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  1. Check hasn't cashed out yet received on 11/10/21 and got text on 11/12/21
  2. USCIS received on 11/10/21 via FedEX, got text notification with case number WAC on 11/12/21 now waiting for the notice in the mail.
  3. the IRS receipts doesn't show our full names. not sure if this will be an issue, our names are kinda cut shorted.
  4. Thank you, yes, child is US citizen, so we just check as no, for the "is this child applying with you" thanks again.
  5. Hello, I'm US Citizen and my wife is on conditional greencard, expires 12/30/21, we're about to file the paperwork for I-751 to remove conditions question in 2020, our son was born, and in the I-751 form, there is a section, in page3, part 5, information about child. do we include our son information and check, "is this child applying with you" as NO? we're confused. thank you
  6. Hello, could someone please help clarify... thank you in advance. My wife (Greencard conditional) expires 12/30/21, came on K1 in 2019 March, got married to me (US Citizen) 1. so, on the I-751 application, the petitioner is my wife? and the spouse information is about me (US Citizen)? 2. we like to file by end of next week, end of October, which leaves about 60days before her conditional greencard expires. so are still good with the "within 90day period"? thank you Srinath
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