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  1. Hi, I am currently filling out the I-130 form online. I got to a question which asks "At which USCIS office will the beneficiary apply for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident?" My wife and I currently live in the UK, and are applying for me to move to the states on IR-1. How can I know the answer to this question? Thanks, Keith
  2. Hi, I am looking to submit my I-130 form within the next two weeks or so, with the end goal of obtaining an IR1 visa, and moving to the states from the UK at the very end of 2021. If things were to move quicker than anticipated, how straight forward is it to delay the interview, medical etc. so that we can move then? Recognising that we must move within six months of visa being granted (or is it from the time of the medical?). Any advise appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  3. Hi, I know that there will be many variables in how much the visa will cost to obtain, depending on various situations. Though wondering if someone can help give a ball park figure as to the total $ it will cost to obtain IR1 Spousal visa? In regards to fees to be paid, not including flights to move etc. Right from applying for I-130, to entering the country and set up to begin working. Any help or advise is appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  4. Hi, Has anyone else been getting this screen when trying to log on to their I-130 application online? I keep having this issue recently. Thanks, Keith
  5. Hi, My wife and I currently live in the UK, and will be looking to have her sister and her husband sponsor us for the affidavit of support (we understand that she can also return to the US early and get a job etc. though this is not the direction we are looking to go). Both her sister and brother in law are self employed, so do not have salaried income but make significantly more than the 125% poverty line, with a household of three. Is it still possible for us to use them as sponsors, even though they do not bring in salaries? I imagine it would be, but curious if there were any extra hurdles due to this. Thanks, Keith
  6. Hi, I am curious if there is any way in which you can tell which service centre your application will be processed at? My wife (US citizen) and I (UK citizen), both currently living in the UK, are applying for the I-130 so we can move to the US for the long term. I notice that each service centre has various processing times, so trying to get a limited idea (if possible) on when to apply if we're looking to move before my wife's UK visa expires (December 2021). Thanks, Keith
  7. I understand this, and was using as short hand. AS the ultimate goal is to have the green card, and the I-130 is the first step in achieving this. And of course we've got more reading to do regarding study guides and instructions etc. We've only just started the process! Please only respond with helpful, and constructive comments in future.
  8. Has the process moved fairly quickly so far for you? We're trying to get an idea of how long the total process is, from applying for the I-130 to the interview. Yea, she's currently up to date with all her tax filings.
  9. We are using a joint sponsor who currently makes sufficient overly the 125% over the poverty line requirement, so from what we've read this should be okay. Rather than her return early and get a job. She still pays US taxes, and has a bank account open there which she utilises pretty frequently. She's only on a temporary visa for here in the UK, so we should be able to prove okay that the desire is to move back to the states and set up shop there. This is helpful, thank you.
  10. Hi, I live in Northern Ireland (my home country) with my wife (the US citizen), and we are looking at applying for a green card for me so we can move to the states. Looking for guidance on how my wife applies for the I-130 for me, considering that she lives outside the states with me. Most advise that I read here seems like the US citizen is in the states, and applying to bring the spouse there with them. Can it be applied for online? As the online application with USCIS seems geared towards someone currently living in the states. As much insight as possible would be helpful.
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