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  1. I mean they shouldn't be doing this ,like waiting another 2 weeks for any rejected docs .They should have give them priority and put back in queue at first position once members submitted the corrected version but this is how they work,nothing we can do.
  2. Yea they takes 2 weeks to review ,if any document fails then you go back again into cycle for another 2 weeks .They put case again back into queue rather than giving them priority
  3. In screenshot i can only see I-864EZ ,Income taxes for 2017,2016 and Paystubs ,I don't see any W2's here
  4. W2 forms you get it through your employer which basically have all the information about how much taxes you paid ,how much you earned on that job
  5. Lawyers these days charge so much money and do very little and these cases are very straightforward ,you have every single information available online ,I always do it by myself .BTW I am may filer as well May 3rd ,you get your case number sooner others though ,seems like they have approved your file much faster
  6. This is stupid that they make you wait another 2 weeks to re-submit forms
  7. Do you have police clearance certificate for her?
  8. How much time NVC takes to review your documents to see if they are acceptable or not
  9. Yea that's what i did ,quality wasnt that good but was able to capture one decent copy after shrink.
  10. We only require to submit recent tax transcripts right , second and third most recent is only optional as per I-864EZ Form?
  11. How you did guys compressed your I-864 form or any other documents ,if i compressed it with Adobe it shrinks the file size (to 1.5 MB from 2.5 MB which is OK ) but quality is bad .
  12. How much time NVC take to process AOS and IV fees once paid? I did payment on 1/9 but still it says in process ,fees is already withdrawn from my account .
  13. They don't send letter or email for case receive ,you have to call them and ask them.