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  1. So...here we go again. I've arrived, had the best wedding day and now settling in to begin another wonderful process of form filling...yay!! I just want to check before I begin that there is only the 3 forms to complete now?? I have printed ... I-765 EAD I-131 Travel document I-864 affidavit support I-485 adjustment of status. Am I missing anything??
  2. I know that feeling. I felt that way every time I saw a plane in the sky whenever I visited lol Living 20 minutes from an airport made it difficult to avoid 😂
  3. See!! Maybe someone just forgot to click the update stage button. Congratulations and your have that visa in hand very soon!! We've not seen each other since December as we agreed to save money and wait for the move but it's been tough not to go back for a few weeks. Going to feel very weird this time to know there's no time limit and I don't come back
  4. I've had the time to get prepared before hand so had a rough idea when we wanted to do it so just been waiting for the go ahead, flight booked within minutes of getting the visa lol If I could go tomorrow I would but I have my parents and one brother coming with me to be there for the wedding so kinda have to wait for them lol
  5. You will soon! It probably feels worse now he's gone because you have the blues. I know how that feels though, we had many hopes I would have been there by now for certain things but that was back when we were thinking it was going to take 5-7 months (old timeline frames misleading us). I can't wait to see that frown turn back into a smile when you get there!
  6. As Luke said i think it's just generic. But I did have that message. They cover themselves I guess with a very unprecise time line. But I have my visa in hand and one very large envelope which I'm treating like the crown jewels and tempted to wrap up in cotton wool to protect until I leave lol I'm keeping it in that handy plastic wrapper because the paper feels easy to rip so dreading putting that in my carry on without an outer protective layer. April 17th is booked and confirmed. #27DAYSTOGO :)
  7. i know i would feel the same if it was the other way around. try not to stress! any day now i'm sure!!
  8. Awww don't get worried yet such early days. London are being quick it seems so im sure in next few days you will hear some news
  9. Did you get moved to issued today? Got my email to say with courier so delivery should be tomorrow
  10. You could be issued by tomorrow then!! only took mine a day to change. fingers crossed for you
  11. Thank you!! I can't wait to get back! Heading straight to Whataburger when I land. It's been the tradition every-time I've visited!
  12. I love that London is on the ball! I'm glad I'm not working next few days otherwise I might be driving my parents mad with..has it arrived yet lol
  13. Just done a check and it says issued Maybe this will feel real when i have it in hand
  14. Sure it won't be long. I've seen a lot of people get very quick turn arounds!
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