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  1. You will be perfectly fine. what matter is how much time you spent with eachother and spending 80 days is alot. You are all good. Soon you will be approved.
  2. 5 year ban is big thing. People who get 5 year ban mostly who worked in usa while having tourist visa or other big things. There is no way they give 5 year ban just because she was lying. I see so many people get refused entry if they have spouse ,fiance or boyfriend. Is there something else too you want to share with us.
  3. Please read carefully what we are talking about here. Op started this post mentioning her ex-husband and his girlfriend has a fake relationship. She belongs to poor country with no water and she's using him for green card. All I said is do not judge anyone base on there country or living condition. She can ask question without bringing her ex husband girlfriend living condition. Sweetk328 stop defending someone who judge people on there living condition. And please I don't even have time for your posts. Best of luck.
  4. Ohhh do you have any idea what she talking about here??? Read her post carefully before judging my post. She saying women who doesn't have water in her country and poor living condition must obviously using her ex husband for green card. I am asking again how does she know she's using him. So did she used her ex-husband for green card too. They got divorce pretty fast. Because apparently we are judging people here on there country and poor living conditions. Let her husband do whatever with new girlfriend it has no affect on op.
  5. How do you know the girl is using him. Didn't you got the green card? Why you are bringing your husband personal life here. Your green card is safe.
  6. So you submitted your petition in just one day wow and while you submitted your petition you did not ask her any documents. It take people months to plan all this.
  7. Please don't say that nobody helped you. Everyone here to help. People here on visajourney help with every single question. Our admins are so great here and always ready to help. They gave you fully advice on your case. They preparing you for your interview and the CO going to ask you same questions. You should be thankful to everyone instead of saying nobody helped you.
  8. It can take up to year also. You need to call uscis and ask them what is your case status.
  9. Why don't you complete your timeline? Before asking any question here. How people can help you if you don't create your timeline.
  10. Why don't you complete your timeline? before asking any question here. Whenever someone is asking questions we go to there timeline and understand there situation. Without there timeline it's hard to help.
  11. Okay so traveling in pregnancy is highly risk during covid. My us citizen wife living with me in India and we submitted our i130 from India. In 2020 my wife was pregnant in India and gave birth during the whole pendemic and than we applied our son crba and got his us citizen and passport. Recently found out she pregnant again and we have to go through this all over again while waiting on my cr1 visa and this lockdown. It is probably best if you guys stay in India and finish your process and have the baby here. It wasn't that hard or scary delivering and going to doctor appointment. Be safe if you have more questions message me.
  12. Yeah my us citizen wife got her oci in jan2021 we have been married for almost 4 years now. Two year should be completed in marriage.
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