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  1. For the CPA to file it to Begin with.... They still need to file the business taxes first and they don't have all the files yet. ..
  2. Yeah they will file by the 18th but waiting another month is worth it you reckon??
  3. Thing is my joint sponsor has their CPA prepare their taxes , Wich is not any time soon they are in queue
  4. Wouldn't that set me to the back of the line in NVC processing???
  5. I chose to upload 2018 2019 2020 tax transcripts on ceac . Am I supposed to combine all of them into one pdf and upload it in the required docs ? or upload 2020 alone in the required docs and 2018 , 2019 under additional documents?? Thanks
  6. The whole deal is i thought NVC expedites are decided by the embassy and was wondering if an embassy is not overloaded maybe they can push an appointment upfront anyway . That's all. Thanks . Will do
  7. Going for the fact that I'm getting a good paying job (an opportunity I might miss if no expedite) close to my wife's parents, where we are going to be living and where she will be working for them part time too ... So no Rent , 2 full time jobs ... Plus the whole my current employment situation . Not worth trying?
  8. Okay my i-130 is approved , i am at NVC stage . So same rules for NVC expedite?
  9. But isn't it embassy bound too? I thought at NVC stage, the embassy decides to grant the expedite or not. Am I wrong? If so , well there is barely 10 people in line in my country xD
  10. Could you please point me to where it states that the expedite requests are only depending on the USC's circumstances and not the beneficiary? Thanks
  11. I'm sorry , can you point me to where it says the expedites are only related to the USC's condition/hardship ?? I read the expedite section on uscis and can't find it. Thanks alot
  12. That's gonna be even more suspicious considering I haven't touched my profile picture since 2015 nor my Facebook since 2018 Cuz I'm paranoid simple xD thanks anyway
  13. I didn't tell anyone , he knows cuz I had to take leave from work to get married .... Well she is in hardship since she is in Tunisia xD
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