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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, We have received our NOA2 on 24 July 2019. However, NVC have not yet received it, and they are currently working with USCIS to figure out where it is. Would I need to request for an extension of the I-797, which is due to expire soon? And if so, how might I go about this? I sent an e-mail to the embassy in London, but I have also read somewhere that this may be done automatically. Should we need to worry too much, considering that they might have messed up somewhere and delayed it? We shouldn't have to be worried that our application be binned if they say that we didn't want to continue with this process, as during this time we have tried to find out what the status and progress have been. Thank you in advance for your help! Aaron and Claribel.
  2. My husband and I filed for Removal of Conditions on September 13, 2019. The USCIS sent out the NOA (form I-797) on September 19 (we found this out from them later). When he hadn't received his NOA by October 1, he called them. They said to call back if he hadn't received it by Oct 13. He got antsy and called them again on Oct 8, at which point he was at least able to obtain the receipt number, and the person ordered a duplicated NOA to be sent out. Nov 5th rolled around and still no original or duplicate NOA received, so we both conferenced with a tier 2 person, and she sent out another duplicate. She said if we hadn't received it by Nov 20, to call back. My husband is in the process of calling them now, and I am sending out this post in the hopes that others who have had issues can make suggestions. Each time he (or we) have called, the mailing address has been verified and confirmed. We haven't moved. He's received mail from the USCIS previously at this address for Adjustment of Status, his GC, AP, Work Authorization, and EVEN the reminder for the Removal of Conditions process. So we are absolutely baffled by this. Oh, and he also isn't receiving emails that they said he should receive, and that email address has been confirmed during each call. Anyone have a suggestion? This seems very strange. Thanks for your time! UPDATE: today the USCIS tier 1 person informed my husband that the most recent duplicate was only sent out on Nov 15th, so if we haven't received it in 2 or 3 days, to call the post office. I mean, that does kind of make sense, but it doesn't explain why he never received an email notification. Anyway, suggestions are welcome still in the meantime. Thanks!
  3. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  4. I have sent my fiancé all the required documents to do his interview however (I don’t know how), but I managed to leave out the I-797 and we are left with 9 days to his interview ; he will not receive it on time...does ANYBODY know if GHANA EMBASSY accepts photocopies of the I-797??? Or would they request him to provide it at a later time but still continue the interview?
  5. Hi Thank you for all the information. This is my first time here and glad I found this forum. The shares have been very informative. So my Partner (Petitioner) received the I-797, I am currently visiting in the US. Please assist with the following: Can I get my medical here? How long before the JHB embassy receives the I-797? What evidence I need to gather for the interview process in JHB. Should I go back to SA immediately and wait? Thanking you in advance.
  6. Timeline is: - Applied to remove the conditions as temporary resident back in March, 2019. - I received the form I-797 in May, 2019. - Nothing else since then.. no updates online, can't make an appointment in my local office either. - I have a trip outside the US schedule for October. So my question is: is it safe to travel out of the US with the I-797 paper, green card and passport? I'll be traveling with my wife (who is a US citizen). Thank you in advance!
  7. I have my visa medical coming up on August 5th and it says to leave a 5 day gap minimum in between the medical and the interview. I'll most likely schedule my interview for the week after but my i-797 form says... Notice Type: Approval Notice Valid from 04/09/2019 to 08/08/2019. Consulate: LONDON Am I going to be okay going to an interview after August 8th? What do I do? Any help is appreciated!
  8. I enlisted in August 2017 and it has been a real mess so far. I have been given so many ship dates that were all cancelled because my background investigation wasn't complete. I received a call from my recruiter about 10 days ago telling me that my background investigation was adjudicated and I was good to go this March 20th, then called me back literally a couple minutes later informing that I am not shipping and that there are about 20 other GC holders in the region who are also on hold. I understand that the country is being extra cautious with people joining the military, but my husband and I are getting aggravated with the poor communication. Here's my timeline: August 2017: Got sworn in November 7th 2017: 1st ship date November 13th: 2nd ship date given (no explanation) December 20th: 3rd ship date (reason: clearance not completed) March 20th: 4th ship date (clearance completed, reason: unknown) Here's is the link to the DoD policy change: https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1342430/dod-announces-policies-affecting-foreign-nationals-entering-military/ If you were also affected or know more about this, please let us know.
  9. Hello everyone, I got a text notification that my i-751 application has been received by USCIS on Jan 8 and I just received an I-797C notice for the biometric appointment on Feb 13. I'm currently abroad and my green card has expired. Can I re-enter the US with the I-979C notice for the biometric appointment? I've been reading that I should receive an I-797 notice to extend my green card while my application is being processed but I'm not sure if there are 2 I-797 notices (one for the extensions and one for the appointment) or only one that serves both purposes. In case I need another I-797 notice to re-enter the US, should I be worried that my biometric appointment came first? Thank you very much! J
  10. Hi all, I submitted my petition to remove conditions on my Green Card back in October. I received notice to attend Biometric's and attended etc. I received my I-797 Notice of Action confirming my Green card had been extended by 18 months on 11/10/18 . The issue is, the Receipt number (top left of I-797, beginning EAC) when I try to track the case status gives me a Validation Error. I assumed that this document would allow me to track my case but maybe I'm missing something? Is this how people have historically tracked the progress of their I-751 and I should call USCIS, any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  11. I received my NOA 2 yesterday and I have some questions about the NOA expiration date. My NOA 2 will expire on January 4th, 2019; however, due to some work related situations I am required to enter the US for a couple of days in January so I cannot have the K1 visa in January as I need to come back to Canada after my work trip. So I cannot send in my packet 3 info to the consulate too soon. I could choose to fill out my DS-160 and send all the required packet 3 info to the consulate in late December but then my DS-160 will not be correct as it askes the last US entry date. I am thinking of filling out my DS-160 when I come back from the work trip in January but then my NOA 2 will expire by then. Does anyone know how to extend the NOA2 or has experiences of doing that? Thank you so much
  12. Could someone tell me how it is that USCIS first notifies you of action on your case? I am desperately waiting to hear on the progress of the I-130 I submitted for my wife. I feel we are past the point at which action should have been taken. I keep checking the USCIS website looking for something other than "My Case Was Received," however, I'm wondering if that is a waste of time. Will I received a new I-797 in the mail prior to the website being updated? Just curious. My thought is that they probably don't update the website immediately so maybe I should stop checking until I have received the I-797 in the mail. Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. Ok my Fiance has received her passport with her K-1 Visa stamp. I have bought her ticket for the 18th of December 2018. Her I-797 Petition extension expires on 7 December 2018. Do I still need to file for another extension? I emailed the Embassy/Consular but only got the response that her K-1 Visa was issued. Thank You!!
  14. Hi all, We just received the letter from the embassy saying that "the IV Unit received the Immigrant visa petition filed on your behalf. " Now we need to make the apt with the doctor and then subsequently with the embassy. We would ideally like to delay the interview with the embassy for a few more months to give us a little bit more time to prepare our exit. Our I-797 NOA has a valid date that expires on 1/13/2018. Does this mean we need to have everything done before this? Can we get some sort of extension so we could ideally plan for the interview in March or April? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  15. Hi All, Thank you for all that you do, I have applied to remove conditions on my 2 year spousal CR-1 Green card. I have done my biometrics already and received my I-797 Notice of Action. My question is this: Am i allowed to leave the country for a vacation or do I have to wait until I get a response from USCIS concerning my status? I have received no documentation stating that i cannot but however I have heard from people that we are not supposed to leave the country. Can anyone please share your advice and knowledge on the matter, it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
  16. Hi, my fiance sent the petition on the 2nd of July this year and we received a text message from the USCIS with our case number on the 10th of July. Now we are waiting for our NOA2 (which they say would take up to 6mos to arrive) My passport's expiration is due in October next year, so just to make sure I went and renewed my passport because what I know is that your passport has to have at least 6 months validity and I got kinda nervous it might take long. Also it's so hard to get an appointment at the DFA. My question is, will having a new passport affect the process? I appreciate your help, thank you in advance.
  17. I never recieved an original copy of my i- 797 for my wifes visa. I called them and they said they would put in a ticket but said its doubtful they will replace it for free. What are some things that can help bolster my case? I cant another 465 on top of the AOS fees for a copy.... death by razor blade cuts it seems... sheesh
  18. Has anyone received an updated I-797 yet? It would definitely help us re-enter US easier, on top of the stamp. Update to Form I-797 Receipt Notices for Form I-751 and Form I-829 Versión en español As of June 11, 2018, petitioners who file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, or Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status, will receive a Form I-797 receipt notice that can be presented with their Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card, as evidence of continued status for 18 months past the expiration date on their Permanent Resident Card. We are making the change from 12 to 18 months because current processing times for Form I-751 and Form I-829 have increased over the past year. Additionally, we will issue new Form I-797 receipt notices to eligible conditional permanent residents whose Form I-751 or I-829 was still pending as of June 11, 2018. Those Form I-797 receipt notices will also serve as evidence of continued status for 18 months past the expiration date on petitioner’s Permanent Resident Card. As a reminder, conditional permanent residents who plan to be outside of the United States for a year or more should apply for a reentry permit by filing Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, before leaving the country. Read more information on our Green Card webpage.
  19. My husband is an LPR and he filed i-130 for me. FILING DATE: January 18, 2018 PRIORITY DATE: January 19, 2018 I-797c RECEIPT (NOA1): January 23, 2018 I am quite worried since we haven’t gotten the approval notice (NOA2) yet and the priority date for July 2018 for my country is already 01-Dec-2017. My question is, if my priority date is current but the i-130 is not yet approved. Can concurrent Filing be an option for us? Please advise. Thank you! https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/concurrent-filing-form-i-485
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