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  1. Morocco is one tough embassy. We have some great couples here from Morocco who may be able to share some insight. From what I know, Morrocco is very tough on K1. best wishes
  2. please know i am not being mean. I am just painting a black and white picture. Just thinking as a consular you say your strongest ties back home is your scholarship for education. how will you pay for your trip?
  3. we all went through it or are going through it. so all i can say is Patience is your key
  4. wait for 2 business day and if not then call them and speak to them. As usual they will say to email but then at that time give them the reference to the email you sent. All you can do is wait. patience
  5. k3 is absolute. dont waste time with k3 CR1 is what you want to apply. 14-16 month is what it will take. but with cr1, you can work right after the moment you cross US border which is a huge advantage. if he is still in IReland, then check DCF. (i know you said he is mobing to MA). If ireland is qualified for DCF then the processing is pretty fast. good luck
  6. Dude 1st visit and marriage, that's a huge step. Online and offline persona of people are different. I suggest you guys meet and spend quality time and then maybe marry then. Arranged marriage is cultural. And here you are meeting her online and now getting married at 1st visit. Does she make enough money for AOS? If not does she has a co-sponsor to file AOS? Do you have your family member in the US? If so how did they get to the US? you said met online.. How did you meet online? Is there an age difference? The journey itself is costly and emotionally draining. Be prepared mentally and emotionally
  7. i remember the scene from Big Bang theory where Sheldon drives penny to hospital for her arms and runs light and they send the ticket with picture of sheldon driving it. I know it is tv series but all night long i was thinking they will send me ticket with picture of me And i was worried how shitty i must look coz its late night and i was in my PJ and with my long goldie lock hair i must look crazy.. And they would go "YES HE LOOKS CRAZY WE SHOULD GIVE HIM TICKET. 🔨 Now i can breathe and focus at work
  8. either your sense of humor is way above my intellect or you misssed few words whiile you type. In any case, i got the message you guys are awesome as always
  9. Agreed.. we dont even have snow removal truck out there today and its dumping like insane. 5 min ride to work took 45 min coz of it.
  10. i know i was not wrong but i dont want to do tango with Law. I dont mind paying it and be done with it (if i get the ticket). Question is If i do does it sounds i am guilty?
  11. Last night after i dropped my wife at the airport and was driving back home, I may or may not have received a ticket. What happened I know there was a photo light traffic. As I was approaching it, it was green but when I approached it turned yellow and i couldn't slam the break coz that would have caused more issues. next, to me, there was another car and we both went through the light. right behind me was another car which also went through. I was like less than 4 yards before completing the cross, I see this big flash. Now I don't know whether it is for me, for the car on the parallel lane or for the car behind me. Question: Let's say if they send me the ticket. I will pay it right away but do you think it will show as negative for my naturalization (2 more years before I apply for thou) Is there a way to find out if I was issued a ticket from last night? Like can i call anyone in DMV or is there an online site where i can check. Any Advise my VJ Folks
  12. the only way is to apply and find. she has a student visa and arrived 1 month ago in CA and now applying tourist visa for the US with boyfriend in the US, Hypothetical if I was a CO I would be skeptical while issuing the visa. Again I am not a CO and It's my personal thoughts.
  13. paying the immigrant fee after being awarded visa was two click for us. It was done all online. read this link https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-immigrant-fee
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