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  1. Had interview yesterday at Atlanta office and everything went well. Already got a message that card is being produced. Good luck to all!
  2. We actually just received an invitation to an interview for June! Wait is almost over!
  3. It`s so nice to see that some of February filers have interviews, it gives hope. We are still waiting for an interview to be scheduled since September 2020... Atlanta is busy.
  4. So I tried to call USCIS and solve this issue with second bio appointment with Tier 2 officer so we don`t have to go for bio again. Officer said they didn`t know why we were called for bio again and we can go or we can ditch it for some consequences and possible rescheduling/delay. Not able to cancel or apply previous fingerprints to a case. I guess we will go because it was said that USCIS might invite us for second bio because they are missing something. Thought we have all plastic cards issued and in hand after first bio.
  5. So what is the best thing to do? We got the same invitation for biometrics for November, though all applications are already approved and we are just waiting for a interview date. Really dont feel like going there again just to be told that you shouldn`t come.
  6. We are in Georgia but maybe SD is a bit the same. My mom doesnt drive so we applied for state ID at DMV, we were asked for 2 documents proving her residence and since she doesnt have any bills we showed mail from SSA and envelope with EAD. They never asked for SSN to issue the ID but needed something to establish a period for ID to be valid so they asked for EAD. Made a copy of that and no problem issued state ID with expiration date as EAD. And another thing - some states allow using your foreign DL for some time, like with tourist visa for the period of stay and so on. May be something like that is possible for SD? and don`t forget to google how to include yourself into car insurance.
  7. What a day! Just received a Notice that my I-130 for mom was approved!!!
  8. Got notification that interview is ready to be scheduled. Good progress though Atlanta office is pretty busy one and we will have to wait some time for sure. I have my timeline in profile so I will have to post moms timeline right here: Feb 12th 2020 - filed I-130 for mom online, Potomac Service Center Feb 20th 2020 - sent AOS package to USCIS, NBC, Atlanta field office March 18th 2020 - bio was scheduled and cancelled due to COVID April 20th 2020 - petition I-130 "touched" July 30th 2020 - EAD and AP approved Sept 2nd 2020 - rescheduled bio, successful Sept 4th 2020 - petition I-130 "touched" Sept 8th 2020 - EAD/AP card received in mail Sept 11th 2020 - AOS interview is ready to be scheduled
  9. The same here, card received yesterday. And noticed they started "touching" my I-130 petition that was still since April. Hope its a good sign.
  10. Did biometrics for mom on September 2nd, nice and quick, literally 7 minutes in and out the door. Almost immediately her EAD case changed to We sent you a new card (make sure you got it before September 18th). Good progress, hope her I-130 and AOS will be complete soon! Question: does anyone needed an interpreter for Greencard interview? My mom doesn`t speak English well enough to have it on her own, she definitely needs someone to translate. Something tells me I cannot translate for her because I`m a family member? What to do? Hire someone, a professional or just someone who speaks enough? What are the requirements and rules?
  11. I heard Congress gave USCIS emergency money on Saturday session. Need to check news. Democrats don`t want to hurt immigrants, they are big voting mass.
  12. Received new bio appointment yesterday for Sep 2nd, originally cancelled was March 18th. Atlanta office.
  13. Had EAD and AP approved on July 30th, status hasn`t changed to Issued or something like that yet, but today in mail we have a letter from SSA. Hope its a SSN there. But no EAD card yet...
  14. Well those 2 letters were approvals for EAD and AP. And printed on a very nice paper with watermarks))
  15. Quick update! As soon as I posted this, I received notification on mail that we should expect mail from USCIS today! (I use USPS informed delivery, so it says what mail you have today before they put it in mailbox, pretty useful!). Can`t wait to see if it is invitation for bio or NOA about approved cases.
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