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  1. Yeah. Expires August 23rd. I have to plan then to renew last day of February. Thank you again
  2. OMG, thank you so much for the cover letters.... SO the renewal is not a Renewal... i just need to RE-APPLY again like the first time for the employment authorization?
  3. so... when is te best time to renew EAD? 4, 5 or 6 months before expiration date?
  4. Hello Houston Fillers.... based on your experience on EAD renewal... what do you think is the best time to do it? 6, 5 or 4 months before expiration date?
  5. Hello my friends... I just finally got a job in a bank with my EAD card.... after finishing all the paperwork I realize that I will need to renew my card in a few months because still no interview notice yet. When I Initially fill my case, only did: I485. I765 and I130 I didnt file advance parole, I just tough It wasn't necesary, but at this time I really dont know how long will take the proccess and may be need advance parole to travel to my country. my question is: Can I subbmit the renewal of my EAD and submit the ADVANCE PAROLE form as well? how is the proccess to Renew the EAD? if you have some similar experiences please share it with me. thank you so much guys! down here you all can see my timeline. I fill my case in Houston.
  6. Hey! Don´t worry about it! will be fine, the same happens to us! we move last year and after we print we realize that the pay stubs have the old address. but is nothing to worry about.
  7. Hello! Somebody knows what priority dates are procesing right now or at least an estimate?
  8. Hello! I got my EAD card finally in the Mail, sept 07. now the job search start. I have been having problems with the DPS. they send me already 2 letters from SAVE, the verification lawful presence system they have, first letter said: verification peding, and secon one, said: not verified. A little bit of my background with DPS: I used to have a Driver Licence valid for 6 months, in 2015, that one is already expired. now I am trying to get a new one, but I have different Inmigration status and new Last name. I dont know, but I have a feeling that my new last name have to do with this.
  9. "Card was mailed to me" Hello. I just had an update yesterday. Finally the have mailed my EAD card. I hope I will got it in the mail by the saturday.
  10. Hello! I am getting a little bit concern.... I just got my SS. But still not receiving my EAD I got notified on the 24. 😞 somebody have the same situation? I am a Houston Filler
  11. wich is weird for me is some of my friends receive both documents toguether... usually the social security card is on the same USPS first class envelope.
  12. I had the notification of being produced on august 24, then I had my approval letter in the mail on august 29, then sept the 1st I got my SSN and hope that today my card will be in the mailbox today!
  13. Hello People! I just got my Social Security Card in the mail today! but still not EAD I hope after the holiday I will get it. I tough they came together in the same USPS first class envelope. I just receive a regular envelope from the SSA. Somebody have the same situation? Please check my timeline below.
  14. so, did your online case status change from: card being produced to card mailed to you? or just after card being produced came in the mail? my update of: card being produced was august 24, i still dont have nothing yet. not even an update or something in the mail