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  1. When did you submit your documents? You could wait until it has been reviewed and they may advise your joint sponsors income is insufficient therefore you should combine her income with her husband and submit updated I-864 and I-864a(husbands) to reflect this.
  2. Finally got my interview letter.. after 78 days of case closed. PD: 26 Feb 18 CC: 5 March 19 Interview letter: 22 May 19 Interview date: 13 June 19 IR-1 Auckland embassy Thank you Lord!
  3. Feeling really sad... CC March 5, 2019 PD Feb 26, 2018 IR-1 Auckland embassy
  4. On the I-864 Part 6 No. 25 there is a checkbox that says "I was not required to file a Federal income tax return as my income was below the IRS required level and I have attached evidence to support this". And this was checked for my petitioners I-864. There was a comment in CEAC saying to refer to the explanation for not filing taxes statement which was uploaded as an additional document which was also accepted. I dunno what is the point of being able to provide a comment if it is not being read or followed? On first submission I also uploaded self-employed joint sponsors complete tax return, 1099s for the past 3 years and these were accepted. Also a written statement on the nature of her business was uploaded, business license, bank statements for past 6 months. Even when you feel like you were meticulous with what you have uploaded, something like this makes you feel very deflated. there would have been no way to know they wanted the statement for not filing taxes uploaded as the tax return/transcript from their message in CEAC so I had to call them to ask
  5. Yes that’s right. No I did not remove the statement from additional documents. Hope that helps.
  6. In reference to the image below: On the first submission in the top section which are the required documents I did not upload anything - I just put a comment saying taxes weren’t filed so please refer to additional document “explanation for not filing taxes”. I do not know why it shows accepted which is why I was so confused. Then I uploaded the statement for not filing under the additional documents section with the label “explanation for not filing” as it is highlighted in the image above. But when I got the RFE, it says to please upload the tax return or transcript. For the second submission I just uploaded the statement for not filing in the top required docs section where it says “federal tax return or transcript” as they instructed.
  7. Yes the statement document was accepted when I uploaded it as the “tax return or transcript”. So it was uploaded twice. As the “statement for not filing” and as the “tax return/transcript”.
  8. Thank you! That helps! From what I remember, after going through security there was a short wait time until I got called to do some fingerprints and then I paid some fees. Then I got told to wait again until I was called up to a window booth type thing. So you won’t be going into a small room. The officer was friendly, he had my papers in front of him and as he went through them he asked some questions. The one I remembered was “how did you meet your fiancé?”, “what does he do”. It was only a few questions. Then that was it! He said you’re approved and that your passport will come in the mail. I wish you the best, I’m sure it will all go well
  9. Thank you! Yes the wait really sucks. We submitted the spouse visa application last year in February so it’s been a long journey. By the way I had applied for the K1 visa in 2017 and had an interview in Auckland (I’m from Wellington) and it all went well. So you have nothing to worry about and you will be fine!! Long story short, after we got married in the US we decided to move to Wellington. Then last year we decided to move back to the US so I had to go through the painful process of applying again but this time with the spouse visa. If you have any questions about the K1 interview let me know Sorry to be a pain but when you say openings won’t be available til May 23 - did they mean that you wouldn’t have been able to schedule an interview until May 23? Or were they saying that there isn’t any available interview slots until May 23? For the spouse visa you have to wait for your interview to be scheduled by NVC (another department). NVC waits for the Auckland embassy to send available interview dates and then NVC fills in those dates. But it seems they have filled in the dates for other people and their paperwork was submitted after mine. So I’m just really anxious and confused as to why I haven’t gotten an interview yet!
  10. Hi @Lynxwarden Congrats and all the best for your interview! I’m sure it will all go well When you mentioned that they said there won’t be interview openings until May 23rd, was that advised by the Auckland consulate? Ive been waiting for an interview to be scheduled by NVC since March 6th and as I understand, NVC waits for the Auckland embassy to provide available interview slots then schedules accordingly. But I’ve been waiting for so long and I have seen others from NZ who already have interviews and their documents were accepted after mine. Hello @Jorgedig I noticed you mentioned above that Auckland are efficient and competent. That’s what I thought too but I’ve been anxiously waiting for my interview for almost 2 months and I’m about to lose my mind! Edit: this is for the CR-1/IR-1 visa
  11. Thank you for your suggestion. I called NVC and they said I’m in line for an interview since CC March 6th. He said when the embassy sends the available dates then NVC fills them in order of CC date. He didn’t mention anything about priority date and I assume this info is for CR-1 category. So I said I’ve seen that others from NZ embassy have interviews and their CC date is after mine. He said he can’t verify that unless he has those case details and couldn’t give me a reason why but said perhaps I was skipped and I will be in the next round of scheduling. And he said people say can anything on the internet and that people tell them this all the time that others get dates earlier than others. Which I understand they probably do hear this over and over again but it doesn’t help. Obviously we just want to know why and we want to know when we will be scheduled. So nothing much I can do but wait.
  12. My CC is March 6 and still waiting. I know of 2 people from same embassy that has CC after me and have May interviews already. I contacted NVC 4 weeks after my CC date and they said to wait for an email. It’s now been 6 weeks. Is it worth trying to call the embassy? Congrats to everyone that have dates!
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