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  1. The point of k3 was to reunite the couple in the case the i130 petition takes too long. I suggest you still file it in case you get a really bad service center that has a long wait time. You'll have a reason to at least reach out to them to ask about k3 approval. That being said, it is unlikely to be approved before your i130. Look at california service for example. online it says k3/k4 takes 5-7 months. While a i130 takes 12-16 months. You can argue that your k3 petition is outside processing time after 7 months of wait, while you'll have to wait 16 months before you can even ask about your i130 petition. This can possibly push them to get your i130 approved (assuming they dont want to approve your k3)
  2. You can file a ticket to have your file looked at because it's outside normal processing times for nebraska. For nebraska it is between 6.5 - 8.5 months and anything longer you can file a ticket. Call them or do it online.
  3. They haven't layed anyone off. In fact, there has been a significant decline in petitions because of covid and Trump policies. If anything, things should speed up not slow down. Why wouldn't they take her call? Op paid for the service doesn't she have a right to ask about it?
  4. I called them and told them that their website says they transfer to make things faster. The girl on the other end kept giving me a generic reply like "it's being processed and you will get a notification". I said yes but it could take a year or more, while similar petitions in other service centers are taking 6 months. Why do I have to wait 7-8 months more to have my petition reviewed. Why did my case transfer from a low wait center to a long wait center. At least give me a reason. They don't have a reason, it's just random. Making someone wait an extra 9-10 months makes no sense. This stuff can be adjudicated within 2-3 months. People in Canada started protesting wait times of a year and the immigration Minister expedited spousal visas. Until we get some kind of push from the people, they will continue down this path. I hate that some people here think it's okay to wait that long. They just say "just wait, it's normal processing". NO! It's not lol. Stop making it seem like it's normal and they are working tirelessly. Its policies that can be changed
  5. They transfer cases to other centers because they want to make things faster. It says it on the USCIS website. If a transfer to a much slower center happens, someone should question it. USCIS needs to held accountable for their inefficiencies and people should protest. Right now, a lot of the stuff they do doesn't make sense.
  6. I love how most people with i130's in CSC have had their cases adjudicated except people from the usual suspect countries. And would you look at that, the processing time for CSC for CR1/IR1 went from ~6 months to 12-16 months on their official site and increasing. fun times
  7. I would email your congressman or representative. Two years is too long and is unacceptable. Background checks don't take 2 years, don't listen to anyone. Be active and see if it makes a difference is my suggestion.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2020/09/30/judge-blocks-uscis-fee-increases-heres-why-it-happened/#7b5b8c0583a8
  9. California service center jumped from 5-7 months to 11-14 months. I just checked now since it just got updated and it's 12-16 months. I think all service centers are slower with exception of nebraska. Even texas processing time went from 5-7 to 6.5-8.5 months. This might have something to do with the judge blocking fee hikes by USCIS. I guess they are slowing things down to make people suffer.
  10. It's not bad luck. USCIS needs to revisit how they process cases from Pakistan because the system has changed. The reasoning they use (and apparently what youre using) doesn't make sense. I worked at a security firm as a software developer. There is absolutely no way it takes a year to process a background check for an individual from any country. Call it bad luck or whatever you want but it's just not right. What you need to stop doing is regurgitating the same unhelpful information over and over in different forums. It's not constructive in any way.
  11. Pakistan has an extremely low percentage of people who are in a polygamous marriage (1% - 0.5%). Even among these the man has to ask the wife and it is ILLEGAL to marry someone else if an approval isnt' granted. From this low percentage are even a lower percent where they are applying to the US for spousal sponsorship, it's probably nil. You talk about no centralized criminal record keeping. They do have a criminal record management system, you need to look this information up yourself. What does cousin marriage have anything to do with the eligibility of a spouse? If the spouse plans on living in a state with disallowed cousin marriages then they should say so in the application. 26 states in US allow cousin marriages. Most of these spousal applications aren't even cousin marriages. It makes no sense to put most people in administrative processing. They are playing with people's lives. I have a problem with you posting this all over the forums, trying normalize this -like it's the right thing for immigration to do. You should be advocating for family reunification, not just for pakistani but for every country. It's a basic right that every human should have.
  12. I love how some people here seem to think it's okay to be waiting 3+ years to be reunited with your spouse. There is no excuse for being in administrative processing or whatever stage for nearly 2+ years. Especially how common it is for Pakistanis. It's disgusting. A background check does not take that long, I've worked at a security firm and know how they process these things. The man has 2 kids. They should deny his case and give him a reason or approve it. Makes me sick.
  13. My case was transferred to california and the timeframe is around 14 months. Csc also processes 129f, im just curious if it's worth it to even submit an i129f for spouse k3. Has anyone heard any news ?
  14. Around 2 years to get through USCIS stage is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. There is no excuse for this wait time. Just playing with people's lives.
  15. Call again, some reps are a lot more helpful than others. If they still dont know, then escalate to higher tier officer.
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