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  1. Hi, I hope someone sees this but, along with the marriage certificate and EAD. Do I also need to send them my original SS card? :) Thank you! Looking forward to hear from someone as I need to send the documents today.
  2. Hi! We received and RFIE and responded October 29th. I just checked my cases status now and as of November 13th “Our Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled” 🥰 Yay. How long does it take to know when will the interview be? Thank you for the help!! 💕
  3. We got an RFIE, too and they received our response on October 29th as well. When I spoke to a representative, she told me that the case would only be paused and will not have to start from the beginning but I'm not sure if that's really accurate.
  4. Hi! This is my first time writing again. The last time I was still in the Philippines and I wrote my review about my interview at the US Embassy in the Philippines. Now, here to talk about AOS! They received our packet on August 19th, 2019. On October 17th, we received an RFIE stating that my i-485 "ALL pages of the form are not present or of the same edition date" I do have extra copies of the form I submitted and checked their website and it states there that the edition date i submitted is still being accepted by the USCIS. I did call but the person I spoke to was not being very helpful and to avoid further stress I just did what they asked on the letter and re-did all the forms with the brand new edition date they've just updated with. I spoke to a representative today and was told they received my response last October 29th,2019 and wait 60 days for an update. Anyone else in the same boat? How long will it take to get EAD?
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