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  1. Good day to all. My husband's immigration interview was on 12 sep 2018. Interview went really good and at the end visa officer said your visa is approved and you will get passport in 1 or 2 weeks. After that we are continuously checking the visa page and it says Administrative Processing. I just want to know after how many days passport is received with stamped visa. Praying that we will get soon. Anyone who has visa interview at Islamabad embassy around same days please also share your views and after how many days you have received your passport with stamped visa. Thanks & Regards.
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    Yes im from pakistan. Can anyone from Pakistan who had the interview in sep 2018 got visa? Please share after how many days passport is received with visa after interview? Thanks
  3. Hi i need help my husband had his interview at 12 sep and officer said his visa is approved and he can collect his passport in one or two week but when i check ceac website it says administrative processing and they update everyday does any one have any idea when they will send passport thank you