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  1. This show has to be completely fake, now...… No one could be as stupid as this seasons cast. They get worse and worse... That dude driving around the Ukraine looking for his love..... Usman's woman .... Big Ed...…. 🤦‍♂️
  2. I filed the AOS for our later arriving K2 applicant on February 21st. Today, I received a text message with the following information - Fingerprint Fee Was Received on 03/18/2020 I-765 Was Received On 02/21/2020 I-131 Was Received On 02/21/2020
  3. My wife's son had his interview on 01/28 and they said it was approved and we would get the visa in a couple days. I sent an update request yesterday (5 days later) and now it is on AP...… This should be a quick, "No Brainer" case. He is young, no criminal record, his mother and sister are here and received their green cards in December. I can't imagine what is taking so long to issue his visa 🤦‍♂️
  4. Well, after a telephone call and an email, his case was just updated to AP. I hope it will change to "issued" in the next few days 🙏
  5. No, it hasn't changed. We are going to run into problems. We saw everyone else get their visas in 1-2 days when we went through our interview. We never expected this delay, as he is just an "add on" K2. My wife and her daughter already received their Green Cards. We have return tickets and his time to enter the USA is running out. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  6. My wife's son had his interview on 01/28 and IO said everything was in order and his visa was approved. They said the visa should be ready in a couple days. His status used to be "Ready" and now is it reads "Application Received". It's been a week and nothing has changed. What could be the hold up? I know it's only a week, but the status should have changed by now 🤷‍♂️
  7. My wife's son interview is on January 28th..... When her ex husband took him to the Biometrics appointment this week, they were giving her son a problem and said something we did was not correct. They weren't going to do his Biometrics review, but then decided to. He is under the age of 18 and he will be traveling within one year of the approved K1 visa. FYI - After we submitted her sons DS-160 and setup the interview, my wife's AOS was approved on 12/23/2019. We submitted the DS-160 for her son before this date. My wife is traveling to Rio tomorrow and now we are nervous if everything is in order. We have submitted the following - DS-160 with payment We have the following for her son for the interview - Biometrics Completed Medical Report Criminal Background check Passports New passport Photos Birth Certificates Completed I-134 My employment letter My taxes Copy of Approved I-797 Her Green Card Is there anything else that we need?
  8. My wife is traveling to Brazil for her late arriving son (K2)……. She received her GC on 12/23/2019. Her son's interview in Rio is on 01/28/2020. I'm completing the I-134 for her sons interview and I have a question - I assume I put my wife and her daughter as dependents (They arrived in March 2019 on a K1 & K2) Their AOS was completed and their GC's were received on 12/23/2109. On the I-134, when they ask if I have ever filed an Affidavit of Support for someone and if I have ever filed an immigration application for someone, I will say, "Yes". Do I show the date the K1 (1-134) was submitted or the date the AOS (I-864) was submitted? I will show the same dates for my wife and her daughter as the both immigration applications, K-1 & AOS, I-134 & I-864 were filed together at the appropriate times.
  9. I did have my original B/C, but I think a copy is fine with your passport. They asked for our passports right away, that was the very first thing they asked for. They also looked at our B/C's.... Our interview was very smooth and easy. I think we appeared to be a very legitimate couple and I think that is what they are really looking at..... as long as the beneficiary has a clean criminal record and health report. Just my opinion....
  10. FYI - We just had our AOS interview on 12/17 and we brought a copy of the certified translation and a copy of her birth certificate and we didn't have any problems.
  11. We had ours today and it ended at 1pm. it changed at 3.25pm 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  12. It now shows “New card being produced” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  13. We had our AOS interview today for a K1 & K2.... She really didn't ask a lot of questions, but did look at our proof of relationship. We believe everything went well and they both will be approved. The IO said that she will review the file to make sure everything is complete & correct and we should hear within 6-8 weeks. I think this is the standard message she delivers to everyone. They were missing her daughters medical reports from Rio, but we had done a new medical here and had I693's for both of them, so we should be fine. Now, we will watch the app & website for an update.
  14. We had and submitted a “complete” DS3025 with our AOS package, but received a letter in the mail that we need to bring in a I693 to the interview. We had it completed by an approved civil surgeon, just to avoid any problems (K1 & K2)
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