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  1. I'm going to go by there tomorrow to get it updated as they closed early today.
  2. Thanks everyone Looking forward to getting this ROC process started. Dreading the wait time..
  3. Hi, Please feel free to move this to the correct topic if wrong. I finalized my divorce yesterday in court, so will be starting my ROC process end of this month with an immigration attorney...my name has gone back to my maiden name. Should I update this with SSA or wait until I have done the ROC process? I originally obtained a SS card through AOS.
  4. I love going to the Mall of Georgia there. I'm in the Toccoa area. I got my divorce court date coming up two weeks today so I got to wait a little until I receive my divorce waiver. Thank you so much for attaching the link, will definitely read through!
  5. Thank you, what part of Georgia do you live? It is really beautiful here. I'm nervous about the interview, I have plenty to show that my marriage was legit though. USCIS did not look through my big folder during the AOS interview so I still have all of that organised.
  6. Hi everyone, Been a while since I last posted. Please feel free to move this in to the correct topic if it is wrong. I just wondered if anyone could share their experiences of the ROC process after divorcing. I am going to arrange an appointment with the immigration attorney after I receive my divorce waiver. I am of course nervous about the process as I understand the scrutiny I will face due to my marriage ending two months after receiving my conditional Green Card. I pretty much have a life going here now and am happy now that I'm not with someone that verbally and had on a separate occasion, physically abused me. I even have a steady job going so I couldn't imagine going back home, it scares me and stresses me out every day.
  7. Yeah, I understand prices differ depending on the attorney. I will need to go through ROC once my divorce is final and just would feel more at ease having an attorney for that.
  8. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone could give me an idea of an immigration attorney that is best to use for Georgia, or if anyone can share their own personal experiences as well as how much price wise that had to be paid.
  9. Thank you so much. I understand the window opens right away once this divorce is all final. I read through other people’s experiences on the sub forums, one also wrote up a multiple page statement detailing their entire relationship, along with evidence.
  10. I can download the forms from the USCIS website can't I? I understand it's quite a bit money wise to file. He will just be driving with me there and will wait in the car while I go in. Definitely! Really nervous about when it comes time for the interview stage.
  11. Ah ok. I have evidence of joint bank account, bank statements before marriage broke down that I took to my AOS interview. They didn't look through my folder so I still have all of that organised. Me under his car insurance, joint medical as well. I have tax returns covering past three years. I don't have the one he filed for this year where it still says we are married though and he isn't even communicating with me now so I doubt I can get hold of it. Do you send it all off in a folder with the form to file for ROC? I am most likely guessing I will have to come up to Atlanta USCIS again for interview which should be fun considering me and my coworker work at the same plant and need to get the time off.
  12. Hello, I know a few people would have seen my previous threads. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me any experiences in regards to filing for ROC after divorcing your US spouse. I had some really good advice on what to expect in my previous threads and I appreciate them all. Just wondered if anyone has personally been through it and can give me an example of filing and what you sent off to USCIS in regards to evidence that the marriage was in good faith, which mine definitely was.
  13. Thank you so much. Considering day after I talked to my husband about our marriage and us both settling on divorce he was signed up to an Adult FriendFinder site, I don't think he is that depressed and he seems already to be moving on too.
  14. So most of you would have seen my previous post. At the moment I am staying between places right now until I start renting a house from next month. Would I update USCIS with my address I will be moving in to or when I go through ROC?
  15. Yes. This happened with us liking each other the time me and my husband separated but we are not getting married any time soon as I want to do things the proper way and divorce my current husband. Obviously I was in love with my husband to leave my family behind to be with him and was happy around the time when I got my green card as we talked about plans for the future. However you are entitled to your own opinion and others are too on here. I can tell everyone until I am blue in the face that I didn’t marry just for a green card,which I didn’t, but I guess that makes no difference. Sorry I can’t be pure like everybody else who is perfect.
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