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  1. Hi there, that’s what I keep reading. Scotiabank is in Guyana... I find it impossible to believe that he has to fly from Cuba to Guyana to deposit money to a bank and then go back to Guyana for an interview.
  2. As much information as there is on the state.gov site, it is SO confusing. Can anyone explain how they paid for the K1 visa so that the interview could be scheduled? I am specifically talking about Cuban applicants that have to go to Guyana for the K1 visa interview. The instructions on the US Embassy in Guyana site state to pay cash to an account at a Scotiabank Guyana. There are no retail Scotiabanks in the US so how is this fee paid? I just want to schedule the visa interview and it seems there isn't a single answer. I've emailed the consulate already; waiting for a response but hoping someone could enlighten me on this process during the interim. Am I supposed to wire money (which I feel is completely unsafe)? do I email the embassy for an appointment? What's the protocol here? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your response. It is important that he is able to work quickly after arriving. I can support us but I want him to start working right away and get acclimated with his new setting. We would be able to marry quickly here in the US since we only have 90 days to marry, I could make that work It would definitely be tough living apart while married but if that is what we have to do in order to get him here sooner then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. I know Cuba is very tricky so I am looking at this as what will get us together the quickest and with the best chances of approval. I don't see why he would ever get denied but I feel like with the relationship that the US has with Cuba... you never know.
  4. Thank you! So now there is a K3 Visa and a CR1 Visa, I read about the differences but is there one suggested over the other? Again, bear with me... your response is much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I am new to this so bear with me. I am a US Citizen and my fiance is a Cuban citizen. We planned on marrying in Cuba so that I could then submit the i130 petition because I was under the impression that that is the "quickest" process (and better chances of approval). However it seems to me that due to the new Trump administration things have changed and things are getting harder and more confusing. I see many people have gone the i129 Fiance Visa route but I am not sure if this is because the process is "quicker" or better. Does anyone have any suggestions on which process is best? Thank you
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