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  1. She keep my passport, thanks I’ll just have to wait till next week
  2. She told me to get the small piece of paper after the 2 pamphlets. I’m anxious 😟
  3. No letter just 2 pamphlets and she congratulate me.
  4. K1 visa here and interview was last March 14. I’m still immigrant instead non immigrant at Ceac. Consul didn’t asked for any documents. But seems I’m under 221 for almost4 days. I’m so anxious now. I don’t know what wrong with our case 😑 case was updated every day but still immigrant. Anyone same case with me?
  5. Just basic question How do U introduce ur fiancé j how did we met when he visited me why im gonna marry a guy that I met once How I’m sure to marry my fiancé we’ve been together for only 7 days What are the close cities in elmore Ohio what is he’s favorite sport what team when do u intent to marry
  6. Interview approved yesterday ❤️ Delayed for 8 weeks because I underwent sputum during my medical. I had annual medical on my work and I’m healthy lol. Medical Here in the Philippines is very strict. But finally done, Just waiting for the visa. Good luck to us for the new beginnings ❤️ LDR no more 🤗
  7. Our case is ready for medical and interview. All are set now, Good luck to all of us 😍😍😍😍
  8. Got case number today from NVC after 23 days of waiting. Status at NVC yet ☺️😊. Hope we’ll all done soon 🙏
  9. I just found out today that we got approved last nov 16. 192 days so frustrating.
  10. Everyone’s received noa2, so I’m the only one who did not get noa2 yet lol. May 7 noa1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 don’t worry be happy. RFE will come December 😂😂😂
  11. Thank you, It’s just getting harder to wait more. The last time I saw him was September 2017. Saving the money to visit and meet my family after the process. It doesn’t matter how long the process is. I just want to be with him soon 😞 but like what he wanted, he will visit after the process. So frustrating it’s been 14 months. But I’m glad we do videocall twice a day and chatting all the time. The connection still there and nothing is change 😊. You are right sorry for being impatient 🙂