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  1. It has been 35 days today our AOS packet delivered to lockbox and haven't heard anything whatsoever from them. lockbox hasn't replied to our email. Is it time for me to reapply? I only have few weeks before I-94 expires. Thank you for your suggestion.
  2. Card has not been charged yet and Yes, tracking number says the packed was deliverd.
  3. We filed AOS April 27th. Packet was delivered on 29th April. As of today we haven't heard anything from USCIS. Card hasn't been charged yet. Called USICS and they said they do not have information about my case, ended up emailing lockboxsupport with a glimmer hope of getting reply but as of now there is no response. What are the options we have other than waiting for lockbox to reply? will lockbox reply to your email? if YES typically how long it takes for them to reply? should we refile? If we refile and our both packet gets accepted we might ended up paying double fee. Thank you for your advise.
  4. Thank you! I filed via USPS and it only says "Your item was Delivered" is there a difference between Delivered and Received? How do i know my packet was received by the Chicago lockbox?
  5. I do not see any other options other than waiting. I-94 expires 6/15. Would you be able to tell me what needs to be done so that my wife will not be out of status please?
  6. Thank you! They do not have receipt number yet. I also emailed lockbox. At this time do i still wait for few weeks? refile? If i ended up refilling and they ended up accepting both forms i will have to pay fee twice. This is so confusing.
  7. I tried chatting with Emma and she doesn't sound very helpful. what you need to ask her to to find I-485 case number? she is asking me to email lockboxsupport@uscis.dhs.gov to check the status of the packet. I sent email inquiring about the packet with the glimmer hope that i will get the response soon.
  8. It has been exactly a month since we sent AOS packet. Haven't received Notice of action yet. Do i still wait? Is what is the best way i can reach out USCIS. We obviously do not have receipt number, what information we need to provide them to get the status of the case? Thank you!!
  9. I sent AOS packet on 27th April and was delivered on 29th April. Card hasn't been charged yet and no sign of NOA. Anybody in same situation?
  10. i-134 part 3 38 section. "If you select "intend," indicate the exact nature and duration of the contributions you intend to make in Part 7. Additional Information" If i want to support monthly how much money i should mention and for how many long?
  11. Well, they already have my file after 2 weeks. and it doesn't hurt checking with them after 2 weeks, just to make sure my file is not lost on the way to NVC.
  12. Well, this is what NVC website says "Current case creation time frame: As of 13-JAN-2020, we are working on cases that were received from USCIS on 11-DEC-2019".
  13. I called today as well and i got exact same answer. My package was received on 15th of Jan. Hopefully we will get case number this week.
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