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  1. Both of them are still working in Qatar so they really needed to go through an agency and don’t want to be hassled by the paperworks. We know about the DIY application, I for one, will be doing the same soon. And of course, we know about ATT. Every nurse in the Philippines was made aware of that even before graduation) At the end of the day, if the OP’s wife won’t be needing her transcripts to be red ribboned, that’s great news so they won’t be worrying about it. To the OP, best of luck to your wife’s NCLEX 🙏
  2. Maybe because they went through an agency and that was their instruction, so just followed. It didn’t hurt tho and they successfully made it.
  3. 2 of my siblings just passed the Texas State Board and one of the documents they needed was to have their transcripts red ribboned, I’m not sure if they do the same for the CA State BON tho.
  4. We got our case number on the 27th.. already registered for my medical, cfo seminar, and paid for the visa fee.. I hope we can make it for the next shipment🙏🙏🙏 I’ve checked that as of today, the earliest available interview that US Embassy Manila has is the 13th of December.
  5. My fiancé filed the I-129f last May while I was still living in Ireland and I only came back here in the Philippines August. We just wrote my address here as my mailing address when we filed and US Embassy Manila as the embassy of choice. We already got our NOA2 and MNL case number. Best of luck on your journey🍀
  6. NOA2 is November 1 NVC received our case November 13 Case number was assigned November 27 our case is going to US Embassy Manila. I just want to ask, normally, how long does it take for a case in Manila to be ready? Thanks 🙏
  7. My fiancé received the NOA2 via mail yesterday but we already knew that we were approved on November 1. I know how frustrating it can be, but we kept ourselves busy. My fiancé joined a pool club every Monday after work which will be over midweek of December and I am currently updating my training which keeps me busy, too because I know myself, I’ll just itch and keep on checking the uscis app and the website like crazy number of times. I know it’s a long journey, but think about the reason why we’re all doing this. This journey will be over soon. Just keep the love burning.
  8. Our case was approved today!🙏🙏🙏🙏 NOA1: May 11 NOA2: November 1
  9. May filer here. Got our NOA1 on May 11.. I’ve read somewhere in here the other day that some of the filers for February already got their NOA2.. gosh! We’re getting closer🤗🤗🤗