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  1. Hi everyone, I don’t post often, but this site has been so helpful to me and seeing other member’s posts and timelines keeps me hopeful, so I thought I’d share an update of my own case to contribute to the site and help others. I received my husband’s interview date via email from NVC today super early in the morning—around 4:00am EST time. Interview date is on July 24. CC was on May 21. So grateful this long process is finally over! 😌
  2. Oh, so it wasn’t just me? I also received 3 NVC emails back to back yesterday. Lol
  3. Seriously?? 🤦🏾‍♀️ So I guess it’s pointless for me to even call them. Last time I emailed them, they took a whole week to respond. This is ridiculous. Thanks for the updates though.
  4. You’re welcome, and that’s ok! Funny how I was thinking to myself “Where did SM&RM go??” It felt sort of weird in the thread without you, but I didn't want to be nosey. Haha 🤣 That’s great that you’re visiting your hubby! I last saw mine in August, 2018 for our 1 year anniversary. I’d been visiting him every March and August for the last 2 years, but unfortunately I won’t be able to this March. He should be here before our second year anniversary, so I guess I’ll just look at the bright side—that this long process is finally over! Please have mercy on us all, NVC!! lol Enjoy yout trip! ☺️
  5. Ohhh, so it’s not just me! I guess that’s somewhat relieving—keyword: somewhat. lol. Regarding the closing time, I saw posts about that other other day, but someone else said they still close at midnight. Maybe SMH is right after all. 🤷🏾‍♀️ So I’ve been following this thread for awhile and I’ve read most of your posts—you give a lot of helpful info, btw, so thanks! Somehow I missed the post where you received your case number! Did you also get yours today?? Congrats!
  6. Nope, I sure can’t! Are other people having problems too? I received my case number around 4:00pm Eastern and it’s almost 9:30pm Eastern and I still can’t login. I keep getting this message: “The selected case number and date of birth does not match our records....” After a few attempts, the site then says “Your request cannot be processed at this time.” And it won’t allow to to try again for awhile. I called NVC and although the automated message says they’re open until 12 midnight Eastern, it tells me to call back during their normal business hours. Like huh?? I’m so annoyed. 😑
  7. Yup, so yours will probably arrive within the next few days! ☺️ I’m both excited and nervous b/c of all the NVC and CEAC horror stories lol. I just hope I do everything right and things run smoothly, so I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can from the forum.
  8. Hi! Yes, we just received our case number today. 🤗 NVC received our case on January 4, 2019.
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