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  1. Site is still down...unreal!!!! I can’t be more straight forward than this, I am so tired of this sh*t. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  2. What is all this talk about health insurance? I’m confused...
  3. I didn’t have to do the ds261 either.
  4. There’s another “theory” going around that I’ve seen. The maintenance thing is because they’re waiting for the final rule on public charge to take effect since it was stalled. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t even know what to do think anymore. It’s crazy how our minds to start to think a certain “paranoid” way when we are under major stress.
  5. I am waiting to see if someone responds to this, I’m curious too, never heard of NVC AP either.
  6. Oh god...I can see this taking longer than I thought it would. It’s going to go into next year...ugh!!!! Good that you don’t need joint sponsor and still don’t understand why you couldn’t go with the 864EZ? I will let you know what happens with mine.
  7. Okay this makes me nervous, because I also submitted the 864EZ. I am only sponsor and he is only beneficiary and I’m based on my current employment income. Please don’t tell me they are going to make us complete the NEW 864? 🤯
  8. I know your feeling. It’s so inconsistent. Everything we have to go through with the petition to get this far and then have to deal with this...it really doesn’t make any sense to me at this point. What makes it worse is, they wait an entire month or more to actually review the documents to tell you something is wrong and then make you wait another month or more to review again. Major lack of management/organization. I am glad you made it out to Turkey. I just want my interview scheduled so I can see my husband! 😭😭 the mental breakdown is real at this point. Let me know what happens. I submitted 9/18.
  9. Yeah, I’ve seen people getting approved within days...my husbands embassy seems to be a quick one from what I’ve seen (Argentina). Hopefully we hear something soon. 🤞🏼
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