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  1. Glad this worked out for you - good luck with the interview! I thought you could only submit a case inquiry if the case is outside of ‘normal processing times’ and the receipt date is before a certain date? Currently showing as May 2019 for Sacramento.
  2. Thank you for this reply - gives me so much hope that someone with a similar timeline has a scheduled interview! Congratulations on the scheduling - I know how stressful this process can be, especially with the crazy EAD renewal timelines these days.
  3. Hi, any update on your case? I am also a January 2020 Sacramento filer. Been ‘ready to schedule interview’ since June 2020 - no update since then…
  4. Hi, sorry I can’t answer your question about the interpreter, but I’m just wondering, when is your interview and when did you file the I-485? I am also a Sacramento AOS filer (filed January 2020). Been stuck in ‘Ready to be scheduled for an interview’ since June 2020…
  5. I recently filed my second EAD renewal ~4 months before the card expires (K1 visa holder (c9 category) with pending AOS). Has anyone successfully renewed their EAD recently? If so, how long did it take from filing to receiving the new card? I filed my first renewal in February 2021 and received the new card within 2 months, but I’m reading that the timeline is longer these days and I’m slightly concerned because I work. I filed this second renewal at the end of December 2021 - my current EAD expires in April 2022, so that plus the 180 day extension would me until around October to receive the new card….
  6. Congratulations! Great to hear that interviews are actually happening in Sacramento. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you compile the documentation needed for the interview - did you use a list online? I’m trying to get prepared - it seems to be originals of everything ever submitted for the I-485 application, EAD cards, NOA notices, evidence of relationship, etc?
  7. I’m the creator of this thread and applied in January 2020 - still waiting in ‘ready to be scheduled for an interview’ and hoping for an interview in the new year!
  8. It took about 3.5 months from Bio appointment to notification that it was approved. After approval I believe it is supposed to arrive within a week or so, but there was a problem with card printing at the time I was approved, so it took nearly a month (this has more than likely been solved now).
  9. Congrats! Just had a look at your timeline - so sorry you had to wait that long just for the Bio appointment! I was very lucky to get one of the last appointments before everything shut down last year. I hope the EAD arrives soon!
  10. Looks like someone from Sacramento got approved back in June (K1 - AOS)! Anyone else made any progress?
  11. Yes, the new card is valid for 1 year (until April 2022). But my old card doesn’t expire until June 2021, so I assumed my new card would be valid June 2021 - June 2022. Old card: June 2020 - June 2021 Renewal card: April 2021 - April 2022.
  12. Hi, my first EAD (based on pending I-485) expires in June of this year. I applied to renew my EAD and received my second EAD card today. However, my new card is valid from today, not the date my first card expires (June of this year). Is this correct? I’m sure I read somewhere that the new EAD would be valid from when my current one expires. This essentially means my new EAD is only valid for 10 months....
  13. If it gets approved more than 2 years after the marriage, do you automatically get the 10y GC? I’d happily wait another ~9 months if it meant I didn’t have to file ROC!
  14. I started the thread - I’ve been in the ‘ready to be scheduled for an interview’ since June 2020 and that feels long, but your wait has been even longer! I wonder if there is any way of finding out what is going on at specific field offices - all of the processes are pretty transparent until you get to AOS, and it totally depends on where you live. Lots of other offices seem to be doing interviews, but judging by this thread, Sacramento is at a complete standstill...
  15. I filed for AoS (based on K1) in January 2020, in Sacramento. I got lucky and managed to have Biometrics just before everything closed in March, and now have my EAD. I see that other field offices seem to be doing Green Card interviews again, but the VisaJourney page for the Sacramento office hasn’t had an interview acceptance since April. Are there any other 2020/ 2019 Sacramento filers our there? I’ve been in ‘Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview’ since June. I know it’s normal to be in this status for much longer than this, but this field office was pretty fast pre-COVID.
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