asked us to wait for few mins, meanwhile he said he will check with his supervisor.. later called back us in, had 2 options 1. they will continue to research and find where the packet is... 2. my wife needs to get another physical exam at Dr. and send it via mail and again asked us to wait for few min,, which turned to be 30min wait finally, he comes back, says.. officer and his supervisor made some calls, they found the file, and they will prob get it digitally in few hours.. 1. once we look into medical, we will approve, 2. if vaccinations or any medical is missing, we will send RFE, to get re-examined by dr and send the sealed packet to San Bernardino office to get approval. either asked us to check case status tomorrow to find out.
  7. same here. we have health insurance paperwork. and letter from SSN, on why they can't issue my wife SSN with her I-94 was close to the date we applied. taking pics, previous forms.
  8. have my wife interview on 31st at San Bernardino, CA office. anyone here had one at that location? how did that go? also, at the interview, do they interview myself and my wife together? or separate? getting all the paperwork ready and photos. need good luck wishes!
  9. Finally received our Interview scheduled letter in the mail. Oct 31st - Halloween day! are anyone having their interviews on that date? how should we prepare? documentation list? kinda overwhelming thank you for your help in advance
  10. Our rfe response recieved on sept 6th by uscis. Today, got the new change ready for interview
  11. Finally, today is a good day. My RFE cleared. status changed : Ready to be scheduled for an Interview I've seen few people got interview's scheduled, are those completed or when is the time frame they scheduled interviews?
  12. RFE said = " must submit a complete federal tax return submitted to IRS for the most recent tax year" so i only sent in 1040 form. but NOT IRS transcript or paystubs or W2, so little worried... in such case, would they send 2nd RFE or deny?
  13. I-485 received: June - 2019 Fingers prints completed: July 11th, RFE: Aug 20th, 2019 - Current tax year RFE response received : Sept 6th question: for my RFE, they asked for petitioner/sponsor current tax return, (me), and I did attach the copy of RFE letter along with 1040 2018. my worry now.. will they send second RFE or deny... I only sent 1040 return for 2018 and not any IRS transcript or W2 with my response?
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