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  1. Well those 2 letters were approvals for EAD and AP. And printed on a very nice paper with watermarks))
  2. Quick update! As soon as I posted this, I received notification on mail that we should expect mail from USCIS today! (I use USPS informed delivery, so it says what mail you have today before they put it in mailbox, pretty useful!). Can`t wait to see if it is invitation for bio or NOA about approved cases.
  3. Well, on July 30th we received status Case Approved for AP and EAD without fingerprint appointment. I`m still trying and calling for scheduling bio appointment for AOS but no luck. And Atlanta ASC supposed to be open since July 13th!
  4. Tried to do the same just now and asked when we could have our bio appointment scheduled again since Atlanta ASC opened on July 13th. Agent says no information available at this time and I will receive a letter when I receive a letter. Just general information about 3 phase opening without anything that really useful for our case. I`ll try my luck again next week.
  5. I heard another rumor from the immigration lawyer, I read her blog online about immigration. USCIS had a partner company that prints all the cards, EAD and GC, in June the contract expired and USCIS has not renewed it yet. So about 40 000 EAD and 75 000 GC are not sent to people even if they have approval notice in their hands. USCIS shrugged shoulders, no one knows when this gonna be fixed. My guess lack of financing caused that problem. Our ASC opened on July 13th, our bio appointment was supposed to happen on March 13th exactly when closings started. No rescheduling yet. Worried.
  6. Heard this info from immigration attorney, that rescheduling of fingerprint appointment starts from 29th of June to 3rd of July and offices will start taking biometrics on July 13th. She also mentioned that we have to be very attentive not to miss invitation or appointment because there is a possibility that USCIS have to let go more than 3 000 people in August due to lack of finance and those who miss their next step might not get any document done.
  7. Interesting. Do they have your fingerprints though, for any other reason they were taken in the past? I`m asking because we were not able to do fingerprints due to office closings in March, wondering if our case frozen till we can do biometrics.
  8. Seems like cases are moving. Too bad that out biometrics was scheduled and cancelled exactly on March 18th. Wish our case was moving too right now.
  9. Yesterday we received biomertics letter, for 3/18/2020. Case was received Feb 21, card charged Feb 27, case numbers received Feb 29.
  10. Well ,seems like they work on weekend, too - got all text notifications on Saturday morning)))))) Wait game begins.
  11. Well, I was smart enough to provide my name and comment that I am not a petitioner for I-485 and rep refused to give me information))))) I filed for my parent ))))
  12. Sent concurrently filed papers for AOS on Feb 20 overnight, delivered Feb 21. Charged credit card today but no receipts or case number yet. Waiting....
  13. At the interview they were asked by the officer. The letter we wrote just had our plans about travels with our guests and lodging possibilities, and we also promised to take care of them leaving country on time. With my mom`s last visit when with valid visa she was asked to show letter at the border it doesn`t make any sense at all. To make sure I know that my mom is coming to see me?I thought maybe officer at the border tried to stress her so she could show some nerves and emotions and maybe check if shes lying about purpose of visit and length on staying. But she was telling the truth all the time and just promised officer to have such an inviting letter with her next time and she was let in. I absolutely understand that this kind of invites will not make officer to make a decision but hey! it was needed to demonstrate each interaction with officers. And their purpose was to see me, not just traveling for fun so I guess letter was pretty useful.
  14. My mom and my uncle both were asked to show invitation letters at the visa interview. I would say more - my mom who has 3 year tourist visa was asked to show invitation letter at the US border in November though she wanted to visit me, her daughter (I would assume usually you don`t need a formal invitation explaining why you want to see your relatives). She was told that next time she won`t be let in the country without this paper from me.
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