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  1. In my experience, detal insurance is next to nothing here in the US. And I don't think it's a very good reason to get the AP expedited. Under USCIS pointof view, your spouse should be responsible for this.
  2. I have never got an update on the expedition request. All of the sudden, the combo card was approved and mailed two days later, I received it on the 01/12.
  3. The time frame for renewal is different for EAD and AP. If you want file renewal for both, you have to wait until 120 days before expiration.
  4. Weird. In my case, L1 said they would transfer my call to L2, then an automated answering machine would put me into a queue so that someone will call me back. That's it. I never had an option to even wait for an L2 officer.
  5. First, take the bio-app to the office and get it done, today. Don't wait until the scheduled day. After this, ask your company to issue the letter saying they need the work permit to legally keep you, otherwise you will be terminated from the job. And call the USCIS to put in a request for expedition. Nothing is guaranteed but at least the request for expedition will trigger the review of your package. If there's any RFE, it will be sent out soon instead of receiving it 4 months down the line.
  6. The irony of the story? It's so easy to work illegally but very hard to do otherwise.
  7. Anyone has an update on their request for expedition? I tried to get a hold of a tier 2 officer but was always put into a queue and absolutely no-one called me back. When can I put in another request for expedition again?
  8. A friend of mine got her EAD on 12/24 with PD of 07/30. My PD is 08/01 but no update on the EAD. Still waiting on the request for expedition made on 12/07. 😕 I’ve heard it depends on the field office as well. For those moving fast, they will skip the EAP/AP altogether.
  9. File as soon as possible, and if your EAD expires in Feb, make a request for expedition for the I765 once fingerprinted.
  10. Dang that is so weird. They prolly want to make sure you’re “parolable”.
  11. It depends on the local office. Some are quick some are extremely slow, Houston is one of them. You need to check the timeline on the USCIS website rather than relying on the information collected on this forum. Many members never update their timeline. For AP and EAD, it should take 4-6 months. Be ready to wait for at least 4 months because I haven't seen any cases getting EAD/AP in less than 4 months without expedition.
  12. On the bright side, it seems the process is moving faster lately. People see significant reduced processing time in Boston. And last time I checked for Houston, it might take up to 32 months, but now it went down to 21 to 23 months.
  13. LOL, why rushing so much? You're not even here yet, jeez. Advising people to commit fraud is illegal, so noone here will tell you how. You have to figure out by yourself..
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