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  1. Yay!! This morning my status changed into ‘interview was scheduled’! How long does it take to get the interview letter in the mail and how long after receiving the letter is usually the interview?
  2. Yay finally after 275 days my EAD updated to ‘new card is being produced’! My AP has not been changed in status and still says ‘case was received’. Has anybody experience with the AP not updating but still receiving both together? Or will I only receive the EAD?
  3. Congrats! Did you get a notification or did it just come in the mail?
  4. Hi Joe, I am in the same boat as you are! I’m 241 days without any movement on EAD/AP and I am also going from a K1 to Greencard. I also submitted an ’case inquiry’ on July 30th and today I called USCIS and the lady told me that USCIS has 30 days to respond to the inquiry which means we should have a response by August 31st. I contacted a senator from California and two days ago we received the response (in the picture) from her from the USCIS. The response makes no sense because I didn’t expedite my case or anything. Plus I feel like both the responses we got back are similar.. I feel just a frustrated as you and I just don’t know what to do anymore.
  5. I also put in an inquiry and mine has the same status as yours which is ‘currently not assigned for processing’ 😔
  6. Okay so I do have the pay the regular 570 dollar fee if I want to do the emergency AP? Yeah I already expedited my AP but haven’t heard anything back + the lady told me that the processing times aren’t as quick anymore😭
  7. Hi Everyone, In December 2018 I applied for my AP and AED together with my AOS. So far I have been waiting 228 days and I haven’t heard anything back. On July 24th my grandmother all the sudden passed away so I expedited my AP next day by calling USCIS. The lady filed for me during the phone call, days later I received an email asking me for evidence which I send in couple hours later. I haven’t heard anything back since I faxed in my stuff. I decided to call 3 days later to get a status update on my expedited case. The lady told me that the NBC is looking at my case but she couldn’t give me any timeframe or whatsoever. After I told the lady that I want to go home for a funeral she understood the time sensitivity of it and she told me about the Emergency Advanced Parole. She explained that this goes through your local office where you will have to get an appointment: “The local office will review the documents and by approval they will give you a re-entry stamp in your passport”. I was super interested in that so she filed on my behalf and a couple hours later I scheduled my appointment. The lady who called me to make the appointment just asked me a couple of questions about the emergency and what documentation I have to support my request. After exchanging information I got an email confirmation and the appointment was scheduled. The lady didn’t say anything about having to pay a fee or bringing passport photo’s. She only talked about me bringing evidence. The phone call and scheduling the appointment happened so fast that I wasn’t sure what to bring to the appointment. So I went on to the USCIS website to see and I found the following overview of what to bring. I got really confused with the ‘filling fee’ part. Since I filed for AP with my AOS for Free I wasn’t sure what that meant. I called the USCIS; the lady told me that she wasn’t sure either and she recommended me to bring my I-485 receipt, my I-131 documents and my checkbook just in case I need to pay a fee. I was surprised by her unknowingness and I couldn’t believe her answer. Long story short: my local office is 3.5 hours away and I don’t want to show up there and having to pay $570 (that amount was given to me by the USCIS lady over the phone). I feel super confused and I hope somebody who went through the same process can give me more information. Please can somebody tell me if there is a fee for the emergency AP. THANK YOU!!
  8. This morning I called USCIS to get an update on my expedited AP. The lady said that the NBC is reviewing the case but she couldn’t give me any time frame or such a thing. She asked if I also had applied for an Emergency travel document which I said ‘no’ to. She explained that this is a stamp in your passport that allows you to re-enter the states. Long story short: she applied for me and within a couple of hours another person called me to schedule an appointment at my closest local office. So I have an appointment for next Tuesday but this all happened so quick that I started to look for more information on the USCIS website. I saw this (see picture) on their website and I am confused; do I have to pay another fee and bring in another pair of passport photo’s? Anyone experience with this?
  9. Gotcha! I might just call tomorrow again.. has been only 2 days but whatever! Thanks for your info!
  10. Thank you so much for your response! So you followed any guideline for after you submitted the evidence? You just made a phone call to check the status?
  11. Hi all, I expedited my AP on July 25th, on August 2nd I received and email that I need to fax in supporting documents. I faxed it in the same day. How long does it take for USCIS to respond to an Expedited case?
  12. Haha I did the same thing and mine PD would also be done by then! Fingers crossed we hear something back sooner!
  13. Wait what does that mean for people who applied for it way before like in December? Can I make an inquiry?
  14. Hi Martacz, I am sorry for your loss! You can probably relate to the frustration and sadness I feel. My grandma was old but not being there with my family to process her death is an even tougher pill to swallow. Thank you for your information about the documents you’ve submitted. I only have my grandma’s international death certificate but I’ll probably send in mine brith certificate and my dad’s passport to also prove the relationship. I can’t believe you haven’t heard anything back though, that’s insane.. I hope for the both of us that we will get clarity soon so that we can go home and be with our loved ones.
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