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  1. I'll be interviewing in Detroit when the time comes, good to know the interview didn't take long
  2. No I came here 11th July. Married on the 19th July. Yes I think it can take up to 10 days.
  3. Yes I was approved and now in the US and married. It was fairly straight forward and all that worry for nothing, I'd say I was asked about 4 questions. The wait was more than the actual interview. Not ashamed to say I came out of the interview and cried with happiness.
  4. I didn't feel they were trying to trick me, I was super nervous like everyone else and thought what if I get denied. They asked questions in a casual friendly way. How we met, where she works, where she lives. You got this.
  5. Wow that's really good. I had biometrics done on the 16th September and still waiting for an update
  6. When I had my k1 interview and was approved I walked out of the embassy and cried, don't feel embarrassed as that's perfectly normal.
  7. Had biometrics done on the 16th September. Status changed on the 17th September saying fingerprints review was completed and now today it says on the 25th September fingerprints review was completed. Not sure if every week it will keep getting updated or they reviewed it again.
  8. Anyone that's used transferwise can you please tell me the easiest way to send the money? I've looked at it and they are a few options like bank transfer, debit card etc.
  9. do you actually need it? it's usually only for babies isn't it?
  10. Have you asked the person you chose to confirm your identity if they've been contacted?
  11. Mine got delivered yesterday. I had to sign for it but they didn't ask for ID. The website that you did your ds160, can you log back in and send the confirmation again? Might have the updated dx courier details
  12. Carl.

    Visa issued

    Got that booked 11th July.
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