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  1. @livinginlove Yes. Once you get to the point where you are instructed to pay the fee you'll get instructions to create a login for a specific website. You will receive a pin when it's time to pay the visa fee. You can only pay cash (in Guyanese currency) at any Scotia Bank in Guyana. At the bank you will hand them the paper with the pin that you were given and the visa fee amount in Guyanese currency. They will give you a receipt and this will prompt the complete payment process (I believe the next day). If you get ahead of yourself like I did and your pin expires before you are able to make the payment, you can call and get a new pin. Your visa fee must be completely paid at least 3 business days before your interview. My fiancé arrived in Guyana a few days before I did for our interview because he had his medical exam so it was more effective for him to get this taken care of before I arrived in Guyana.
  2. Hi there, that’s what I keep reading. Scotiabank is in Guyana... I find it impossible to believe that he has to fly from Cuba to Guyana to deposit money to a bank and then go back to Guyana for an interview.
  3. As much information as there is on the state.gov site, it is SO confusing. Can anyone explain how they paid for the K1 visa so that the interview could be scheduled? I am specifically talking about Cuban applicants that have to go to Guyana for the K1 visa interview. The instructions on the US Embassy in Guyana site state to pay cash to an account at a Scotiabank Guyana. There are no retail Scotiabanks in the US so how is this fee paid? I just want to schedule the visa interview and it seems there isn't a single answer. I've emailed the consulate already; waiting for a response but hoping someone could enlighten me on this process during the interim. Am I supposed to wire money (which I feel is completely unsafe)? do I email the embassy for an appointment? What's the protocol here? Thank you.
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