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  1. Ahh sorry I'm just way to awake and trying to make a plan of action so I hear the dings and I'm too quick on the reply lol
  2. Ahh thank you...just wanted to let you know to save you having to keep reposting
  3. Just to let you know the link for the medical questionaire doesn't work properly for future reference
  4. Just to let you know the link for the medical questionaire doesn't work properly for future reference
  5. You are a legend thank you so much
  6. So essentially follow the links you gave the other person, change to UK as my country and follow from there?
  7. So is there anything I can be doing now i have my case number even though it's not left for the embassy yet? I'm all for getting prepared so if I've missed out on something I thank you in advance if this means your repeating something already said
  8. I called them last week, got the same answer but I just rang again today ( a week later ) and they gave me my case number and it's not left for the embassy yet but at least I know it shouldn't be long. So don't worry to much it's just guidance I think
  9. The wait this time is nothing like the first part ( although I'm not sure I'll last 25-30 days without phoning at least once to check lol) so I'm just reading up on here and preparing what documents I can ahead of time so when it does come through from the embassy I'm a few steps ahead.🧐
  10. Thank you so much! I’ve alread starting reading all the helpful info there
  11. Omg we got our approval!! Still coming down from the high and doubt I will sleep tonight. My partner is on a drill ship and I can’t talk to him which sucks but the message I’m going to send will sure brighten his day! Thanks to everyone who advised me past few days!
  12. helen83

    Which website is more accurate?

    Thanks for the advice.
  13. helen83

    Which website is more accurate?

    Ahh i'm just becoming super impatient so checking to much and unable to just chill out lol What makes it worse at the moment is that there could be a approval or even a RFE sat in his mail box but he's out of town on work at the moment, has been for nearly 2 weeks and his sister keeps forgetting to check the mail for me so I am completely crawling the walls for some kind of information and I don't want to be the annoying sister in law to be that bugs her everyday lol Plus seeing more and more people from August and September getting approval is really cranking up the frustrations!
  14. helen83

    Which website is more accurate?

    I just went off the date of the first one we received as they told my partner they would just send out a new one. There was this moment of hope when I realised I was logging into the new one it might have some news the old didn't but nope...still waiting lol