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    K1 Visa Approved LND & 18th of January 2019

    Thanks guys! Just checked again and it's updated to today's date 23rd January and still status is still ready. so I presume someone's touched it today but it's not complete? I'm confident it will come in time. I've booked a flight for the 15th February and my wedding is on the 22nd of February. SO EXCITED! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  2. Hey Everyone. I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me and my fiancé through this process. I had my interview on the 18th Jan 2019. The interviews went straight forward and the woman interviewing congratulated me and approved the Visa. It's kind of a blur as I was very excited but I believe she said I will receive my visa in the next 7- 10 working days. I wasn't handed any kind of slips or anything. I have just checked both the site where you book the interview and the page CEAC. The interview status says: appointment And the CEAC says: Ready (last updated on the 18th Jan) I'm not worried or anything but I'm just wondering if I should be expecting for this to change to issued? And if so how long will it take. Thanks for all the help once again everyone. ♥️
  3. Hello Guys, I'm very excited to share that our case is currently at the NVC and me and my fiancé have received our LND case number. I'm now preparing my documents that will be required for interview.I've travelled to the USA the first time I travelled to America was for 2 weeks a B1 Visa when I was 18 back in. The visa never requires a police check and I was granted with no issues. I have also lived in Canada and served as a missionary for my church for 2 years. Since 2013 I have travelled to America numerous times on ESTAS as my B1 was only valid for a year. I have travelled 4 times this year and I'm heading there to be with my fiancé for Christmas. Now I'm applying for a K1 Visa. And I just applied for my police record check on Friday. There was a question on the police record check that prompted me to do some deep thinking. It asked me to declare all spent convictions, reprimands, warnings and cautions. So I emailed my local police station to ask about the offence. When I was 12 years old I got in a fight with another 12 year old kid and received a reprimand from a police officer at the police station. ( A strong telling off) . Although this won't show on my record as I was a child and it clears after 5 years. The check may come back as "no LIVE trace" which means there's history of an offence but has been spent. However, The US still require me to provide them with documentation of the offence. Since it takes 40 days to prepare a special report from the police I have gone ahead and requested this already. So by the time I get back in January I will have it ready for the interview. To this day when I've applied for visa waivers etc I've never felt inclined to share this because to be truthful I've completely forgotten about the incident and I never believed it was required to declare a reprimand. I guess now I've gotten myself all worried about the situation. I am 100% prepared to declare this arrest on the DS-160. I know it's down to the consular officer in regards to the final decision. I'm just reaching out to see if anyone can relate or share there visa interview experience after declaring an arrest and if this incident when i was 12 will cause issues come my interview in January. I appreciate all feedback thoughts and advice... Kind Regards, Owen .
  4. Hey, I appricate your post. Very insightful and informative. I was actually looking for a May filers page so thank you. It's great to see people who have submitted at the same time as us! Good luck and all the best! Kind Regards, Owen
  5. Hello thank you for getting in touch. Aww that's sad you've had to wait aslong as you have. I'm sure everything will turn around for you soon. Thanks for the information! All the best and good luck. Kind Regards, Owen
  6. Hello, I am a beneficiary of the K1 fiancée. My wife to be is from Seattle, Washington and I'm from County Durham, England My Fianceè, Kristen and I have filed our 129F on the 18th May 2018 and have received our NOA1 which was received on the 22nd May 2018. Even though we understand that this journey can be long and tedious. We are excited that we have made the progress we have this far. Does anyone know realistically how long were going to wait for the NOA2? We are expecting 5-7 months for our NOA2. Any advice ideas? Stories of quick process? If anyone wishes to reach out we are more than happy and willing to extend our advice and support! This website is a great network. All the best and good luck everyone, Kind Regards, Owen