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  1. Wow! I just can’t believe what my eyes saw! My EAD has been approved! I screamed that I woke up my little Toby (my puppy) 😁 best of luck my fellow Marchies.
  2. I rang today and my received date is March 25. She said I’m still on the normal processing time and if I don’t hear anything in 3-4 weeks, I should give them a call! She tried to cheer me up by saying congratulations and best wishes on my marriage 🤣
  3. We have the same timeline. I rang today and she told me my case will still be under the normal processing time till the 9th of September! Uscis has been tormenting me!
  4. I just talked to an agent and she said that current processing time is now 3.5 to 5.5 months!
  5. I just got ahold of a super nice agent and she said the exact the same thing. She said they’re trying to stay within the 2.5-5 months. Hopefully, we will hear some good news very soon coz seeing some applicants who filed later than me and got their EADs already makes me salty 😂 like why? 😂😂😂 my husband is very supportive tho. He constantly reminds me to chill coz i’ll be looking forward for days off once I start working😆
  6. We’ve been together on the same journey from our I-129f, interview, visa approval, and AOS filing 😁
  7. We’ve the same LFO.. I just want my ead. I’m running out of recipe already 😂
  8. You are not alone I just want my ead and Seattle is my LFO, too
  9. I know an NCLEX passer who came here on a K1 and still needed to wait for her EAD to be able to work. Take note, she was already a USRN when she came here So the answer is NO. There are also some states that require SSN and fingerprinting.
  10. Our case was updated this midnight into “ready to be scheduled for an interview”.. I know it might take a while again but I’m still thankful that we didn’t get an rfe specially that I didn’t send any evidence other than me added on his health insurance and on his affidavit of support, I only included 4 of his recent paystubs and I’ve read that most applicants send 3 or 6 months. NOA1- March 29, 2019 Biometrics- April 19 Seattle Field Office
  11. Elle29

    Bored wife

    Thank God I don’t have that tampo anymore or my husband will enroll me to a drama school 😂 kidding aside, OP, I do understand where your wife is coming from but coming from someone who came here on a K1 visa, if she’s really unhappy in here and refuse to make a life in here with you, you have to let go of her. Easier said than done, I know. On my first month in here, I refused to go out and mingle with our roommates or other people until 1 day, I just got bored and went out. I made my husband worried sick 😁 Now, I take the bus, went to apply for my ssn and state ID on my own without my husband taking me. It’s not fair on your part to suffer like this. Clearly, you’re hurting and she’s obviously not trying to play her part on your marriage. Best wishes to you bro. Withdraw her AOs and let her go.
  12. My tracker just got updated to “fingerprint review completed”. Biometrics was done on the 19th of April. Looooonnnggg way to go 😁
  13. That’s what I’ve been reading, too that doing biometrics earlier than scheduled doesn’t change anything. I’ll see how it goes for me since I did my biometrics last Friday (April 19) and my original schedule is today. I heard that Spokane is quick tho.
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