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  1. I was interviewed on Friday for I-485, and today very early I got notification that Uscis ordered production of a new card, Thank you from the core of my heart to @sandranj , @Stillwinning!!!😊, @Villanelle, @Demise, @Engineering-rocks and other family members of this forum. Special thanks to @TBoneTXwhose jokes served as a catalyst. I'll share my timeline later on with some useful suggestions based on self experience. Thanks once again.
  2. As far as I know, he is the best. Try to explain your position in writing and if they don't respond, call them.
  3. Senator John Coryn is the best and his staff very helpful.
  4. "Marriage Fraud" and to provide insufficient evidence to establish Bona fide marriage stand on different footings. Almost every other applicant in this form got RFE, but the way you are taking it is wrong. Write a good and anew self affidavit starting with courtship and other peculiar events of your relationship. Write in detail why you cant produce the evidence they asking for? Note: My ex owned the home and I provided them with the proof and they accepted. so be positive and start writing now that you ve to win this case.
  5. Family, I need help: My interview was scheduled in Jan, 2021 but was cancelled. Again USCIS scheduled interview for March, 2021 but my attorney got notice that it been rescheduled for April. The latest interview notice says that I just need to bring just Medical Exam., moreover it says i've to appear in front of an officer they named. this appears to be strange as to why they named The Interviewer Officer. I' m scared to death. Please share your experience and thoughts. Thanks
  6. Write a detailed self affidavit in Hindi and then translate it. Start with detailed Courtship and give unique details of incidents peculiar to every relationship.Write down what you have and give details explanation what you don't have.
  7. The process to detach and attach I-485 form to petition I-360 is called INTERFILING and is well recognized.
  8. If you don't ve any attorney, besides AR-11 write a covering letter to update your residential address. For info pass they 'll call you within a week or two- get ready for a call !
  9. Unless you get EAD C09, you can't be sure about I-485 denial or pending.
  10. See the process gonna be much faster after tomorrow confirmation of new DHS secretary by US senate. So hope for the best, man it is delayed not denied !
  11. I think by refiling I-485 as an approved I-360 petition will solve your problem . It may delay the AOS but by no means you are debarred permanently. Retain services of a good and knowledgable attorney too.
  12. @Stillwinning!!!😊 and other knowledgeable family members I need help and advice as to the following: Today I got notification that Uscis scheduled my interview. How long it ll take to receive the notice? It appears that my address wasn't updated by the USCIS as I didn't receive the previous cancellation notice for interview, so what should I do to get the lost notice as well as to change/update my address? Please I need your advice!
  13. @sandranj I didn't attend the interview rather my attorney filled request to interfile I-485 to petition I-360.
  14. @sandranj@Stillwinning!!!😊@Villanelle Today I got my case status updated and the I-485 case history is as under: "January 20, 2021 Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview January 20, 2021 We cancelled your interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and mailed you a cancellation notice. August 3, 2018 We scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. March 22, 2017 We accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our National Benefits Center location is working on your case." I need help to understand which interview they cancelled, the one scheduled on 08-03-2018 based on I-130/485 or the one based on I-360/485 ? Second, can someone please let me know as to where my I-485 file is located? Thanks
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