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  1. DGTravel


    oh I mean on status update as you mentioned that the status update of Immigrant to NonImmigrant and AP-Ready-AP-Issued is usually for K1. And in case there's already a known case here where it got denied or took years just for a copy of Cenomar/MC
  2. DGTravel


    do you have idea on IR1? Mine's on AP but got updated to Ready last 10/25, closing to 4th week mark
  3. congratsssss! did you just mail the documents or you made also an upload? me and another vj member are still waiting for Visa Issue, we're also in AP since Oct 1 and Oct 5 where we were required to upload doc copies
  4. We're waiting for our visa as well. I've completed the instructions to upload copy of my latest BC, MC and Cemar but still in AP for 2 weeks
  5. DGTravel

    On 221g

    The captain of the ship theory might be true. When I was on pre-screening, they were like touring US folks inside the embassy and I overheard "This is where we're processing IVs, there's also an update in our process (blah blah blah)". Not sure if one of them is the captain or they're the captain's crew 😆 On my pre-screening, I found it weird that she asked me regarding my payment and asked if i have the receipt with me. I told her that I don't have a receipt but it should already be paid during NVC phase for IR1. She also noted that we did not upload CENOMAR of my petitioner who is also a Filipino born. I was one of the first 8 on the actual interview line and with those 8, 6 applicants got 221g with all passports returned and 2 upfront approval. - Both Parents: They were asked of updated ITR of their daughter to show the daughter's business in US - Son: He was asked to scan/upload the first 2 pages of AOS, provide 2017 ITR and I find it odd that he was also asked for CENOMAR - Fiancee: She was asked for 2017 ITR and CENOMAR - Spouse: She was asked for additional sponsor for AOS, 2017 ITR and CENOMAR - ME: I was asked to scan and upload the MC, BC, Cenomar I brought on the interview I already completed the upload and send back my passport plus the original certs via 2go on the same day of my interview, still keeping our hopes high on this setback.
  6. DGTravel

    On 221g

    Thanks Hank. I have all original certificates (August 2018 copies) with me during the interview. CO seem to be pleased with the other items and gave me pamphlet regarding Domestic Violence, but gave 221g to upload scanned copy of certificates I brought on the interview. I also called the embassy hotline and agent confirmed that I need to send back the originals the CO gave back to me but they still need to confirm if it should be uploaded in CEAC or in another site (agent mentioned that there is still another site). Agent advised to upload certs in CEAC and they will just contact me by Tues/Wed if I have to re-submit. Agent also mentioned that upon receiving the docs, they will send me back my passport with visa in 2-4weeks and there's no need for another interview, really hoping that it will not exceed that timeframe. Would you know if the sealed immigrant packet be included in passport delivery or it's usually collected from embassy for this kind of cases? Thanks.
  7. DGTravel

    On 221g

    here's the paper quality of submitted in CEAC for NVC stage, i don't have the original of this anymore i requested for originals in PSA again not knowing that there will be a change in their paper quality. here's how it look like now Seems like it was all good during the interview, except that the consul wanted to have the latest one uploaded in CEAC
  8. DGTravel

    On 221g

    I submitted the originals. It was just all original forms newly requested to PSA are already in different paper colors.
  9. DGTravel

    On 221g

    221g copy given to me:
  10. DGTravel

    On 221g

    Got my interview today, it was smooth but I got 221g My marriage cert and birth cert uploaded in CEAC were in bright yellow copy, this is the type of copy PSA issue before. However, the new ones that I got were already in pale yellow print. CO didn't release my visa yet for IR1 application and requested to upload scanned copies of my CENOMAR, Birth Cert and Marriage Cert. My spouse and I got disappointed as we didn't experience "Visa Approved" today Question: 1) Is it correct that I should upload in CEAC website? 2) Return the original copies of MC, BC and Cenomar when I send the passport back to the embassy via 2go? 3) Officer mentioned that it may take 2-4weeks for processing upon my submission, will there be another interview and will the 2-4weeks timeline includes passport with stamped visa delivered to me? 4) Anyone here experienced 221g and got faster turnaround time than 2- 4 weeks? Keeping our hopes high still...
  11. DGTravel

    Degree Equivalency to US

    thank you, it's good to know that there's one less extra to do for me
  12. DGTravel

    Degree Equivalency to US

    Thank you for your responses, that is relieving to know. I am a graduate of BS ECE but took IT as a profession. Looks like I just need to bring all my Certificate of Employment, and have my Diploma and TOR certified if required by employer.
  13. I am looking for jobs that I can apply for and usually find this in the requirement: "Foreign transcripts and degrees require official certification of equivalency to U.S. transcripts and degrees by a certified U.S. review service at the time of application." I am from Manila, Philippines and will migrate to Los Angeles. Do you have recommendations on where I can certify my college degree from Philippines to that it can be accepted for US employment? Thank you.
  14. DGTravel

    Registering Delivery Address: Pick up in 2Go

    Thanks NovaDC and Hank Not 2GO Ayala but the one in SM Makati or maybe in RCBC
  15. Hello! I opt to pickup my passport in nearest 2GO branch and will provide the address as below. Will it be good enough or will there be further option to select if deliver/pick up? Will the delivery address be verified again during/after the interview? Thanks!