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  1. I was talking about Paystubs of current Year 2019 as I just started job. Yeah I have joint sponsor but what i was thinking will it create any Problem if i was dependent on my father in 2018.
  2. I'm the sponsor I filed petition for my spouse. I didn't work in 2018 except only one month(January). Can my father claim me on his taxes? Will it create a problem for me if i'm dependent on my father? Can i use my paystubs of many months for sponsoring my spouse as i'm not filing taxes?
  3. I filed petition for my spouse. Can i use my paystubs of two or three months instead of joint sponsor to sponsor my spouse?
  4. I'm Both LOL JK We use the same account for Our answers. THANKS... MY OTHER question is i'm jobless since feb 2018 and i'm living with my family so can my father claim me on his taxes. My age is 23.
  5. I'm jobless since feb 2018. My old employer sent me w2 form. i'm going to file taxes? will it create a problem if i file ? Because my petition is at USCIS and IK i will need a joint sponsor as i'm currently jobless. can i still write letter at Nvc stage that i didn't file the income tax return cause of low income if i file the taxes? i'm confused is it better not to file taxes?
  6. I Just got Noa1. But I'm concerned of the beneficiary name. USICS just mentioned his First name and Last Name on the letter. But they didn't mention his Middle Name. Is it Okay? Or they have made a mistake?
  7. Yeah I put the Unemployed in both. Too late. I have already submitted my petition. Anyways Thank You.
  8. So should I leave the Street number and Name blank in physical address 1? So is it ok ? What just i did in the picture. I will write my complete address in part 9 additional Information. I hope USCIS won't confuse. Physical addess 1 ... Ghamkol sharif road......... Part 9... Page no 1 part no 1 item no 4.a Ghamkol sharif Road, Mohalla Ghari Dolat shah Gulshan Abad. Is it good ?
  9. Thank You so much... I appreciate You sir. But I was confused about the duration. I already put "Present" in physical address 1. But in (Provide last address even if listed above ) i was confused. Anyways thank you again....
  10. What should i put ? In physical Address i put Date From: (My date of birth) Date To: Present. Now what to put in Date To ? Also my address is too long doesn't fit in the given box what should i do to write my complete address ?
  11. You are right but i didn't leave my country. I was in the same country and also in the same Province. Anyways Good luck. You was in the Russia so it should be mention. Because in interview they ask about Have you gone outside country ? so.....
  12. Sir Please Help. What should i write there ? I finally decided to not include my Hostel addresses but i'm confused which Date to put there ? You can see in the pictures i highlighted it. (Date From : Is my Date of birth) and Date To: ? Please ..... Also my home address is too long and it doesn't fit in the textbox How i write my complete address ?
  13. My other question is my hostel address has no street number and street name ? It is just Room number ... Hostel name ... and university Name... And My hostel address is long ... It doesn't fix in the textbox. So what should i do ? Should i write the some part of my address in there ? And then write the complete address in part 7 additional information ? And i was in my home during summer vacations ? Should i skip summer vacations duration during those two years ? Because it complicates the addresses of last 5 years....
  14. Thank You... But the problem is i lived in that hostel in two different room during those two Years... I mean one Year in one room. Next Year... I went to another room which is on ground floor.. So two years in two separate rooms but same hostel. So what should i do ? Should i mention the room nUmber or leave them ? Is it ok if i write only my hostel address ?
  15. Actually I was living in different Hostels from 2014 to January 2018. But I Never left my Permanent address where my family lives. Which is in my hometown. I'm born here and living here from that time with my family. But i had to go to Hostel because of my studies. Now in Jan 2018 i came back here. i visited my home during my studies every week and also in summer vacations and also on other holidays. My University was in other city which is 60 Km far from my hometown. and it takes two hours to go there and two hours to come home back that's why starting living in different. But i had to live in different hostels. That's why i'm confused so much. Some people advised me to not mention those Hostel addresses because i was living there temporary and some say i have to mention it. so that's why it's so confusing ... I'm living in my home from 7 months. (current address) and before my current address i was living in hostel for 11 months... and before that i was living in another hostel for two years. sorry for my english lol i didn't sleep well from past many days because of the forms... i hope you understand