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  1. Hey guys im asking for a family friend who is on NVC stage. Does each sponsor fill a seperate i 184? So for example if there are two sponsors, will there be two i 184 applications?
  2. Expect more delays in the state department guys. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/u-s-moves-to-close-overseas-immigration-offices-11552427434
  3. It seems like to be anywhere between 18 months to 2 years for Islamabad embassy from what I have analyzed on here and facebook groups.
  4. Can I see the image please? You can hide ur cass number
  5. What was tick marked on your 221 G slip? How many tick marks were there?
  6. Hi All, I was looking at the 221G refusal sheet again and I noticed that on the top there were two tick marks, the top one was for 212 ineligiblity and the second one was for administrative processing. The third tick mark was for passport pictures. Does anyone have the same scenario as me where the 212 box was also ticked. I have no idea why they would do that.....
  7. Is anyone getting a response from inquiries?
  8. If you were asked to redo your finger prints and were called for an appointment at the interview, that is good news. I know a member on visa journey who had the same situation as yours and the visa was issued after finger prints. And this was Islamabad Embassy. Dont worry, you will be hearing good news pretty soon
  9. I have seen this before with many cases. This happens when ur case has been in AP for a year. Dont fill it out unless the embassy tells you. When your visa is ready then the embassy will tell you to fill it if needed.
  10. Rosepetal3333

    Phone call from embassy

    Naina, it says in the instructions how to send email back. If its from Islamabad embassy, then you copy paste the questions in your reply and fill out the questions in your reply.
  11. This usually happens when the case is in AP for more than a year. Dont do anything yourself. Wait for the embassy to tell you. When his visa is ready to be issued then the embassy will tell u to fill out ds 260 again. How long have u been in AP?
  12. Did your husband get the ds5535 questionnaire? And what date did he get it?
  13. Congratulations! Im really happy for you! I can understand the painful wait. Wishing you a blessed life ahead. It will only get easier from here IA.
  14. Congratulations!! Did u get ds5535? And please share ur journey. Anything you think you did which made your case move faster? Please share