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  1. Good Morning everyone...My fiance only has one page for w2 and one page for the form 1040 for every year...It's that ok? That is that the company where he works gave to him every year and I'm reading most people have many pages...Sooo, I'm a little concerned about it. Thanks for your help. @Greenbaum please send me some light hehe.
  2. Congratulations Ana...I'm glad to hear that....
  3. Ohhhh very Nice Ana..Very soon the interview btw....Success for you that day and Happy New Year...
  4. Hi everyone... I just made my appoinment in the embassy February, 27. That day one year ago my fiance made me a beautiful marriage proposal soooo double happy that day hehehehe.. NOA2: Nov, 8 NVC recieved: Nov,26 NVC#: Dec, 10 NVC left: Dec, 26 Interview: Feb, 27 2019 Success everybody. God bless to you all...
  5. Congrats lady...You finally got it! Move to the next thread....
  6. Hello everyone...Our case is finally "In transit" also to Caracas, Venezuela... Very Happy NOA2: Nov, 8 NVC recieved: Nov, 26 NVC #: Dec, 10 NVC left: Dec,26 Success to everybody......
  7. Great! Congrats! You are sooooo lucky . I'm still waiting since I got # case on Dec,10...
  8. Awesome!...And Amen to your words...God bless you!
  9. You can fill form ds-160 already. In my case, I must wait my case is at least in transit for to pay the fee and make the appoinment I guess same for you.
  10. Lol I'm getting older I know hahaha
  11. Absolutely agree. I read wrong at the beginning I thought she had visa on hand. I edit my comment but you right. Thank you
  12. Yupiii Congratulations!
  13. Yes sweety!I hope to be in the next batch end this month...You are close as well!
  14. Hey guys I'm soooooo happy. I just called to NVC and got our case number......Our Status is At NVC NOA2: Nov,8 NVC recieved: Nov,26 NVC case number: Dec,11 Success to everyone....