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  1. Hey sweetie! Omg CONGRATULATIONS! Finally! I'm so so so happy for you! I can feel your joy through your words You deserve all the happiness coming your way and more! We contacted our representative and they have inquired on our behalf. This is the 3rd inquiry in total so let's see what happens! I'm not gonna lie, it's easy to lose hope but your happiness is infectious and I'm dying for the day I see "Case was Approved"! Hope we stay in touch, is there a way to add friends on this website? Or DM? In which case, DM me your progress and I'll for sure ping you when I get my good news. Thank you for all your support and kindness ❤️
  2. Omg that's a lot of going around in circles! Hopefully this is the last leg for you.. We haven't heard anything. Sent another inquiry yesterday and now involving congresswoman. No idea what's going on.. 😥😥 Thought I'd be with him by this time.
  3. I'm August 10th at Texas and still nothing! Sent 2 inquiries, just keep being told to wait some more..
  4. Am I the only Texas filer still in here? 😫 Giving Nebraska peeps company!
  5. Hey! Sorry I don't check on this forum that often anymore. Nothing yet, had a generic email today saying they're still reviewing our case and there are no new updates.. Prayers 🙏
  6. Congratulations! Today marks 300 days since our PD. Hoping for good news soon..
  7. Hey! No letter yet, and our 60 day timeline ends 13th July soooooo I'm not holding my breath. Just gonna switch off my brain until the 13th, that's the only way I'll stay sane. That will be hitting month 11 for us.. sigh. You're in my thoughts too ❤️
  8. Hey! Sorry I didn't check back on this forum. Sooo basically my husband called today and they said we're getting our inquiry response in the mail. In short, it'll say that our case is actively with an agent but it's under additional review and that we'll have a decision in 60 days...... Not sure how I feel. Happy that it's finally active but a little bummed by the thought of waiting another 2 months, and even then they could stall for more time, who knows?
  9. On the USCIS app it says that my case inquiry was assigned and responded to. But I haven't received any email and neither has my husband. Do they respond via mail? I've usually seen people getting emails.. Kinda worried..
  10. ?? Makes no sense. Whatever it is, I hope they're quick. This is ridiculous. We're waiting it out till 23rd to get in touch with a representative. Sending positive vibes to everyone still waiting. I know it's hard right now, but the worst wait is over people ❤️ Hoping for good news by Eid 🤗
  11. You really think so? Shouldn't I wait for my inquiry response? I sent on 1st May and it says expect response by 23rd May. I don't get it, because on the app that I search daily, there are plentyyyy of August cases still untouched. Some people on FB groups from August who still haven't heard anything. So I don't know how they moved on to September on their website. Also, from what I've read, writing to your representative does jack all... all they come back with is a letter that says 'wait 60 days' or 'it's in queue', etc. If there's nothing by the 23rd, then we will have no choice but to write to someone I guess. Do you still not know where your petition went after transfer? This is ridiculous.
  12. No news here.. no online updates or mail. People at Potomac who filed in February are getting approved. Heck, people who filed more than a month after us at Texas are getting approved. I'm happy for them but it's so unfair... I have no words.
  13. Yeah, when I filed it was 5.5-7.5 months, we're now at 9 months with no further communication! It's just messed up but hey what can you do except have patience 🤷‍♀️ Sending you prayers too!
  14. Yeah, I was going to say, nothing surprises me anymore with how things are going. I'm well, just crossing my fingers after sending that case inquiry! Let us know when you get an update, hopefully by tomorrow. ❤️
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