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  1. 24 july 2019.I dont know the exact time but it updated after 4 pm.
  2. No 24th march.Another case from a watsapp group also updated on 24 march.
  3. I Private Messaged you all the details.
  4. One of my relatives category f4 Islamabad embassy got ds5535 for 17 years old.They got there visas within 2 months after interview.
  5. We had constant updates for 5 months after interview.But then after 6 december we have had 0 updates.
  6. Did they ask about any document or Ds5535 (additional questions form) which you have not submitted after interview?
  7. Hmm Hopefully you will hear good news soon.Mine also has not updated since 6 December almost 3 months.Do not worry stay focused.I have seen cases which get no update but after few months they get visas.Most of the cases which were solved did not update for more than 2 months before issuence of visa.Lets hope we all hear good news soon.
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