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  1. Also, biometrics are done at ASCs and interviews at field offices so that would be a very unusual situation where the two offices are co-located. But even then, I don't see how that can be common.
  2. The link is for OPT cases only, but the shipping dates seem to correspond pretty well with AOS EADs as well. The EAD cards are basically the same (just no fingerprint for OPT) so I assume they are all printed on the same printers. Also I have compared the dates in this link with reported EAD approved/received dates reported here on the forum and they seem to agree pretty well. More good news: The backlog seems to be getting shorter! It used to be ~3 weeks, and it's not down to ~2 weeks.
  3. You should get a letter in the mail. If you don't receive the letter in a few days, I would call them again.
  4. Yeah, it would just be silly to do biometrics twice. Not that I am going to travel internationally anytime soon, so I don't really care. The EAD is what is important for now.
  5. It feels amazing! Now I can see my EAD card on the horizon, and then I can feel like a productive human being again!
  6. Just received my biometrics appointment letter!! Timeline: 3/25/2020: USCIS received application 4/10/2020: USCIS accepted the biometrics fee 8/1/2020: Received biometrics appointment letter 8/11/2020: Biometrics appointment Additional info: My ASC is in Sacramento, CA. The notice was for I-485 and I-765, not I-131 which I also filed. My case status online has not updated. Hope more of you will get good news next week!!
  7. Just received my biometrics appointment letter!! August 11th in Sacramento, CA. Very excited!! Additional info: The notice was for I-485 and I-765, not I-131 which I also filed. My case status online has not updated. Hope more of you will get good news next week!!
  8. My application is marriage based so that's a new data point. Maybe the Sacramento ASC is less busy than the ones in the Bay Area so maybe that plays a role. Regardless, everyone should have gotten their appointments rescheduled before anyone got their new appointments scheduled. That's just common sense!
  9. I guess any date is better than no date. Feel for all of you who are still fighting to get an appointment!! I refiled in March so I should have been a month after most of you. Not a fair process! I am just one of the lucky ones (hopefully). Hope all of you get some good news soon!
  10. That's what I am hoping! Unfortunately, I forgot to ask when it was rescheduled, but hopefully she didn't lie to make me go away. Telling me that I am rescheduled is a pretty effective way to get me to stop asking questions! If I don't receive the letter in a week, I'll contact them again. Cautiously excited, but don't trust them. Also maybe I got rescheduled for September!?
  11. I was just chatting with a live representative through the Emma help function, and they told me that my biometrics has been scheduled. Before I get too excited, is this a generic response so I don't bug them anymore or did I actually get scheduled?? First very generic: "You should receive the appointment notice within 30 days from the date the office reopened. If you haven't received the notice by 08/20/20 you can contact us again." Me: "I understand, but are you able to see in your system whether it has been scheduled or not? I know that sometimes it can take up to a week from when the biometrics is actually scheduled until an appointment letter is received." Officer: "It appears the appointment has been scheduled. The notice hasn't been mailed yet." Me: "That's fantastic news! So I could expect a letter in the mail sometime soon then?" Officer: "If you haven't received the notice by 08/20 you can contact us again." Me: "Are you able to see the date for which it has been scheduled?" Officer: "Unfortunately not." Me: "Ok, but you are able to confirm that it indeed has been scheduled?" Officer: "Yes, the appointment has been scheduled , it just hasn't been mailed out yet." Thoughts?? PS: My ASC is Sacramento, CA. My EAD has not been approved yet.
  12. Yes, this would of course be the simple, practical thing to do! I was just coming with suggestions which would allow them to follow their own (often unnecessary) rules AND keeping everyone safe. Many ways to fix this, and a few ways they can make it even worse. Let's see how they proceed! 😕
  13. USCIS is clearly in a difficult situation, and they can't please everyone, but if there was a good hearted, well-meaning person in charge, they would: 1) Have extended hours for the ASCs to remove backlog while keeping the offices safe. 2) Figure out a short term fix to the printing issue, including potentially hiring a short-term contractor. Obviously not the case, but frustrating to know that with the right leader in place, they could drastically improve the lives of tens of thousands of people relatively easy.
  14. Looked at some of the documents that you can access for free, and it seems like main plaintiff got her EAD shipped to her on July 24th. (So maybe litigation works?) But more informative for a lot of people here is this other plaintiff who filed Feb 28, but who had not done his biometrics yet: "Mr. La Manna filed an I-765 with USCIS on February 28, 2020, MSC2090973341. The USCIS NBC approved this application on May 19, 2020" "Before Mr. La Manna’s employment authorization (EAD) can be produced, his approved I-765 application requires a biometrics appointment for collection of fingerprints and a photograph. Had this been Mr. La Manna’s second I-765 application approval, USCIS would have been able to clone the previous biometrics and photograph and use them to produce a new EAD. However, because Mr. La Manna is a first-time applicant, no previous photograph and biometrics exists." "The backlog at the New York ASC is three weeks. In addition, current card production is at approximately 50 per cent." "Notwithstanding the circumstances and conditions described in Paragraphs 5 and 6 above, on July 24, 2020, USCIS NBC contacted the New York City ASC and Field Office to make a special dispensation for collection of Mr. La Manna’s photograph and biometrics. The New York Field Office contacted Mr. La Manna and arranged a special appointment today. This morning, Mr. La Manna’s photograph and biometrics were captured, and USCIS requested production of an EAD card." https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.ohsd.243394/gov.uscourts.ohsd.243394.35.2.pdf Conclusion: Litigation works! Also, if they feel compelled/pressured, they are capable to making things happen really quickly! Question: Can they do this for the thousands of people who are in similar situations? There is an urgent motion for class certification where they define the class as: "This lawsuit seeks immediate mandatory injunctive relief on behalf of Plaintiffs and a proposed class of approximately 75,000 aliens who reside in the United States and submitted an Application for Employment Authorization that was approved by USCIS, but who have not received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)." https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.ohsd.243394/gov.uscourts.ohsd.243394.38.0.pdf Given Mr. La Manna's experience above, I think this class would include people without biometrics as well. Reading more in the document about class certification, I see there are many plaintiffs who have not received their EADs yet. Also, too familiar to many of you: "Plaintiff Ngenkeng has called the USCIS customer service number many times, and each time is told something different. (Id., ¶ 5.) He most recently called USCIS last week and was told to call back if he did not have his card by September 14, 2020."
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