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  1. Wow - really glad I found this thread! I just got my name-only police check in the mail today and I was feeling so great about it being the LAST thing I needed.... My interview isn’t until January, but with the holiday season fast approaching, I have to get on this NOW. I hope my small town PD can handle this request ugh Please keep sharing your experiences with this situation at the consulate. Good luck everyone ❤️
  2. I used this link: https://secureforms.travel.state.gov/ask-nvc.php My NOA2 was issued September 14th. I emailed the NVC with that link on October 3rd. Today I got a response with my new case # and they said I would be notified when my case is sent to the assigned U.S. Embassy/Consulate General. Every case/country will probably have a different timeline. If you have already emailed, just wait and you will eventually get a response. After waiting 8 months for the NOA2, a few more weeks is no big deal, right? 😉
  3. I got my case # today! I followed the superb advice from @Greenbaum and @Duane & Haney and emailed the NVC my information, requesting that they inform me of any status updates. There’s no way I could deal with the phone thing. Best of luck to everyone still waiting for the next step 💗
  4. @Snuffles I think you’re fine. That was nice of them to send your originals back to you 🙏 Maybe @Greenbaum knows more about that particular situation...? Either way, don’t stress 🤗🤗🤗 You are getting closer to the finish line! ❤️
  5. My fiancé received our NOA2 in the mail yesterday!! It looks so polished and official. It’s coming for all of you soon. It may just be a piece of paper, but it’s such a NICE piece of paper.... 😃 I wanted to post an image of it, but it looks so nice and made us so happy that I want you all to have that same feeling and sense of pride when you see it for the first time 🏆 Also, the received date is the original from the OLD site (Jan. 18th) and the approval notice date is Sept. 14th. I didn’t get the update on the phone app until Sept. 17th and both websites, when they finally updated, also said the 17th. So your approval could be on its way, ready to make you hearts dance RIGHT NOW!!! 💃🏻❤️🕺 Love and positive vibes to you all 💖
  6. @Lucy&Jason You will hear something soon 👍😘 I got an email today from POF confirming that they are not an IMB - a little late, but still appreciated. After seeing that email, I checked my USCIS phone app and it said APPROVED - I almost fell over lol There was no update on the new site, but the approval was on the old site. Go figure 😝 Apparently it was approved today and if it wasn’t for that email, I wouldn’t have checked. So keep checking everyone, even if you haven’t received a notification!! 😎
  7. @Duane & Haney I got the exact same message today!! Approved - woohoo!!! 🙏🏆💃🏻🎉 How cute is the confetti on the phone app?? Everything is gonna start moving right along for all of us 😍🤗🤩 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. Sent RFE today by priority mail. They should have it tomorrow by 3pm ✨ Everyone still waiting are in my thoughts and prayers. You will get good news soon 💖
  9. We went back to do the same thing and, after 2 years of not signing in, our messages were gone 😔 We are just submitting the TOS with a letter explaining why it is not an IMB, by definition according to the IMBRA. It should be fine. I emailed the site as well to see if our messages can be recovered, or if someone could at least respond with a statement proclaiming it is not an IMB. Will they get back to me anytime soon? I’m not holding my breath....
  10. I did the same thing. It is definitely a loaded question and with very little space provided to try and fit a decent response. We are almost finished with our RFE. I think we found all we need to prove that POF is NOT an IMB 😂 It will be mailed after the long weekend.
  11. My fiancé received the RFE in the mail today. It basically wants us to prove that PlentyofFish.com is not an IMB. Has anyone else had to deal with the IMB issue? I’m not too concerned, but a little surprised that this is what it was about. Glad we finally can get this cleared up and move forward!!
  12. @Adam Zollinger I was thinking the same thing!! I was also thinking that we are a “special” group because we are the first K-1 applicants of 2018. We all filed in January, and now in late August, we are finally getting answers. We are the pioneers of this newer, longer, more scrutinizing process 😎 These RFE’s might just be the new thing.... We are gonna be so tough! 💪 Gotta set good examples for 2019 😂
  13. @Snuffles you two are so freaking adorable!! In one time zone you have breakfast, and in the other you have supper the evening before! I love it. There are couples who are already together who don’t even appreciate being able to enjoy a meal sitting at the same table. Thanks for sharing - it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 💗🐨
  14. I got that exact same message this morning. It is truly bittersweet, but at least we know our petitions have been located in the massive stack of applications. At first I was worried, then I was upset. After having a small freak-out, I’m feeling more relaxed and hopeful. No one WANTS to get an RFE, but it doesn’t mean we won’t be approved. My heart goes out to all of you who have to wait so long, so far away from the person you love. I live in Canada and it’s not so far for me to visit my fiancé or for him to visit me; however, just because I live in Canada, it doesn’t mean it is any faster or easier for me to get through the K-1 Visa process. 🤞💌☀️
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