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  1. Hi. I am about to file the I-485 form set. Does anyone have any recommendations for interim medical insurance firms (perhaps specializing in new potential citizens like me) here in the USA before I am able to get on my spouses plan? Thank you.
  2. Hi. Can someone please help with the current and comprehensive list of forms, mandatory and suggested, that should accompany the I-485 submission pertaining to a K1 visa. Also, as I just had a medical exam and vaccinations (for the sealed package) for the K1 process in Sept, do I actually need to do this (and pay for it) yet again to complete the I-485 application? Thank you.
  3. Thank you both! This is perfect - and it was the green card / POE / immigrant scenario I now recall reading about advance payment, so, as a non-immigrant, that clears that up also.
  4. Hi. Although I am aware that I cannot file the I-485 until I am on USA soil (I am crossing with a K1), I am sure that I read at one time (some blog or opinion) that you could actually pay the filing fee in advance, and that there was benefit to doing so. Is this correct? Thank you for any and all guidance.
  5. Thank you! So, I conclude that the rules of thumb are: prepare to the same level as Montreal; and arrive a few hours earlier than normal.
  6. Thank you. This is perfect context.
  7. Thank you. re: "Unless there is reason to deny entry"??? What am I missing here? E.g. They can open the sealed package and say "sorry, I don't agree with this, admittance is denied"
  8. Thank you. I worry because I read " Does an approved K-1 visa mean all is good and you’re definitely going to the US? In other words, is entry guaranteed? Simple answer: No. There’s no guarantee. It’s funny, you’ll be surprised to find out what a visa actually means. An approved visa only allows you to “seek entry” into the U.S. You’re allowed to fly to the US and present yourself at a border crossing for an officer to review your case. Then he/she determines if you can enter."
  9. Hi. Is it safe to assume that I will be detained and interrogated by the border folks when I cross this month with my K1 visa in my passport (and my 'do not open' package). Thx.
  10. Wismer

    I-134 vs I-864

    This is extremely helpful info and context ... thank you!
  11. Hi. It appears that the I-134 is for the k1 visa. Why is the extremely similar i-864 also required? Thanks.
  12. Hi. There seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding exactly how the sponsor/petitioner should prove residency / domicile requirements. I read a story that a couple was refused because the ENVELOPE that contained an electric / utility bill was not included. Seriously? Thank you for any and all advice.
  13. Hi. regarding section 8, "real estate" Can anyone provide clarification as to 8a and 8b, wrt does "own" mean that there is no debt associated with that real estate? Or, if there is a house/property with a mortgage, we should list the approximate market value of the house and property in 8a, and the mortgage associated with the house and property in 8b? We are assuming the latter is the correct interpretation. Is there a current minimum salary and net worth threshold in order to definitively prove that the petitioner can sponsor the beneficiary? Thank you.
  14. Hi. Sorry, I missed this one. My finance (the petitioner) got the letter Monday addressed to me from the consulate (she is in the USA ... and mine has yet to arrive). The consulate created a case file on July 19. I was hoping that the consulate letter would allow me to schedule my medical out in BC (Canada), which will be a week long journey (A day before to hand in the immunization and a "formal" priority date letter ... the medical exam day ... and they say at least 2 business days after before I get my medical pack). Instead, I have a new 15 point checklist to complete and file ...... - then I file the ds160 - then I hopefully hear back some time in the next two months (they stated) - then I can secure an interview - then I can arrange a trip to BC - then I can arrange the journey to Montreal - then I can cross the border again This is sure not playing out like all the blogs/experts stated last year about the i129f/k1 process and timelines (5 months plus or minus 2). Now that this will span well over a year, and 2 school years, I have to make different plans regarding my boys. The only constant has been the shifting sands of time, so we are just going to stop making/changing plans for any family and wedding, and it will just have to be the two of us at a court house when the day arrives. I have unwavering faith in God and love.