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    Visa approved

    Hey. Same happened to my fiance. We are still waiting been a month and half. Did u get a ds 5535 form after the interview by email?
  2. Can someone please help?.. my fiance did his K1 visa interview 4 days ago he was told by the consulate that the Visa was approved and gave him a piece of paper the show where to pick up his passport and how to track it and today I was checking the Visa status online and I seen that it was in AP and I know it says that it's normal but at this point I'm worried because of one little detail that they returned his passport today. He went to pick it up thinking its good news and now we are very worried. does that mean I have to wait too long or is that also normal considering 2018 changed most of the process in addition they did not require any documents or send us any emails stating anything from us Is needed and I even called the embassy and asked they said that they return the passport in case he needs to use it in the mean time and for now I just have to wait. Any advise? Please I can use it.
  3. Hello. Can you please update me on what had happened with your k1 fiance visa ever since? I'm currently in the same position and my fiance got approved at the interview.. Now we can AP and they returned his passport. Only been 4 days since the interview. Lot of internet search told me I was fine and that this is normal but I. Am wondering why they returned his passport. No letters or emails or anything required from us. We are very worried can someone help?