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  1. Hello everyone, I submitted documents to NVC and wanted the community to take a quick peek at it. The current wait time for NVC to check documents seems to be around 2 months, so it would be nice to not be missing any documents. I dont have my 2020 transcripts so I uploaded my 1040 and W2 (Should I upload the 1040 in the required section or the Other section?). IRS haven't processed my taxes yet. (Am i suppose to combine the 1040 and w2 into 1 document? I am sending NVC the exact copy of the 1040 that I sent IRS which is 4 pages total) My spouse's passport that was sent to me is quite large on the .jpg file. She has the physical copies that conform to the passport specifications. Is the file i have online okay or should I get her to scan the passport photos and show them as their original size? Police certificate is not required for pakistan. So I screenshotted the government website where it states this and also added a note that said police certificate is not required for pakistan. All of this on a pdf file that i uploaded in place of a the police certificate section Thank you everyone, ill update here if they are accepted by nvc
  2. Has anyone tried to get a waiver for the interview at islamabad? Does every applicant have to go through the interview?
  3. Just write to a US representative now. They take a while coming back as well. You'll have to fill out a form and then add your documents/letters of concern.
  4. Yeah patients is important but if it's been too long, you need to escalate to your local congressman. Let them know that it's been too long and it's unfair - they might be able to push it along. Writing here doesn't really do anything.
  5. Which visa type are these interviews for? Curious if interview delays are this long for spousal sponsorships (US citizen sponsoring a wife in pakistan)
  6. @Ammara Dont listen to most of these people here, they are negative and dont have any constructive advice. They are assuming some things (i've dealt with them in other threads). I was in a similar boat (feb2020 trying to sponsor my wife), what i suggest is someone needs to call USCIS and ask to speak to a tier 2 officer. Tell them that the case is nearly at the 2 year mark and there hasnt' been any update. Even though it's within the 'normal processing time', it doesn't mean they can take 2+ years just to approve/deny a simple i130. If you dont get any updates, use the messaging system in the myuscis website (message is directly sent to a tier 2 officer). Explain the circumstance and add more evidence to your case. I urge you to contact them often. They will not take action on your case unless youre active. Message at least every 2 weeks and ask if there has been any updates/an officer has been assigned. If the husband hasn't filed an i129f for a spousal visa (i suggest you look this up), do this asap (again, dont listen to these people about it being obsolete yada yada. It pushed USCIS to act on my case).
  7. You'll do fine on the interview, just relax and pretend youre meeting a friend to talk about your relationship. Unfortunate that people have to wait months for an interview which lasts sometimes a few minutes. Tons of tax dollars and time wasted. Not really sure who comes up with these rules.
  8. I just got an update on my online profile that they've will be setting up an interview. I filed for my spouse who lives overseas so the interview is just for me. This should be at the seattle USCIS office as that's where im living. Does anyone know the processing time for interviews like these. I can't find any time frame for this type of interview on their online processing time page.
  9. thanks for the reply, The issue is that i sent in my packet and they scanned/uploaded the files themselves. I'm wondering if they decided it was too much work to not scan the pictures (about 12-13 of them).
  10. I filed my petition back in feb 2020 and noticed a .tif file on my uscis website. I noticed that the documents i sent in are scanned but they seemed to have left the pictures and some evidence out (or haven't scanned them). Am i suppose to see photocopies of everything i sent in? Can anyone who filed an i130 look in their documents tab and see if all their documents were scanned and uploaded? Much appreciated!
  11. Contact your congresswoman/man. Talking about it here raises awareness but contacting someone in government might be a bit better. This needs to change
  12. I'm also a Feb petitioner. My case has been sent to the Seattle local office and I'm in the same boat. I was thinking of writing a physical letter to that office to see if it would make a difference. Not really sure what to do. I'd anyone else has any ideas please let us know
  13. Feb 2020 priority date. No letter/update from them about my file being transferred. Get used to USCIS incompetence
  14. Chiming in to say it's been 510 days and still nothing from USCIS. No red flags, proper marriage and lots of photos and proof.
  15. Tell your husband to come live with you. I also filed in Feb 2020 and haven't heard anything back. Seems they like to do this to people from certain countries. Immigration process is a joke here in the US. It's going to be a long time before you're reunited.
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