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  1. Hoping it all goes well for you! I wonder though, if the Consulate is seeing a pattern here with the delayed reports from Fullerton. When I informed the CO my medical was delayed and they would only receive it the following day, he looked unsurprised and mentioned it was fine. Seems like a common occurence. Wish there was another approved health facility undertaking the medical screening. Oh well.
  2. This! As a last resort, I too, had to physically make my way to Fullerton before my interview day to seek clarification. I practically gave up on the phone calls and emails. The only person who was of any real help to me at the call centre, was the customer service manager who expedited the report quickly when requested. Should any of you call the clinic to enquire about your medical, I highly recommend you to ask to speak to Donald (customer service manager). He was extremely efficient compared to rest of the front desk staff. Aside from the Fullerton snafu, every step of the K1 journey went really smoothly!
  3. Hey all, My visa was finally issued today! Thank you everyone for the wonderful support and advice. All the best in your immigration journey! Here's my visa status timeline for reference: 9th Oct: Interview Day/Ready/Admin Processing 10th Oct: Medical was delivered 12th Oct: Admin Processing/Case Updated 17th Oct: Admin Processing/Case Updated 23rd Oct: Admin Processing/Case Updated 24th Oct: Admin Processing/ Case Updated 25th Oct: Application Received/ Non-Immigrant Visa 26th Oct: Admin Processing/Issued
  4. Hello there, @toocold is right. Not sure about others, but I played it safe and only booked and went for my medical after receiving Packet 3. As my appointment was the very next day, Fullerton asked me to email them the official Embassy letter included in Packet 3, along with the pre-registration form they sent me. (in advance) I think you should be receiving Packet 3 very soon. Good luck!
  5. Oh dear, sorry to hear about that. Same here, I breezed through the interview and was approved by the CO at counter 8. The local CO at counter 7 was polite and nice as well. Did you try calling and emailing the US Embassy about your concern? They are pretty prompt with replies. Good luck and hope you receive your passport back soon!
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience! That sounds exacty like my scenario. Looking at you fiancé's timeline, I have a feeling my visa would be issued Monday or Tuesday. Just one final hurdle to overcome. Congratulations to your fiancé receiving his visa! Happy for you both.
  7. Exactly! Yes, prior to my medical, I had read a lot of negative reviews here on this forum about Fullerton Healthcare. Thus, I was super wary and took the advice of some Singaporean VJ-ers to call them couple of times over the week regarding updates on the delivery of the medical. Thing is, when you call them, you are directed to their call centre, not the clinic. So, miscommunication between the call centre and clinic is not uncommon. 😩 Thank you so much. Best of luck to you too! I hope your medical goes well, and your visa would be approved with zero delays. Please feel free to PM me if you have any other concerns. Take care!
  8. In my original post, I mentioned I had a very short window of less than 14 days between the receipt of Packet 3 and my interview date. I was only able to schedule my medical 8 working days before my interview. Plus my medical facility takes 7-10 working days to deliver the medical to the Embassy. Please read carefully. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I had a short window of less than 14 days between the receipt of Packet 3/4 and my interview date. I had my medical done one day after receiving Packet 4.
  10. That's 10 working days - you should be fine. I only had 8 working days from medical to interview. However, I would still strongly encourage you to call the clinic once every couple of days to confirm the medical is on its way, and remind them to deliver it before your interview date.
  11. Hello everyone, I had my K1 visa interview last Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at the US Embassy in Singapore. The interview went exceedingly well, and it was over in 10 minutes. The consul did not even ask to see any relationship evidence. However, my medical was not delivered in time for the interview - it was delivered one day later, on 10th October. The consul told me aside from the medical report they were waiting on, my case looked good and I should expect to receive my visa on hand in about a week's time. My visa status on the CEAC website is still in Administrative Processing - my case was updated twice, on 12th and 17th October. I am kind of in limbo right now. It has been 9 working days since my interview. I've checked with a fellow Singaporean VJ-er who had her interview on the same day as I did, and her visa was promptly issued Monday, 15th October. P.S: If it was not for Fullerton Healthcare's negligence and inefficiency (!!!), I probably would have received my visa days ago. Singaporean filers, please be wary of Fullerton Healthcare. They have caused much distress. As I had a very short window between receiving Packet 3 and the Interview date (less than 14 days), I had to rush to have my medical done. I called Fullerton daily to remind them to expedite my report, but clearly it did not help. Would really appreciate if anyone here could give me an idea of when I should expect my visa status to change to 'Issued'? Surely a one-day delay of medical report delivery would not have such an impact on the processing time? Thank you!