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    2001 - 2005 - Members of same website
    Nov 2005 - First messaged each other
    Dec 2005 - First spoke
    March 2006 - Met for the first time
    March - April 2006 - Went to visit him for two weeks
    May 2006 - Went on holiday to Jamaica with him
    Sept 2006 - Went to see him again
    Nov 2006 - He came to stay with me
    Nov 2006 - Went to his for Thanksgiving
    Dec 2006 - Went to Jamaica, spent Xmas together
    Jan 2007 - Found out was pregnant
    July 2007 - Married
    August 24th - Son was born
    January 30th - Sent off I-129
    February 1st - Recieved by Vermont
    February 7th - Cheque cashed!!!
    February 7th - NOA1!!!!
    March 17th - NOA2 email!!!
    March 21st - NOA2 hard copy
    March 23rd - NVC forwarded to US Embassy in UK
    April 5th - Packet 3!!
    April 10th - Packet 3 returned
    April 10th - Medical
    May 1st - Packet 4
    May 30th - Interview!!!
    June 1st - Visas delivered
    June 29th US Arrival
    July 17th - Married!!
    July 21st - Received SS card

    April 2014 - Divorced him, yippee!!!!
    April 2014 - Received 10 year GC
    February 2018 - Filed naturalization
    February 2019 - Interview - decision cannot be made
    April 23rd 2020 - Approved
    June 29th 2020 - Citizenship!

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  1. I would concur....the OP will absolutely ensure she remains by ANY MEANS necessary...
  2. Why would they be suprised when they can already see how he is emotionally manipulating their daughter?
  3. Update: After filing Sept 2020, my son was interviewed Sept 17th 2021. He passed the civics etc, but then came out with a paper asking for my greencard. I was NOT amused, considering I was naturalized a year ago. I actually was allowed to go back in and spoke to the IO who wanted to see my naturalization cert. I went home and got it (we live 5 mins away). She took a copy and explained the following. Almost 10 years ago, I missed my i-751 interview (ex got the letter and didn't give it to me). Deportation proceedings were carried out against me and my son and then they were later stopped and we successfully got our 10 year green cards. Apparently, once the green cards were issued, my lawyer at the time had to file a motion to permanently close deportation proceedings for me and my son. Unfortunately, she filed for BOTH myself and my son on ONE motion when it should have been two. So proceedings were terminated on my behalf, but not my son. She told me they would get in touch. On Nov 24th, my son received a denial on the basis the proceedings were not terminated and giving him 30 days to appeal. I then contacted a lawyer to file a motion to terminate proceedings on my son's behalf and sent in an appeal on the grounds that a motion to terminate proceedings has been filed and will almost certainly be approved. Will post updates.
  4. What?? Don't be ridiculous. If he CHOOSES not to respect immigration laws and get deported, that's HIS issue. I stand by the OP and support their decision...The son-in-law seems to be showing his true colors now he isn't getting the green card he set his heart on...already started emotionally blackmailing his wife in order for her to put the pressure on her parents...I ABSOLUTELY would NO sign.
  5. Only 1000 miles away...we live in FL and the appointment is in MD
  6. So the IDIOTS at USCIS have somehow scheduled my son's biometrics for MARYLAND and sent the biometrics notice to an address we lived at THIRTEEN YEARS ago??????????? Ugh, ugh UGH!
  7. Don't worry about it. I moved from Maryland to Florida on 6/19 and changed my address online and still went for my interview in Maryland on 6/30.
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