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  1. It's possible if you have a co-applicant which in this case, is his USC spouse. I really don't get the OP's concern. I don't think they really care if you take a loan out at all. You being married to a USC means you do have the intent to permanently live here.
  2. Many migrating here in search of support in mind. And there are people working for cash and never wanting to pay tax and wanting to suck up benefits.
  3. Depends on how much saving you have. Providing you have no debts, banks will allow up to 45% in mortgage payment which is equal to roughly 14k per year or a bit more than 1k per month. You may need a huge downpayment.
  4. It's hard to prove it's still a bona fide marriage if one of you guys is not willing to make a sacrifice. She can file for the i751 when still being married and submit the waiver later once the divorce is finalized. The lawyer is clueless. They may or may not call her in for an interview (not both if she has already submitted the waiver). And it's up to the officer to decide.
  5. Either they have approved it or they haven't. What do you mean by "positive"?
  6. Just get the first shot. I got it at my clinic and brought the paper to the civil surgeon. No problem.
  7. Not a fraud if they can prove their marriage is bona fide. We don’t know the whole story.
  8. Skip the lawyer and file the whole thing yourself. I don't see any problems here. We got married in court, and there was only ONE witness, the sister of my spouse. We were asked about that during the interview, and we said it's because we didn't have a lot of money. What do they REALLY care about? Financial co-mingling and joint responsibility like bills, memberships, insurance, bank accounts, house lease or mortgage with both names on them... This also means the two person are living together (co-habitation). The officer interviewing us didn't take any of the photos (we have only about 10 photos) but he did take the whole stack of those papers. My case was approved one day after the interview, and I received the card in the mailbox exactly one week later.
  9. If you use your income for the i864, then you need to submit those. Otherwise, you don't have to.
  10. You do need to bring pay stub and company letter to the interview. I am not sure if they actually checked it, but they took mine away with other documents. I worked for the University when I filed for AOS and got a full time job at the time of the interview. My suggestion would be to wait until you get the card then quit the job. You can work as a designer in your free time. Once you file the AOS package, and they accept it, you don't have to maintain your F1 anymore. You can keep working on the OPT until you get the EAD.
  11. This is so WRONG. I worked at the University under F1 visa and was able to use that income for AOS. He's on OPT with full employment, what prevents him from keeping working there after getting the greencard so he wouldn't become public charge? Nothing.
  12. This: "Marry someone in court" and this: "the lady who was the petitioner did not show up at the interview". What can he do? Do whatever they told him to do: "leave the country". This is clearly not a bona fide marriage.
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