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  1. Hi everyone I would like to share my husband's visa story. My husband was interviewed in Sept 2018 for his visa. The interview went great, CO was nice. She said she needs more time to process the case and give him 221g slip with administrative processing. Then the next day he got an email with questionnaire 6 months went by with no progess on the case. I talked with different lawyers that had experience in WOMs. I finally decided to go for a WOM after 6 months. I even payed the lawyer 50 percent of the fees to start the procedure. In between the time period I had sent a 2nd congressional inquiry in which I had not received a response for a week( isb embassy responds pretty fast to congress inquiries). So I got even more worried that they didnt even reply to the congresswoman. But literally one day after I paid the lawyer for a WOM, I got a respond from the congresswoman that the embassy replied and they are requesting for a medical. It was so weird. And btw I only paid the lawyer the WOM fees he didnt do anything on my case yet nor did he make any communication with the embassy. The embassy just decided to move my husband's case on its own. I was in shock and couldn't believe it. Exactly 2 weeks of submitting medical, my husband's visa was "issued". So everyone, keep sending congress or senator inquiries. It helps. And for those who have been waiting for a really long time, just do a WOM. There is ntg to be afraid of if you have a valid case. Keeping you all in my prayers. Those 6 months felt like forever. I completely understand your pain.
  2. You should send an inquiry to Islamabad Embassy from their website and tell them what documents you submitted. Dont ask for a status or anything. Just say as per instruction I submitted the following documents. Please confirm they were received.
  3. 6 months waiting is out of the ordinary time frame......i have seen people file lawsuits and win after waiting 6 months.
  4. This is not true. This is the kind of misinformation that keeps people away from their basic right to file a lawsuit. I have seen this "your case will get denied if security checks are still pending" on visa journey so many times. And this is not true. A lawsuit forces the embassy to complete their work. It doesnt matter where the case is at. If its pending security checks then this lawsuit makes them complete that security check. They will never deny you because something is "pending". They will only deny you if they find something bad in that security check or your case overall. A lawsuit will never "cause" a case to get denied. Only a finding that is not in your favor will get you denied. A lawsuit only speeds up your visa process. That is the whole point of the lawsuit.
  5. Guys to file a writ of Mandamus 6 months in AP is enough. You just have to show the judge you tried everything from self inquiries to congress/senator inquiries. 6 months is plenty!
  6. It worked for me both times I called. I didnt inquire about thr status of my case. I just inquired if the embassy received the 2nd medical. If you ask the status of ur case they will just say its in AP bla bla bla.
  7. You will have to hire an attorney to file writ of mandamus. Its expensive to do so make sure your case is straight forward and you have not lied about anything. If you have been truthful and you have the money, you can file a lawsuit. A lawsuit doesnt garantee a visa issuance, but it forces the embassy to make a decision and work on your file. According to my research and seeing actual court cases, 98% of the time people win the case and their visa is issued. Some people get denied because they lied about something or the consular officer found something wrong with their case. You should have sufficient proof that you contacted the embassy many times and you have sent congress and senator inquiries. Save all of your emails, it will make ur case stronger. It will show the judge you made a lot if efforts and a lawsuit is ur last resort. Some experianced lawyers who file lawsuits with the state of department and embassy: Jennifer Nimer Jim Hacking Both have a good win ratio but I personally recommend Jennifer Nimer. Shes more pricey though. If you want to save money go with Jim Hacking. I have not personally filed a lawsuit, but I have done quite a bit research when My husband was in AP. I was thissssss close to filing one. The embassy issued my husband a visa and I did not have to do the lawsuit.
  8. You should keep sending a congress or senator inquiry every 2 months. Your at 14 months, you can file a lawsuit.
  9. If your case is in AP, and u havent been asked to submit medical, then NVC will just say your case is in AP. This is only for people who have progress on their case and have been asked to submit something like medical.
  10. Phone number is 603-334-0700 The NVC (national visa center) is located in USA so they wont be off on Eid. You can call them. After my husband submitted his medical, his case updated 2 times. The first time I called, NVC, I asked if my husbands medical was received. I also asked why my case updated (that guided her toward the right direction since whenever the case updates, the consular officer documents notes in CEAC) The lady was nice and she told me the date the medical was received and that is why my case updated. The second time my case updated I called again and the first person that picked up didnt give me any info. It really depends who you reach. I decided to call again and got a different person. That person was nice. I asked about why my case updated and he said its says in "case under final adjudication". This led me to beleive that whenever your case updates, the consular officer documents something in CEAC and workers at NVC can read it. You just hve to talk to a nice person who will give you a little info. Good luck, let us know if it works for u too.
  11. The Isb embassy asked for my husband's medical and it took approximately 2 weeks for his visa to get issued. You can call NVC to confirm if the consular section received the medical. I called them and they told me the exact date embassy received the medical. They even have access to consular notes.
  12. You should really go for a lawsuit. Its been more than 2 years thats ridiculous. Wish you all the best. If you need any info you can PM me. I havent personally done a lawsuit but I know a lot of info about it.
  13. No, im not working with her and I have never used her services for a lawsuit. I just know this because I consulted her and talked to her over the phone. I also did a lot of research on this topic to see the outcomes and came to a conclusion that there are more chances of winning than losing. I was just thinking about filing a WOM but ended up not needing it. My husband's case was in AP for 7 months and got resolved on its own. The reason why Im sharing this info and emphasizing a WOM on this website is to help people in need of it and educate people about their rights.
  14. Freda, I recommend you talking with jennifer nimer. Mostly her WOMs are for the embassy and department of state. If you want you can pm me for more information.
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