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  1. That's wonderful! Congratulations!
  2. I was just about to ask yo if you had gotten your Visa yet! Congratulations! My fiance arrives on the 25th!
  3. Just wanted to take a moment to write about my fiance's experience in Rio de Janeiro. Quick little background: my fiance has never been able to visit me in the USA. His ex-wife and two sons came to the US about 5 years ago on k1, etc. Due to this, he was never given a tourist visa as he was deemed high risk to stay illegally. When we first met, knowing his sons were already here made me very wary of our relationship. Needless to say, he proved his intentions. When he got there, everything went as what previous couple's shared. However, once he got to the actual interview part, he was asked many questions. His interview took about half an hour. He was getting discouraged because he saw many other couples done within about 5 minutes. We have been nervous because we knew the interview would be more difficult due to his sons being in the US already. However, all went well. Don't get discouraged yet, my friends! You've made it this far! The best is yet to come!
  4. Visa shows issued! His interview was on Tuesday. I wasn't expecting it to be that quick!
  5. I sent the original. I didn't want to risk a scanned copy.
  6. VISA APPROVED!!! I feel bad now for complaining about my wait. Haha
  7. Guys... My fiance arrived at the embassy about 2 hours ago. I'm dying waiting to hear from him..
  8. That's wonderful! Be sure to update us when you know!
  9. Just hopping on to check on how everyone is doing! My fiance's interview is on Tuesday and my emotions are all over the place. Haha Continued good luck to everyone here!
  10. 9 days until my fiance's interview. I'm not sure I can handle the anticipation. Haha
  11. I know the feeling! It's been almost a year since I've seen my fiance in person. My fiance was unable to get a tourist visa and I was unable to get time off from work. 😔 Good luck to you both!
  12. My fiance is at his physical right now, and only 22 more days until his interview!
  13. trames87

    Scared about denial

    When we filed, we had only met in person once. We had been messaging and talking for about 10 months at that time. Our petition was received July 17, 2017, and we received our NOA2 on February 2, 2018. As long as your relationship is legitimate, there should be no worries about how long you have been together. The evidence you send will support your claims.
  14. Oh, we want more kids too, but it's important for his sons to be able to be at our wedding. Anyway... Our case is ready to schedule now. Our case was assigned the rdj number 11 days after NOA2 and was sent to the embassy 24 days after NOA2 (13 days from case number being assigned) and one week after email confirmation of being sent to ready status.