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  1. Hello! Our case status is "Ready" just today but we still haven't received an e-mail from NVC to get the medical 😅 Has anyone received theirs?
  2. Hello! Our status has changed to, "In Transit" today as well. As predicted, all thanks to everyone's cooperation and support here on VJ ❤️ ⭐🌞Forever grateful to you all. We still haven't received an email as well but we called NVC just to check, and the nice lady said we should receive an email within 24 hours. 😊
  3. Btw I might have to reschedule again from March 7th to Feb 7th to February 14th because ours didn't make the shipment this week as they only reached as late as the 15th, and we got our case # on the 17th or 18th? T_T I'm scared cos I'm getting this message "If you cancel this appointment, then you will have exceeded the limit of appointments canceled, and will not be able to schedule another appointment until another MRV fee has been paid" but from what I've read we can reschedule twice without penalty right?!
  5. Interview availability at USEM March 14 45 March 21 129 March 28 130
  6. Thank you for keeping us updated!! @payxibka Good luck on your interview! I will try to continue as much as I can until our own interview ☺️ Thanks again. I wish you and your fiancé all the best! 💕💕💕
  7. Okay. GOOD NEWS!! I was able to reschedule it a few minutes ago and there was only ONE SLOT AVAILABLE and was able to secure a February 7th appointment!! ONE MONTH EARLIER 😍😍😍 God is so good!! Thank you @payxibka I never would have known there would be available slots popping up if it weren't for your constant reliable information!! Forever grateful!! ❤️ I may be with my fiance on Valentines Day for the first time in years. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!
  8. Oh my God. I didn't see this! I was stopping myself from checking because I was obsessing!! 😭 I'm getting the message "You've reached the maximum number of times.." I appreciate so much you thinking of me!! I know this is too much to ask, but please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you so much!! 😭
  9. Hello! We finally got our case # today and I immediately went and scheduled an appointment. The earliest appointment available is March 7th! 😭 We were hoping at least February. How possible is it that they would open more slots for February? 😭 Although, I'm really grateful we're finally here but to wait a whole month and a half just for the interview seems like a waste of time. Haha. Will be monitoring the site 24/7 from now on. Thank you for keeping us updated to set our expectations right @payxibka😍 Right now. March 7 84 March 14 128 March 21 135 March 28 135
  10. Hello everyone! First time posting on this thread, Yay. My fiance just called NVC a little while ago and they said they have received our case just today. NOA 2 = December 29th, 2018 NVC Case received = January 16, 2019 Just updating everyone with what date they've reached as others has done for me through posting on here. Thank you!! 😍 Let's stay positive! 🌻
  11. Is it okay to go ahead and schedule an interview on the first week of February already? I'm afraid if I wait any longer there won't be any available slots left. Our case is with NVC already and it will be 2 weeks on Monday? That's the time we can only start calling right for a case number.
  12. I'm so happy I found this thread! We're hoping to get a slot for the end of January but won't be able to schedule an interview 'til next week I'm guessing 😭 I hope there would still be available slots left. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! 🙇‍♀️
  13. We have finally been approved. We checked the mail today and it was there 🥰🥰🥰 The official date of approval is December 29th 🥳 but we just received it yesterday. We can finally move on to the next thread!! Thank you @Greenbaum and VJ for all the help throughout this journey. Not that it’s over, but a huge part is definitely through. Goodluck everyone!! 🎉🎊 The wait is definitely worth it. 💕💕💕
  14. Thank you Mr. @Greenbaum. We will wait patiently ❤️ Here's hoping, we would hear something before Christmas.
  15. Thank you! That's what I'm most afraid of because I understand the Holidays are coming up. I'm hoping it can be like a Christmas gift for us ❤️ Thank you for trying to help. I really appreciate it.
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