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  1. you had the same thing i had the 2018 tax i sent my pp and scanned the 2018 tax they sent it all back and they called me asking why i sent the documents without scanning required tax paper i clarified to the lady i already scanned it and on which date and where she found it while she was on phone with me so i sent back again the yellow paper and passport same day for second time and after that changed to AP and then issued withing 5 days if you send the tax and the amount is above needed they will issue it keep an eye on tracker of CEAC what it changes to.
  2. if in time of interview the officer said Congrats that it mean approved even if he ask for any additional paper or forums theoretically its done but they cant process the visa without completion of all required paper i d keep eye on CEAC tracker for week if didnt change to issued then it might go for while ,mine after i submit paper twice and passport took like week and was issued but after submission it changed AP and that is normal.and then issued.
  3. The birth certificate from CSO the one in Arabic and English with the foreign affair stamps is the correct one to upload i upload that on my case had no problem with it i upload the Arabic one and the half arabic half english one all in one pdf and it was accepted.
  4. in My interview they ask for it if you stay there better make one just in case i made one as backup and when i reach NVC stage they ask for and at interview they ask me about it and how i made it . 

    1. JacqueR


      Thank you for the reply. Appreciated.:)

  5. Sorry to post on your profile here, I saw that you were the person who last updated the US Embassy Information on the site, so I figured you'd know this better than I would.

    Firstly we did the F2A Visa Interview on 18th of December, and we got accepted. We still haven't received our passports back, I've emailed the Cairo embassy using the email that you wrote. 
    Is there anything else that I could do better? Could this also be affected by the US Government Shutdown? - Thanks!

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    2. tawakol


      They are working on it that means only issue the Administrative processing have no time frame on website of travel state they say it can take up to 120  days when Consulate need more time in finalizing case or making more check about some info provided, as you were not informed during interview that they need any additional documents and they kept your passports it only lead to one thing  that they need more time for  the case to make their decision.


      Some cases here on VJ been switching btw AP and ready couple of times just keep eye on CEAC tracker .







      Wait is terrible but patience is the only way. 







    3. Cicada


      Hey, great news man, I just checked yesterday night (27th of Jan) and it just said "Issued" on CEAC, Also just in case any one is reading this that might be confused/for you to let others know in the future, if you're accepted in the Interview process  and you didn't get any 221g or anything or any refusal, then if your visa status is on Administrative Processing and they haven't contacted you before them changing the case status to that, then that generally means that they're working on the Visa itself. 

      I'm pretty sure this is also said in their notice under the "Administrative Processing" (on CEAC):

      Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days
      "If your visa is approved, it  will be processed" <-- 

      So now we just wait for Aramex and hopefully we'll be on our way, thank you for your time buddy! ❤️

    4. tawakol


      Congratulations that is good news it should be on way , i m happy for you and yw i didnt make anything we all trying help each other anyway possible .


      Wish you all the luck. :)

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