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  1. So they are landing at 8:05 PM and I found a direct flight at 11:45 PM, otherwise next available flight would be the next morning at 6 AM. If we go with the 11:45 PM flight that gives us 3 hours 40 mins. You all think that is enough time to go thru POE, collect bags and go to check in counter for next flight so they can check in their bag, and then finally back thru TSA?
  2. I am sorry it appears I missed something rather important in my post. This would be for a K1 and K2, anyone know how long they should have between flights.
  3. Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get through Seattle. I have searched and seen some say as little as 15 minutes and other saying they waited 4 hours. The flight is landing at 8:05 PM. Was wondering how many hours we should have between our next connecting flight. Thank you
  4. I never said there was any malice or intended offence. It just goes to shows the reality of the world we live in today when we all want to express our opinions on something that in reality has nothing to do with a question. That was my only point.
  5. The funny part about all this was a simple question was asked, and it was answered. No can someone please explain to me why everyone feels the need to hijack a question to start talking about personal preference on which airline they like? The part that is frustrating is has everyone lost the ability to think and realize the post has nothing to do with your personal choice of an airline? There was never a question about which airline to pick just about POE process. Sorry for the rant but honestly I find this a joke people always need to inject personal thoughts on something not even in question of the thread.
  6. As always thank you Hank.
  7. Hello again, I have a couple questions about POE. If there is a connecting flight which POE will they need to go through. Ideally they will be flying into San Francisco or LAX and then have a connecting flight to Minnesota. Which POE will they be going through? Ideally having the POE in Minnesota would be ideal (will save on luggage cost in the long run). I have looked at flights that have a layover in San Fran...2-3 hour layover but if they need to go through POE that will not be enough time. I believe for connecting flight you do not need to but would like to know others experiences and thought or knowledge on this. Thank you
  8. I know that it is a walk in clinic, the confusion comes from Subsection D and E. 😧 Letter with Case Number If Letter of Case Number was received via email, print 2 copies for the principal applicant and 1 copies for each derivative. Principal Applicant - original & 1 photocopy Derivatives - 1 photocopy each E: Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation from the U.S. Embassy , if available Principal Applicant - original & 2 photocopies Derivatives - 1 photocopy each If Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation was received via email, print 2 copies for the principal applicant and 1 copies for each derivative.
  9. Thank you Falcon Cara. I know this just making sure in the eyes of the law there.
  10. I am a little confused here and hoping I can get some guidance. Sub section D states letter with case number and sub section E stated interview appointment confirmation if available. For sub section D, is this the email we received from the embassy correct? And finally for sub section E we are setting up the appointment online so I am assuming they will email something or it is something we need to print when we set up that appointment.
  11. Hello, My fiance has a daughter that is 19 years old, will she still need consent from her biological father? I have read that single mother have sole custody. My fiance was married but it was annulled as he was still married thus the marriage was null from the start. However since the child is 19 years of age and I know in the USA that is considered an adult. So back to my question will she need consent from her father whom she never see or has contact with?
  12. Do I need to mail a physical hard of AOS package to my fiance or am I able to scan the signed copy and email to her to print there? Thank you
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