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  1. Okay so traveling in pregnancy is highly risk during covid. My us citizen wife living with me in India and we submitted our i130 from India. In 2020 my wife was pregnant in India and gave birth during the whole pendemic and than we applied our son crba and got his us citizen and passport. Recently found out she pregnant again and we have to go through this all over again while waiting on my cr1 visa and this lockdown. It is probably best if you guys stay in India and finish your process and have the baby here. It wasn't that hard or scary delivering and going to doctor appointment. Be safe if you have more questions message me.
  2. Yeah my us citizen wife got her oci in jan2021 we have been married for almost 4 years now. Two year should be completed in marriage.
  3. No they won't ask for digital signature. So you can fill the form for your husband. Go head
  4. Yeah even my case approved in 73 days. I applied on dec20 2020 and got approved in march 4 2021. Best of luck!
  5. Yeah guys they accepted i130 fees through credit card. But now we are at NVC stage and they are not accepting NVC fees from credit card. They want money from u.s bank. Which we are doing so hope everything goes well. But still Thankyou so much for replying guys.
  6. Hello guys. We are at NVC stage. So we submitted our i130 outside of United States. My wife doesn't have u.s bank account. At NVC it written payment should be in dollars. We tried my credit card and everything nothing working. Is there any other way to pay fees plzz help.....
  7. Just make sure you have all medical report for baby. discharge summary, injection card and also local birth certificate for baby that's very important. Also your school transcript and state I'd and driving licence.
  8. Hello people so we are at NVC stage and my us citizen wife living with me overseas. So in 2019 her income was 0 she didn't work. But she filed her tax as a single. For 2020 she filed joint but separately. So we are explaining at NVC she did a mistake in 2019 tax but we are fixing it when my itin number comes in so she can apply 1040x form. Would it be alright? And the main sponser is my wife brother who got everything.
  9. And we submitted I130 from abroad my wife and son living with me.
  10. Hello people so me and my wife got approved from USCIS. Next step is NVC so my wife brother is sponsoring me. My wife also need to fill i864 so does she have to write me as household member? We have a son he's also a u.s citizen. So her brother writing me household member. Help plzzz
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