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  1. My SSN was in my maiden name, my AOS/EAD/AP in my married name.
  2. Yay! Received my Biometrics appointment letter today! Applications sent on: 12/21/18 Applications received: 12/24/18 NOA1 date: 12/24/18 (received on 1/5/19) Biometrics: 1/24/19 I applied for an SSN on 11/15/18 but I still have not received a SSN or a rejection letter. My local SSA keeps telling me that my application is pending...
  3. It's such a horrible and inefficient system If I won't hear anything back the next couple of days then I will just go to the office instead of calling.
  4. Well I just called my local Social Security office and they said that my case is still pending. They connected me with the person who is handeling my case but that person is not in the office today so I left a voice message.. The SAVE website says that my case has returned to agency so hopefully they will call me back with some good news soon
  5. So are you calling to your local SSA? The lady at my SSA told me that I have to come in to get the status of my SSN application
  6. That is horrible!! Everything is taking so long, it’s ridiculous.
  7. Okay perfect! So I probably should go back to the SSA next week to see if they can give me an update. Or will they notify me soon now that my case is back at the SSA?
  8. Thank you so much for the information! So I went to the website you described and my case status is saying this: Does this mean that my documents are verified now?
  9. Thanks for the information! I arrived on November 2nd so there were 13 days in between my arrival and my application..
  10. The exact same thing is happening to me now! I went to the SS office on November 15th to apply for a SSN. I didn’t hear anything so I went back on December 20th and they told me that it is still pending. They told me that Homeland Security needs to give the application a ‘go’ and then it starts processing... The bummer thing is my I-94 will be expired by January 30th so hopefully something will happen soon..
  11. Hoi! Gisteren heb ik mijn interview gehad en ik was 'approved' Yay!! Nu staat bij mijn ceac 'Administrative Processing' was dat bij jullie ook het geval na de approval?
  12. Yay I got approved today!! Finally my K1 visa process has come to an end and I want to thank everybody who answered my questions and was supoprtive during this stressful time! I do have one more question though: my case tracker says still 'ready' when will that change?
  13. So today I checked my casetracker and what does it mean when the 'case last updated' has changed from date? First the date was somewhere end of September and now it has changed in October 5th. Does it have something to do with the interview that I will be having next week?
  14. Ah te gek! Heeeel erg bedankt voor het duidelijke antwoord dat je mij geeft!
  15. Hoi allemaal! Ik heb 13 september mijn medical gehad en ik lees op verschillende forms dat mensen na de X-ray een gesealde envelop meekrijgen met de foto's. Ik heb echter niks mee gekregen. Klopt dit? Hebben jullie ook niets gekregen na de medical?