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  1. The negative decisions happens when the Request for evidence (RFE) does not fulfill, satisfied or complete the information that is being ask by the officer reviewing your case and is not enough for an approval, or RFE is not answer on the deadline time frame establish. Other than that VAWA Unit gives opportunity and will issue several RFEs if is necessary until everything is clear for an approval or in other stances the officer can denied if something is suspicious or not clear, and the RFE response did not satisfied the information missing. Some cases have being denied and people file motion to reconsider or to reopen and they are given the opportunity to explain and after is approved. All depends on what the RFE is for and the proof submitted.
  2. We can File a complaint against our lawyer with the state's lawyer discipline agency you can find which agency depending on the state your lawyer is located. In most states, it's the bar association... Maybe the bar association action will not be fast but they will know you are not playing.... This is very unprofessional, and lawyers and firm also have to respond and be professional to keep their licences. This is a country where the law exist and anybody can be sued, and stand for their rights... Lawyers are not untouchable we just don't know how and where to deal with this type situation.
  3. Yes this happen to me at NYC, DMV from 125th street have more knowledge of extensions and EAD. I requested a more experience supervisor I also took, the USCIS page the said C09 have an automatic extension, they was able to renew for 180days more until I received the actual EAD.
  4. Yes I am June 2018, expecting something by December or next year.....
  5. why you haven't Sent the renewal? You can renew EAD 180 days prior to expiration date... Restraining order is done but it may appear in record, you can attend to the interview and explain the situation to the officer but please consult your lawyer on whats best for you case now.
  6. You applied for I-360 which it seems to be already approved this is why you received I-765 C-31 You also apply for I-765 together with your I-485 you will received a second one which is I-765 C-09 category base on your pending I-485. You will have two EAD card totally normal they are just different categories. And super fast by the way. Congratulations!!! You just need to wait for your interview to get GC
  7. I received my EAD under I-485 filed by husband in 3 months after filling, and I renewed it again this year for one more year, I went to the interview with my lawyer and officer put I-485 on hold when we gave him I-360 receipt, with that I can continue renewing my EAD until VAWA gets approved... Also keep in mind even if you change your mind, I-360 will appear to the officer at the interview, also you have a restraining order in place against your husband issue by the court and must be follow he cannot be near you, you will have to explain all this scenarios to the officer if you decided to move forward with your I-485. Considering you do it may not look good , the officer can claim you went back with your husband just for the benefits of the Green card, after claiming abuse and filed VAWA.... This discrepancy can red flag your case and delay as well, I recommend you to talked to your lawyer to make the best decision on your case.
  8. I was in a similar situation after the separation, Police report, restraining order, He also wanted to attend to the interview, I was so confuse and vulnerable i also have already filed VAWA when interview notification was received the was on queque and he also Got it notification because he had my I-485 case number...... So I ask my Lawyer and my lawyer advise me NOT TO TRUST HIM, That this was another manipulation to have control over me and my immigration case and to keep myself under control forcing me to go back to my abusive relationship. My lawyer stood up and told me i will go thru this process with you but we cannot look back, GC will take a longer time but you will be free and it will base on you only don't need to rely on him, So I made the decision to move foward with VAWA... this is my personal experience, Talked to you lawyer to see what she advice....
  9. Received my Prima Facie 180 days extension today my previous one expired on July 9, 2019. My lawyer requested last week... was very fast
  10. I will travel in August God first, this will be my 3rd time using AP to my home country... No problem reentering previously.
  11. Yes it happen to me, Renewal mistakenly was sent to NBC on August 2018, and the transfer was made to Vermont on April 2019, EAD was mailed and in hand on May 2019... 9 months after, and I also did a congress office inquired to expedite otherwise would've taking longer.
  12. If the notification is under your I-765 is your EAD category C09 the one you get with your pending I-485. The EAD you have on hand is category C31 Base on your VAWA approval.
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