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  1. The processing times I rely on more are on the actual uscis website. Only because visajourney is just a small piece of a very large puzzle. There are so many members here that never come back to update their status. And thousands of people don’t join groups like this for so many reasons. I hope visajourneys processing times are the true dates...because then it will come faster compared to what uscis says. And you are right, we have to get through this regardless of what we are challenged with.
  2. I see June 15 today. Where do you see July? And the worst part about it all, there is nothing anyone can do. Not even someone with lots of power. When the 20% increases went into affect with filing fees, it was said that this would speed up the process...it went backwards. When we mail our payments, they cash them within 2-3 days. And then proceed to tell you that it’s non-refundable regardless of the decision. You can’t get a congressmen involved if your priority date hasn’t passed, so of course they continue to backdate the priority dates, because basically they can. And not one of us paying people can do a darn thing. Yet you see waivers from within the states being filed from people who overstayed approved in 3 months. We are doing it the right way, we are following every procedure they tell us to...but they just don’t care how far we live from our loved ones or how long it will take. This is the true definition of hopeless.
  3. Same here...waiting for NOA2 on CR1 at TSC. Husband is beneficiary, I am the USC. I am very confused in regards to the P1, p3, etc? What are those? I am assuming they are packets? Where do they come from? I read a post below that you have to schedule your own interview? I thought they schedule for you? My concern is because my husband is in another city about 200 miles (approx) from the embassy. We have to carefully coordinate. Good luck!!
  4. Hi guys!! We are no where near the interview stage yet. But since I am in the us (usc) and my husband is in Argentina and he has no computer, I am the one that gets all the info and relays back to him. He is located in Rosario which is pretty far from Buenos Aires. So we are trying to make sure that when the time comes, we know how this whole process works. I will be flying in to attend interview with him. I’ve seen that most have seen Dr. grillo. What needs to be taken to the appt to get everything done in one day and how long before interview is the medical done? Again, because he will have to take a bus into Buenos Aires we need to know if he can return back home same day or stay in hotel in Buenos Aires. Thank you for the help. It’s been hard finding people working with Argentina embassy.
  5. Oh so you have to wait for the interview to file the waiver..we only need the 212 which is filed as soon as the 130 is approved. The wait is definitely a killer, especially mentally.
  6. Hope and patience is all we have at this point. The time it takes for the visa interview is also dependent on what embassy is involved. Some are pretty quick. I know a few people who are going through the Juarez embassy and that is by far the longest wait. Fingers crossed!!
  7. Well it makes me a bit nervous to think it’s going to take that long as we still have a waiver to file after our 130 is approved. 😭😭
  8. Why do you think nov/dec? That’s a long time just for a standard 130 petition.
  9. PD 8/8- TSC nothing....this is ridiculous!! Potomac is in Sept.
  10. Same...I’ve read a few ariticles in the last few days regarding the delays with uscis is now considered a crisis. To the point that house Democrat’s sent a letter to the director of uscis raising concerns about the backlog and the policy changes that have caused the delays. It would be nice if things sped up a bit.
  11. It’s been so quite...quite is not good in this scenario...🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤦🏼‍♀️
  12. Thank you! 🙌🏼
  13. Hi, this has also become an issue for me. I am USC. Husband is in another country. No income in US, 130 pending. Getting ready to file my 2018 taxes. I went to the link you posted above (thank you btw) and it also states that another option is filing Head of household. I am the one that pays 100% of my living expenses and support my 17 yr old daughter. I am assuming I can file this way? I just find it completely ridiculous to have to apply for a ITIN for an individual that you don’t even know if they will be here someday??! Mind twisting at this point.
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