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  1. Thanks for all the help, wanted to let you know we entered Lviv on Friday with no issues. 2 different border agents checked Blue Cross insurance and we had no problems. About 6 border agents checking papers in terminal before you get to passport check. No questions at all, checked insurance and vax card. They were allowing those without insurance to purchase it online. At passport check the border agent checked passports and then asked for vax cards and insurance. Again not even one question. Not sure what this means for others, but we had no issues. Only issue I had was a person from LOT airlines at Newark airport trying to tell me US citizens were not allowed in Ukraine, needless to say it was escalated to a manager and I was allowed through. I have no clue what this was about, even others on line behind us were saying she was wrong. I think she just didn't understand the rules, I have had others from LOT airlines at baggage check ask for my Visa, my response was simple. Don't need it, they check and apologize. If recall correctly they have asked for my Visa twice in the past. Thanks for all the help we made it to Ukraine with no issue.
  2. Thank You. Didn't buy insurance, our insurance (Blue Cross) has international coverage and has offices in Kyiv. I figure worst case I have to buy insurance when we land in Ukraine.
  3. Hello. My wife and I are finally heading back to Ukraine after nearly 3 years from entry. And the great news is we get to bring our 20 month old daughter to meet with my wife's family. My question is my wife has her 2 year GC, Ukrainian International Passport but her Domestic UA Passport has expired. I don't think it should be a issue but last minute nerves are getting the best of me. We will be bringing both of her passports, Green Card, Marriage Cert, Daughters Birth Cert and my wife's NY Drivers permit. Going through Newark, Warsaw and Lviv airports. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this? Thanks, Gary
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