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  1. I submitted my AOS back in May and just got an RFE. It states that my husband doesn’t make enough but the poverty level for immigration in 20k and some change for a family of two? He makes roughly a bit more than three times the amount. Anyways, when we applied he had just recently started his job (been there for less than a year) by we included all his paychecks and his job offer and acceptance letter which stated his yearly salary. Plus his salaried job was included in last years taxes as well. So, should we just send everything we already sent all over again? What else are we supposed to send? It also stated in the RFE that he might need a sponsor? Thanks!
  2. All I would like to say is that not everyone is blessed with a normal, functioning, and decent set of parents. Oh, ok. That makes me feel a lot better.
  3. Would they be able to request it from immigrations because they are my parents? I would assume yes but I’m not sure at all.
  4. I’m not a citizen yet but plan on it as soon as possible. However, I am concerned about whether my parents can file a petition or AOS for their green card through me without knowing. I have no contact with them but I mean obviously my parents have enough information about me to fill out a petition in my name. Is this something I should be potentially worried about at all?
  5. I was just going over my application again tonight and I noticed on form I 485 on page 17 my husband’s birth date is incorrect. His birth date is correct on all the other pages. I have already done my biometrics. What should we do?
  6. I filed an AOS from F1. I’m kind of confused because I have been reading on this forum that some people don’t get interviews? I always thought that everyone got interviews.
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