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  1. Yes, I will sign the RFE and the letter template you provided to explain about terms of service, Can I (Petitioner) can sign? or good idea to have both the Petitioner and Beneficiary sign? that way, I will send the sample letter you provided into word, send my fiancé to have her sign and mail me back, so I can sign and attach the website TOS and RFE to send back.
  2. @Greenbaum thank you so much for the letter and steps. thanks so much. I reached out to the matrimony site, but haven't heard back since few days... I shall send following your steps and letter along with Terms of Service, tomorrow. but quick question.. Can I (petitioner) sign. or would it be better if I send the letter to my fiancé to have sign and mail me, so I can sign as well? thanks again
  3. Srinath06

    RFE - IMB - Help Plz

    So, how would I respond to my RFE? they never asked for a consent form from my fiancé when she signed for the free account on the shaadi.com. I'm now worried on how to respond back. thank you
  4. Need help, about RFE related to IMB (International Marriage Broker) signed up for free account on shaadi.com, now how do I proof that its not IMB? or how do I reply back to RFE? NOA1: April 6th RFE: Nov 9th
  5. I got a similar RFE, about IMB met my fiancé on shaadi.com ard Jan/Feb 2018, NOA1: April 6th, 2018 got RFE in mail today, Nov 9th, 2018 How do I show or show evidence Shaadi.com is not IMB? how do I reply back to RFE? thank you
  6. NOA1: April 6 2018 RFE on website: Nov 2, 2018 RFE via Mail: Nov 9h, 2018 - RFE About IMB I met my fiancé on shaadi.com back in Jan/Feb 2018 timeframe. is shaadi.com IMB or IMBRA? how should I reply back to my RFE? thank you in advance.
  7. Srinath06

    RFE - IMB - Help Plz

    @jdaveh I signed for the free account on shaadi.com, me and fiancé came by our profiles, she sent me interest and later found my number from google search and we continued... etc.. in this case, how should I reply to my RFE?
  8. Srinath06

    RFE - IMB - Help Plz

    NOA1: April 6th RFE on website: Nov 2nd, 2018 RFE via mail: International Marriage Broker (IMB) - "you are required submit a copy of the signed written consent form that the International Marriage broker obtained from the beneficiary authorizing the release of his/her personal contact information to you" my fiancé met online on shaadi.com, so what do I do? I'm overwhelmed.. plz help. whats my next step.. how do I get the above?
  9. Quick Question. On Nov 2nd, on the site, I see that I got RFE. but as of now, haven't received it in the mail? should I be concerned. or how much does it usually take to arrive in the mailbox. last time for NOA1, I saw on the website on April 6th, got the letter on the 9th.
  10. @jackthomas053 may I ask, what was your RFE? and when did you receive it ? thank you
  11. April 6th: NOA1 Nov 2nd: Notice of RFE awaiting hard copy and wondering, what did i miss or what do i need to submit more? little concerned or worried
  12. @CMH678 saw your post. may I ask? what was your RFE about? my NOA1: April 6th and Nov2nd: RFE notice sent. so little curious or worried. thank you
  13. NOA1: April 6th, 2018 RFE: Nov 2nd, 2018 Case status shows I've (petitioner) been sent a RFE letter. haven't received yet.. but tensed and worried.. what could it be? Fiancé is in India, worried. any help? or idea? once I do sent back, how long does it take to process?
  14. so, @Lovers4life you're saying you called on the 25th to USICS to followup and they said you got RFE? Little confused with your reply... NOA on April 12th and NOA2 on 25th October?
  15. my fiance K1 had NOA acceptance date of April 6th, 2018, and forwarded to California Service center and its been few months, and haven't heard back. little worried or impatient... anyone with similar wait? or any feedback?