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  1. Our interview was 02/12/19 and yesterday the status changed to "issued". When do you think I will receive the email to know when it will be ready to pickup? My fiancée opted to pick it up at the office in Recife, Brazil. I have learned that this is the slowest way to finally get your hands on the visa package. Waiting and looking forward to her arrival on 03/20!!! 🙏
  2. I am getting ready for our K-1 Interview and putting all of the documents together, including the I-134. I have a 401K..... Would the amount of my 401K be shown as Market Value of My Stocks and Bonds or doesn't it count for this question? Also, she has two children, but only one of them wants to come to the USA at this point. He was mentioned on the initial I-129F, but I did not prepare a DS-160 for him, only for her daughter and my fiancée. Should I still show her son on the I-134? He may want to come at a later date (6 months, year, years) and I realize we will have to apply for him to come. Thank you!
  3. The Chicago Bears 😁
  4. Maybe Hillary or Barrack could have a stern talk with him and get him to reason. I'm sure they could convince him to be more truthful 😁
  5. E & J 2018


    My fiancé was on a group chat site and it seems that I omitted some information on the DS 160 form. I did not realize I was to fill in the national identification number for her and her daughter. Also, I did not see any field to enter for her daughters school information. She was told that I must submit a new DS 160 form and bring in the barcode page with the original one I prepared and they will put them together and understand the corrections that I have made. Have you ever heard of something like this? Her interview is scheduled for February 12 in Rio.
  6. I called on Thursday to see if I could get my case number and it was available. She gave me my case number over the phone and the invoice number.
  7. All she has to do is open her mouth. She doesn't need any help..... 🤦‍♂️
  8. E & J 2018

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Next weeks episode looks very interesting 😁
  9. Did you let her know that there is no more time for discussion , that you want her to leave, ASAP? Is there anyway she can call her employer and try to get her job back? This is really the worst part of this situation. She should contact them immediately and atleast try to get this job back.
  10. I thought you had to wait until it says “In Transit” to schedule your interview.
  11. E & J 2018

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    She got married, but is living with a friend? Why isn't she living with her husband? Is her husband Colt? 🤦‍♂️
  12. E & J 2018

    Impossible RFE

    I didn't even think a speeding ticket needed to be mentioned, unless drugs or alcohol were involved or the fine was $500 or more...… If the fine was under $500, you are now dealing with a problem that you really didn't need to deal with..... I may be wrong.....
  13. They received my reply to the RFE on Thursday, 11/08, but the notification that it was received was dated 11/9. It only took one week for our approval after receiving our response to the RFE.