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  1. We received the letter yesterday! Our interview is scheduled for 10/24/2019 @ 12 noon!
  2. I was away for a few days, but we did receive an email on 09/18/19, that our interview has been scheduled. We are awaiting the letter in the mail that will inform us of the date and time for our interview
  3. It's actually a pretty clever question..... "Did you use a condom?"……. I don't think anyone would have rehearsed this question.....
  4. I read online that she already knew he was in this marriage, before she went to India. I think 90% of this show is completely scripted.... Darcy, too..... No one can be that pathetic..... I don't know why I still watch it. I started watching it, because we were going through the process and I was hoping to gain knowledge. The first couple seasons they seemed like legitimate couples, now they have gone with complete train wrecks, lies and fake story lines
  5. Unfortunately, they do need to crack down on this. They need to do a thorough investigation and get BOTH sides of the story. No one should suffer abuse, but no one should get away with false claims and use this as a loophole to proceed with the immigration process.
  6. I have heard stories that people are telling the beneficiaries to claim abuse and file VAWA when the breakup happens, before the AOS is approved. Watch out for this! I am not sure how this work out for them 🤷‍♂️
  7. My wife and her daughter arrived in March on the K1 & K2 visa. We have filed the AOS, timely. Now, her son has decided he would also like to come to the USA. He was mentioned on the initial I-129F application, but we have not done anything else for him, because initially he did not want to live in the US. What are the exact steps we will need to do to get him here? I imagine we will file a DS-160, have his medical exams done, etc. Can anyone assist us or send me a link? I looked, but could not find what I was looking for..... Sorry, I imagine this has been asked many times before 😊
  8. The problem is, people and some less than credible companies are buying the empty cartridges and concocting their own potions.... Sometimes using very harmful chemicals. The younger consumers were buying these, because they are much cheaper. I don't think we are getting the full story here. On all of the TV coverage, they show the most famous apparatus, The Juul…… I'd like to see one person that only used the Juul having these problems. I was a smoker and did use a Juul, from time to time, to stop smoking cigarettes..... I have recently stopped using it.
  9. OK, so say the OP files for a divorce, pulls his I-864 and she goes through with a VAWA claim. Is he still responsible for her, as far as immigration issues are concerned (Government financial aid)? I realize spousal support & child support are subject to any marriage and he could definitely have to pay for these items. Especially child support... this is certain.
  10. I am curious to know how thoroughly they investigate these VAWA claims. I have heard these stories before. Can anyone claim VAWA and be unable to provide real evidence that anything abusive truly occurred? There seems to be a lot of people talking about this on the internet and it is coached/used as a tactic to stay in the USA after a marriage fails. Don't get me wrong, no one should suffer abuse, but no one should make false claims either...….
  11. I think the Pats may win, again. I am a little disappointed that they picked up AB.... I don't like rewarding bad behavior... I am still upset at my teams performance on Thursday night. Trubisky looked terrible!!!
  12. My favorite is Heineken……. I never liked it when I was younger... I thought it was a little "skunky", but now, it is my beer of choice.
  13. I hope for her, this all an acting job. She looks pathetic on this show 🤦‍♂️
  14. As someone else previously posted, The story is that Caesar and Maria were in a LDR, but broke up before filming started. Supposedly, because she didn't want to live in the US and he didn't want to live in the Ukraine 😏 TLC and Caesar wanted to go with this relationship anyway, but had to convince Maria to participate. She agreed to send texts or videos, but will not appear on the show. Caesar has a profile on Exploretalent.com and is an aspiring actor and model.... I looked at the site and he is much thinner in his profile photo..... He always seemed a little..... slow, to me, but now, I am unsure if this is not entirely an act. The whole story they are showing is a complete a sham..... It seems it is entirely scripted 🤷‍♂️
  15. I received an email this morning at 6:18am that said they have taken action on my case, so I looked at my phone app and it showed that our case is ready to be scheduled for the interview, as of 6:18 this morning .
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