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  1. Currently at my medical now! Just wanted to share my experience though: at my GP surgery you have to register for patient access (an online system) and only then can you request your records at reception. Patient access took about 2/3 days to unlock after I registered using a link the surgery gave me. I then returned to the surgery, and was told to fill in a form and tick off what records I wanted to see; immunisations was an option which I ticked, but I had to write in care summary in the "others" box. They said it'll take up to 4 weeks but ended up only taking 1. I was then able to download a PDF and print it out, 5 pages long with very short summaries of previous treatments. Only thing it said for immunisations was "up to date". I didn't have to pay anything.
  2. Many thanks for your help. I've lived in the UK for over 20 years now, having moved when I was 10. My parents also live in the UK permanently. None of us have Chinese citizenship anymore and our Hukou is void. I don't even want to think about the bureaucratic nightmare it would be to get this certificate (not to mention the need to travel back to my home town in person to apply). Does anyone have experience of using an affidavit of some sort in lieu of a Chu Sheng Zheng Ming Shu? If so what format should this be and who should it be by?
  3. Hi all, I'm a naturalised UK citizen but was born in China. I submitted a scan and the translation of my Chinese birth certificate (along with the translator's letter), but NVC rejected it stating it's not the right format. Does anyone know what is the correct format for submitting a Chinese birth certificate? Thanks.
  4. My wife petitioned for me last November, and I handed in the 4 weeks notice for my job on on June 29th. I finished working on July 20th. I chose to quit then for a number of reasons: - I was really, really fed up with my job - and had been for months - I figured that my NOA2 would be imminent (and it was, we got it in the post on July 5th) - I wanted 3-4 weeks of quality family time in the UK - I wanted to finally get round doing my driving lessons/test here in the UK - I wanted to squeeze in a short trip to the US, and start moving stuff over - I also wanted to spend 3-4 weeks with family in China (which I haven't done yet) I'm fortunate in that I have enough savings and things planned to do to see me through a few months without feeling like I'm just bumming around. If you're in the same situation re: money and plans then I'd say go for it, otherwise I wouldn't quit quite yet. If you don't have travel plans or anything like that perhaps wait until you've started the NVC process, it took a whole another month for NVC just to receive our case from Texas.
  5. We received a RFE letter on May 29th asking for a couple of extra passport photos (letter was dated May 21st). We sent the photos to USCIS on June 18th - would have been earlier but the postal service lost the first lot of photos I sent. They approved our NOA2 on July 2nd - so just over 2 weeks.
  6. Sorry if this is explained clearly in a guide somewhere - I tried to search but didn't come up with anything. My partner received the NOA2 for her i130 for me (dated 2nd July 2018) at the beginning of the month. We're really happy and are looking forward to the next steps, and she is calling the NVC regularly to see if we can get my case number soon. We're trying to streamline the process as much as possible, and as such I've been researching the things I need to prepare for the next steps and doing as much of it as possible now (i.e. getting my non-English birth certificate translated, getting hold of immunisation records from China and the UK, applying for a police certificate). I see the embassy website advising me to bring an I-864 to the visa interview; I wondered if this is this just a filled in and signed form (with supporting evidence), or does it need to be filed and approved with an appropriate body in the US ahead of the actual interview? I mean, it's obviously worthwhile for my partner to start gathering the information required for the form - but could we actually fill it out for real yet? Advice from anyone who has completed the process would be very much appreciated!
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