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  1. I had my interview on April 20th. Unfortunately, I am not approved yet as I need a new I-693. I knew that my medical form was more than two years old and hence expired, but I really didn't want to spend another $300-$500 for a form that wouldn't change anything. My hope was that the ISO would not ask about it, but my ISO followed the rules very closely. So I got a RFE, but I should get approved shortly after I submit an new I-693. Otherwise, the interview was more or less expected. The ISO was very careful in reviewing the documents. Make sure that you at least go over the info you submitted in your I-485. My wife couldn't answer where I was born (as I moved away from there when I was 1 year old, and I hadn't talked about it much), but otherwise the questions were very basic. We have a son so maybe that's why she didn't ask more questions about our relationship. Make sure that you bring everything that was requested in the interview letter, and then you should be OK. Very glad that this process is almost over!
  2. Oh, weird! Hope we don't have to drive to Fresno, but most important is to just get it done!
  3. Finally, my case status changed to "Interview was scheduled". This is for Sacramento, CA, but I don't know the interview date yet. Glad this is finally moving towards completion, and glad that this will be a 10-year card!
  4. My status just got updated to "Interview was scheduled". This is for Sacramento, and my filing date was March 25, 2020. Glad this process might soon be over!
  5. Hi. I am still waiting for my interview in Sacramento, CA. Filed in March 2020 and "ready to schedule an interview" since August 2020. I was able to renew my EAD and AP and they are valid until December 2023 so if I have to wait another 6-12 months that's just how it is.
  6. I think you should file an expedite request for I-131 based on the humanitarian criteria based on your grandmother's health condition. Stress why your grandmother is important to you, and why you would like to visit her as soon as possible (why is it urgent). I believe that all other ways of escalating the case should be addition to the standard USCIS way. It seems like you have a legitimate reason to travel so use that justification. Call USCIS today, and start the expedite process today (you only need to speak to a Level 1 person). It took me 1.5 month to get my expedite request approved, but sometimes moves significantly faster. Just try. If you get your I-131 approved, you will most like receive a combo card.
  7. Hi, I just got my Combo card renewal card approved today based on an I-131 expedite request. I filed the expedite request November 9 based on humanitarian reasons (my father is in bad health and recently had a heart attack which he fortunately survived). I did not hear back from USCIS for the longest time, even though I called them multiple times. After 30-days of waiting, I requested to talk to a Level 2 officer. I had to wait a week for the Level 2 officer to call me, but when he did, I also received an email from USCIS asking for supporting documents justifying my expedite request. That was on December 15. On December 17, I sent in 12 pages including a letter explaining the situation and timeline, a letter from his doctor, and multiple hospital appointment notices with English translation (I translated the letters myself). Today, my status got updated to "card being produced". A copy of the approval letter that they will send me (which I accessed through MyUSCIS.gov) confirms that they will send me a combo card. Very happy as I now soon can go to Norway and visit my dad and family. Also happy they will provide a combo card as my 180-day EAD extension expires March 2. Putting pressure on them seems to have had an effect. I did not contact congressmen, senators, etc., but mayye if I did, I would have received the approval faster. Now, I just hope that I will receive the physical card within a week or two! Interestingly, my I-485 case got "updated" to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview". That has been the status of my I-485 application since August 2020, so I am unsure what this refreshed status update means. Are they likely to schedule my interview soon? I am in Sacramento, California. Happy Holidays everyone and hope you all see some progress on your cases (and especially EAD renewal requests) soon!
  8. Was it a combo card or just an EAD card? That's a GREAT tip about including the tear-off portion! I wish I had done that. I have it (as I keep all USCIS documents), but I didn't realize that I could/should include it in my renewal application. This should definitely be encouraged both on this forum and on the USCIS website! Does anyone know if it is possible to submit the tear-off portion now, four months after I sent in the original application? (The fact that USCIS needs to tear-off portion to process the extension within a reasonable time frame is kind of ridiculous, but that's a different discussion.)
  9. Fantastic - great to see some activity in this group! I'm still waiting for Sacramento, California to schedule my interview (since August 2020). Transferring away from San Francisco was probably a great idea! Anyone in this group who have gotten their EAD successfully renewed? My 180-day extension ends March 2, and I am now thinking that USCIS might not get to my application by then.
  10. Yeah, I also go the re-used biometrics letter. I would hope that a renewal is quicker than a new application, but that might be too much to hope for when talking about USCIS. I also got an "IOE" number. Have you heard of people in our group (March 2020 - June 2020 AOS filers) who have gotten their renewed EAD in 2-3 months? Would love to hear about some good stories too! This is a great site for seeing how EADs are getting approved: https://opttimeline.com/IOE
  11. Yeah, really worrisome! The easiest for USCIS to do would be to just make an announcement changing the 180-day extension to a 360-day extension. What they should do if they can't process the renewals in a timely fashion. Did you try to submit an expedite request as well? (In addition to congressmen, ombudsman, etc.)
  12. Anyone on here who have gotten their EAD/AP renewal approved? How long did it take? Wondering if the people waiting are the exception or the norm? I submitted my renewal August 13th thinking a renewal EAD renewal shouldn't be too complicated. Now I am wondering if I have to worry about USCIS not approving it before my 180-day extension ends March 2, 2022!
  13. Congrats!! That sounds like it was a nerve-wrecking experience!! Hopefully no more delays for you! We're still waiting for the interview...
  14. I'm still waiting for my interview in Sacramento too. My PD is March 2020! My case was "ready to be scheduled for an interview" August 18, 2020 and I haven't gotten an update since. Sent in my EAD/AP renewal in August, but haven't heard back on that either. How long is it taking USCIS to process the EAD/AP renewal? I am planning to go to Norway in December, but can't without an renewed advance parole.
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