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  1. Guys ,no need to fight .Keep it simple and like mentioned above please file as married .
  2. Man it wasn't bcoz of her parents ,it was due to the fact things went too fast from her visa denial to your marriage .
  3. Parent wants to live with their children ,if you remember they also have one other daughter too who live in U.S so they went to her and then probably have come to see their other daughter too.
  4. No, i totally get it and I am 100% agree with all the point you mentioned and thats what i explained that those series of events have indicated fraud in his case and he should have gave it more time.
  5. Well you dont teach us what indian culture is ,you should be last person to say that .She wasn't a month old baby they left behind .
  6. I was not raising a question ,What i was trying to say is you did a marriage in good faith and i am totally agree with you in indian tradition ,things happened in day or two no doubt but like i said they follow those guidelines like you should have gave it more time between that period after her family applied for her and also before you get married because you and I know what indian tradition is but they don't .They only work on facts like what they see not what on we believe or what we do.
  7. Yes ,that was little fast and after reading this whole thread it seems like you married her soon after she couldn’t come to US with her family .You should have did this marriage in good faith but things like these raise questions in CO mind and they just take decision on facts what they see and they could be right or wrong .Like your marriage could be totally legitimate but CO don't think this way but still personally they should have put it under investigation like they can use local agencies for further investigations but they do what they have been taught. They just read that book of instructions and work straight out of it so you should have follow their book of guide and even things are legitmate ,then even always try to follow those steps if you know what i mean.
  8. ok so you only knew her one month prior to marriage ? is that right? if it is then yes thats raise a questions.
  9. That makes no sense even her family applied for her ,you are U.S citizen and you are married to her and she is your spouse .How could even make a difference even if they had applied for her in past, they can't deny on that single reason ,i mean she isnt applying for tourist or study visa .Plus if they should had any doubts they should have put it under A.P and should have asked for more proof to submit to prove marriage was done in good faith but they cant just send for revocation.
  10. Wow man this is totally devastating ,how could they do that without single evidence . what questions they asked to your wife?
  11. I dont think you are require to submit your 2018 tax transcripts bcoz last date of tax file is april 15th so before than that you are not require to send but if you get interview date after april 15 then you might need to take it with you during interview.
  12. I think you can do biometrics anywhere ,it doesn't need to have specifically Mumbai
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