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  1. If you file a new I-485 your work Permit will be Category C09 because is base on the I-485 form, not base on your I-360 form If she inputs category C31 you will received your work permit after vawa approval 18-24 months and there is no need to file I-765 C31 that option is available on the I-360 form., Don't make the mistake your I-765 form category should be C09 to receive it in 3-6 months. Make sure you check your forms otherwise you will end up waiting for an EAD.
  2. Yes it depends if the officer wants to hold your I-485, if they decided not to hold it than you can file a new I-485 along with your I-360, or after. Just make sure to let your Local office know you are filling for I-360 and to not issue an NTA.
  3. This is not true, If your I-485 was held in abeyance you can still renew your EAD, the difference is you need to sent your renewals to Vermont Service Center with a copy of your held I-485 receipt. I am in this same situation and i have renewed my EAD C09 base on my held I-485 twice with no problem in Vermont Office. Also there is no need to include I-765 C31 form with I-360, because in the I-360 form you can choose the option to received an EAD after approval. Clarify this to your attorney, i have a feeling she may sent your renewal to NBC...
  4. Your and your daughter safety is the most important thing, be thankful to God he is out of the house with the help of the social service and police, when official are involved abuser know better. If you don't feel safe start seeking for a new place. God bless and have peace.
  5. This delay on receipt is getting normal sometimes 8 weeks for a receipt from VSC. Glad you got it.
  6. When a RFE is sent, your case is on hold until the RFE is received. If you decided to file for VAWA and request for the I-485 to be hold in abeyance and USCIS does hold it, than no need to submit abuser taxes because the I-485 will be base now solely on your I-360 case.
  7. This happened to me in my last renewal to Vermont, My lawyer never got my receipt We just received the EAD Card 90 days after we filed, It was very weird.
  8. I recommend you than to get the help of your Congress office, to move forward with the Withdraw of your I-360, they may get a better respond and confirmation of its withdraw.
  9. This an attorney advise online on this matter and its makes very clear sense. Yes you may withdraw the I-360 by sending a letter to Vermont Service Center. Several factors to consider though 1) Be sure to review all of the allegations you made in the VAWA case as they are still part of the record with USCIS and may be considered if your husband subsequently petitions for you. 2) You may want to keep the VAWA case pending until you know where your relationship with your husband is heading. 3) If you withdraw your VAWA case you will be dependent on your spouse petitioning for you which puts him back in control of your situation. You may want to make as a condition of the reconciliation that you jointly go through counseling to make sure the same factors don't develop. Abusers generally don't change without professional help despite their often sincere claims of remorse. The good news is if things don't work out you could re-file the I-360 with new fees, Hope this help.
  10. N400 went up a lot 😕 hope with this raise they also work faster.
  11. USCIS Annouce Forms Fee Raise 20% from is current price. Also said Fee waiver will be also limited this will be Implemented October 2, 2020 Here is the List https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2020-16389.pdf I-485 $1,140 New $1,1130 (down ) I-765 $410 New $550.00 I-131 $575 New $590 N400 $640 New $1,160 (online) $1,170 (paper filling)
  12. If you initially paid for your I-485 fee, than renewal should be without fee, But if you sent you I-485 with a fee waiver, than your Renewal need to be paid or sent it with a fee waiver. USCIS recently is sending back I-765 renewal asking for fee even though I-485 fee was paid, need to resend with a copy of I-485 receipt and a letter explaining. I did it with mine and it was accepted and renew.
  13. This lawyer is a rip off. I just signed my divorce and abuser did too finally I spend no more than $850.00 in NYC with did an uncontested divorce process because we agree on everything before sending. My attorney said it will not be a problem with my I-485 processing. Vawa being approved since December 2019. Hope this help.
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