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    Glenna's dad cut my hair in 2008 when I was filing Philippine Embassy papers. Little did I know that his daughter was an Angel and we would be married in November 2019. (I traveled there on 11/18 for a Fiance Visa /K1 but found out 4 countries in the world don't allow co-sponsors with K-1's. So I'm heading back! ;)

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  1. I think your Mom having Public Assistance is the same as if you were on it, which means I don't think she could be a Co-Sponsor. I heard if you have assets you can use that?
  2. Do they let a US petitioner go to his Fiancee's Interview in the Philippines?
  3. The 04/10/17 edition of I-129F (the only edition that is currently accepted) does not need a G-325A. All the biographical information that used to be asked on the G-325A is now asked on the I-129F itself.
  4. So it seems from the getgo that the cards are stacked against me and that my girl and I are just throwing our money away, is this an accurate summation?
  5. MY Immigration question I understand if I'm Disabled I can be married (keep Medicare) but what about the IRS Returns required? (I was disabled at 38 years old and worked enough Quarters to qualify for Disability Benefits. At 65 this turned into Social Security Retirement, this cannot be denied then correct?) I receive $1,244 a month or $14,928 The Poverty Line is $16,460 for the K1 and $20,575 for Adjustment. So for the K1 I would need a Sponsor that hands over $1,532 a year (or $127.66 a month /$32 a week) and later 125% . The question (besides the IRS Returns requirement which logically must be waived) is: Can my HUD be counted as income because it practically pays my rent? And if not and I can’t find a sponsor – has anyone heard of Americans With Disability Act, etc. that allows for a severely disabled person the right to have a wife help take care of him? (I use a Motorized Wheelchair and have a HHA /Home Help Aide) These are the 2018 Poverty Guidelines released on March 01, 2018. 2018 Poverty Guidelines Size of Family Unit 100% Poverty Guideline 125% of Poverty Guideline 2 $ 16,460 $ 20,575 For K1 For ADJUSTMENT (after marriage)
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