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  1. Hello Amanda. I am doing well. My NOA is from July, 1 and still waiting. I have not received anything from USCIS for my EAD or AOS. Congrats you will have your interview soon 👏👏.
  2. Yes. My case it was transferred to Bogota,Colombia but I don't know what is worse. If to keep my case trapped here in Caracas or in Bogota Lol. My case number has a error in the system for to make my appointment and same for others. I'm waiting what solution they will give me.
  3. Yes. I'm administer that whatsapp group btw Lol. NVC doesn't know what they will do. My case is already in Bogota waiting further instructions
  4. Great. You must wait your physical letter by snail mail for to know what they want, after that you can ask for help in here....
  5. Hi. My case will be transferred to Bogota, Colombia because Venezuela Embassy is closed due inestable situation. Can someone please send me the Packet 3 from Bogota , Colombia? @Greenbaum if you have it, please help me. Thanks very much who can help me in this regard...
  6. Well, at.least you had your interview. My embassy is closed now. We paid for 3 visas already and now my case will be transferred to other embassy and probably we need to pay again. You are definitely a step closer LOL. Can you call to your embassy or send an email? A friend had same problem she called and next day her visa changed to "issued"... Try to call them or send an email showing how worried you are... I hope you can get your visa this week....
  7. You can always talk with your congressman. If you submitted on April,2018 you are definitely over time. Talk with the senator your state they must help you. Success!
  8. I don't know if that is possible. I called to NVC and asked her for that possibility and she told me that is not possible because my case is already in the embassy. Other girl sent an email and she received and email saying you must show proof about your legal residence or citizenship and that new country. If you meet that requirement, great! Wait until your case get to NVC and ask them. On other hand, NVC says if you don't meet that requirement you can still communicate with the other embassy and if the accept I suppose they make the transfers. Keep in touch. Best wishes also!
  9. Yes, I received that answer as well two days ago regarding to my inquiry on Friday. I hope they work on that soon. Two weeks already the embassy is closed and we don't know anything about what will happen with our cases.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm worried about my K1 visa appoinment cancellation by U.S: Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela. I had my interview in Feb, 27. Today is one week since they cancelled all appoinments in the Embassy. I sent email, called to the Embassy, called to NVC and any one knows ANYTHING. My fiancé called as well and even sent an email to his senator and still waiting some answer..I asked to the NVC officer if is possible to transfer my case to other Embassy and they say no possible because I don't have residence in other country and because my case is already in the embassy. Only they say: Wait for further notice. This is pretty frustranting!! Keep checking social medias that is the only I can do and everyone who has their appoinment cancelled in Caracas, Venezuela. Any experiences about how they hand this situations when the Embassy is closed?Thanks very much for read my post.
  11. Good Morning everyone...My fiance only has one page for w2 and one page for the form 1040 for every year...It's that ok? That is that the company where he works gave to him every year and I'm reading most people have many pages...Sooo, I'm a little concerned about it. Thanks for your help. @Greenbaum please send me some light hehe.
  12. Ohhhh very Nice Ana..Very soon the interview btw....Success for you that day and Happy New Year...
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