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  1. And you don't have to be super prepare for aos interview specially if your case/relationship is clean and real trust me.
  2. If you complete it then you're good to go. Edit: i saw that you done your medical june 2017 then you really need to do your medical because it was expired june 2018 but if you already did your I693 recently then youre good to go
  3. Mostly less than a week to 2 weeks and usually they gave you 120 days from the date of interview and if it pass in that window and you dont received your card you can make infopass. Hope you'll received your green card next week 😊 God bless
  4. Some k1 got lucky to their ssa and they get a ssn before applying aos or before they got married or 2 weeks of arrival in the US they apply for ssn and got approve.. Me and @ThomasNC1988 maybe the unlucky people who didnt get a ssn before our AOS but we got lucky to have our GC on hand .. Because we Received our GC they automatically cancelled/close our EAD/AP. in other hand No EAD approve no ssn but we are good to go to apply one in ssa because of our GC.
  5. I ask this before and most member said yes and it shouldn't be a problem and yes they suggested to bring marriage certificate..
  6. If you sent what they ask then relax yourself now. There should be nothing to worry about something they didnt ask you to send.
  7. You dont say. The last time we went it was 4 hrs wait with 1 minute meeting with their staff and got nothing.
  8. Let me/us know how it goes with you when you guys go to SSA next week..i also plan to go to SSA next week on friday. Thanks
  9. We are in the same boat..But Im in Louisville. I will apply for SSN next week on friday maybe..let me know if you did yours before Friday.
  10. Photo copy of original Marriage Certificate is fine.. print it in color. Its what i submitted. I wasted few dollars for certified copy that they also didnt ask during my interview. But always have a certified copy just in case your Local office wanna ask for one on the interview.
  11. I really want to delete my account but no one wants to help me..i contacted @Captain Ewok but no reply from him.. Is there other way to delete this account?
  12. Yes Manila USEM if you are processing your papers for your manila embassy interview.
  13. You order it online then carry it to embassy on your interview.
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