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  1. Hello, In November 2018 my wife and I got an E-2 visa, the business actually opened in November 2019 because we had to renovate the place, getting several permits, etc, so basically we began working just a few months before COVID hit the US. We've been lucky enough to made it through until now, it's a small food business, even though of course we didn't make any real money because we're in Los Angeles and simply maintaining alive a business requires a lot of money. Just to give you an idea, 53% of LA restaurants will not reopen, so we made a little miracle. Next year we'll have to renew our E-2 visa and my immigration lawyer strongly suggested to hire 1 or 2 part-time employees because this would help a lot during the process and it would "compensate" the fact that the company didn't make any profit. Now I perfectly know that one of the E-2 requirements is to create jobs for residents and it should be a profitable company, it totally makes sense, but does it apply even during this endless pandemic? My wife and I never got a single salary since we opened, all the money we made went directly into the business itself and we don't always break even, luckily we had some personal funds, but assuming a part-time employee would mean adding $1,500/2,000 expense per month, and we're absolutely not in the economical situation to do that, as I said we don't have a salary at the moment. And regarding being profitable, I mean, how is a small business like ours supposed to go against all the odds making a good profits when there is a global recession and tens of thousands of business, even historical ones, went out of business? And the only help we received was a $1,000 grant, we couldn't even apply for the PPP being self-employed. I'm trying to understand if my lawyer is telling me this just to play safe on their side or if actually the American Immigration doesn't care about the pandemic and for them those are the rules, no matter what's going on around the world, because in that case we made it through the pandemic just to be shut down by book rules... Thanks!
  2. Hello my friends... I just finally got a job in a bank with my EAD card.... after finishing all the paperwork I realize that I will need to renew my card in a few months because still no interview notice yet. When I Initially fill my case, only did: I485. I765 and I130 I didnt file advance parole, I just tough It wasn't necesary, but at this time I really dont know how long will take the proccess and may be need advance parole to travel to my country. my question is: Can I subbmit the renewal of my EAD and submit the ADVANCE PAROLE form as well? how is the proccess to Renew the EAD? if you have some similar experiences please share it with me. thank you so much guys! down here you all can see my timeline. I fill my case in Houston.
  3. Hi All, My wife is still waiting on her green card interview (been almost a year) and her Advance parole and EAD is going to expire in March. We are wanting to renew it but it's pretty confusing as how exactly to do that. I want to make sure I understand what we need to do correctly. From my understanding within 90 days before they expire we need to submit a new application with a copy of her I-131 receipt, and a copy of her I-131. Also from my understanding we don't have to pay the fee again since it's a renewal. Is this correct? Do we need to submit the same evidence for the I-131 as when we first applied for it? Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Hello So I has an IR-2 visa which was to expire on April 4th 2020 and I had planned to travel on March 18 2020. But due to covid, my country announced lockdown on March 15 and I could not travel. The case is not opening in CEAC and the customer service is not responding. Should I make a new case? File a new petition and start over from the beginning? Or is there any other way? Can I "renew" the visa? If so, where should I start?
  5. I'm in the midst of one of those Kafkaesque beurocratic nightmares you often hear about in relation to USCIS: My EAD was set to expire in August, so in around May about 90 days before I applied for a renewal. I filled in the I-765 form and ticked the box for 'renewal'. I didn't include any fees as I'm in AoS so have already paid. In August, about 2 weeks before my work permit expires (not that it matters as I'm currently laid off due to COVID) it was returned rejected because I didn't pay the fee and had apparently used an outdated version of the form. I printed out another copy of the form and returned it again with a letter telling them I had already paid (they did this to me last time) and a copy of my payment receipt just in case they somehow still couldn't see it on my file. I also informed them the version of the form I was submitting was the current version from their website, which was outdated but I had always heard "just use whatever is the most recently available version on their website". Anyway, it's now mid-September and I finally received an envelope from USCIS - not my updated work permit card as I had imagined, but yet ANOTHER rejection telling me the form is outdated. Now when I go to the website there is finally a new version of the I-765 form, but I shouldn't be penalised because there was no newer version of the form available when I applied, should I? What can be done in this situation to avoid having to wait ANOTHER three months for them to get their act together and own up to their mistakes? Should I wait on hold for hours to their call centre or is it not worth it? Should I just accept that USCIS couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel and re-submit the now available current version of the form??
  6. First time post from a US citizen seeking guidance and information regarding EAD renewal for my sister-in-law who is spouse of an approved E2 renewal. In May 2020 an E2 renewal package including I-539 and I-129 and I-765 was submitted to USCIS California Service Center. I-765 for SIL’s EAD renewal was also included in same package. All fees including a Premium processing fee were included. I-129 I-539 E2 renewal for primary beneficiary, my BIL was approved within about a week. I-765 for SIL EAD Renewal remains pending and previous EAD recently expired. historically renewals for all applicants in a E2 package have been taken care of at same time. Although the I-765 is not technically available for premium processing, USCIS has always handled it as I understand as a courtesy. Please note at the time of filing via the CSC our family immigration attorney had seen typically approved within 90 days. Now well into the pandemic, USCIS has definitely dropped the ball as when an EAD is finally issued it will still have the same expiration date as BIL’s recently approved E2 renewal in 2022. USCIS collects full price but eventually will issue a reduced time EAD. As an American I am appalled and embarrassed our government is is so unfair To applicants. SIL has been employed as an educator here in Washington state, for both higher education and K-12 Public School SIL has now requested Expedited in the public interest via phone. public interest as she is a Certified teacher in a speciality area where online teaching is not effective. An August 19, 2020 DHS and white house memorandum now list teachers in this arena as essential workers. Additionally SIL has contributed to research, is published, been keynote speaker at major conferences and has provided expert testimony in past to house education committee in her specialty area. I reached out to one of our senators however just received a copy and paste sorry we can’t help you response. Please share your simular experiences and suggestions so I can help my sister-in-law. thank you in advance for your guidance and will blessings to each of your immigration issues
  7. I'm getting ready to help my wife file for renewal of her EAD/AP combo card. I realize that there's already another thread on this forum on this same topic, and I apologize for starting yet another thread on this topic, but in the past I've been accused of "hijacking" other peoples' threads, so I didn't want that to happen again. I'm writing this because I've noticed that there are a few items on forms i-131 and i-765 where the way it's filled out looks like it differs between the first time you fill it out (concurrently with the AOS package, form i-485, etc) vs. when you fill it out the second (or third?!@) time i.e. for renewal (for those of us whose AOS process drags out for more than a year).Below I've summarized the differences that I've found. Have others found the same results as me? Is there anything else I've missed. This goes for both the old version of form i-765, and the new version that was just released this month. All other items not listed above should be the same in both versions (unless you've changed your address, in which case you should update that) Here's what I found: For Form i-765 (employment authorization) part 1 1. First time: Check “a” (initial permission to accept employment); Renewal: Check “c” (renewal of my permission to accept employment) part 2 12. First time: Check “No” Renewal: Check Check “Yes” 13-17. First time: “No” for 13a, skip 13b, “Yes” for 14, fill out 15-17 Renewal: “Yes” for 13a, fill out 13b, “No” for 14, skip 15-17 For Form i-131 (advanced parole) part 1 9. First time: Leave blank Renewal: Fill out SSN part 3 1-2. Update info as needed 4a. First time: “No” Renewal: “Yes” 4b. First time: leave blank Renewal: Fill in Date issued (is this the “Valid from” date on the card itself?) 4c. First time: leave blank Renewal: Under disposition write “attached” and attach copies
  8. Hi all, I have an unusual question. My daughter's passport was about to expire in May'20. Since we were planning not to travel this year due to Covid-19 related reasons, we did not rush on applying for renewal at all. That's why we applied at our local post office in April. It is currently "in processing" since last week, nothing more. Unfortunately, we now have a family emergency, I need to fly out as soon as possible (Monday, if not Sunday), but we do not have my daugther's passport in hand, and her birth certificate as well (was submitted during the application, and have not received it back). My mom's doctor agreed to provide a doctor's report. Today, while trying to make an appointment with the emergency passport service centers, we were told that these offices are only open on Mondays & Thursdays... We were also told that we should make an appointment early Monday morning, and evaluate the situation with an officer on site; they want us to purchase the ticket without confirming whether they recognize our emergency situation before coming to the office... We asked about my daughter's birth certificate being held by Department of State, but did not get a clear answer... Do we need to bring our photos or they could provide photo service on site? I couldn't get an answer to this as well. Is this the regular process now or Covid also changed this process? thanks all!
  9. Hi - I would like to seek an advice. I am a B1/B2 10yr visa holder from the Philippines. I was married but separated when my visa was granted 2016 and will expire 2026. I was married to a Filipino citizen/visa-non holder. A year after my visa was granted, annullment papers was released - year 2017. My passport is about to expire. Should i renew it using my married name for the meantime to avoid change name issues at the US port of entry? Currently, my visa holds a married name. Or do i need to re-apply a new visa as single? In addition, i was petitioned year 2018 for L-130. Would it affect the status of my petition? Can i update my passport using maiden name before the visa expires or before my immigrant interview? I would greatly appreciate everyone’s response.
  10. My husband filed for his EAD and AP separately. However the EAD and AP arrived about 3 weeks apart(no combo card). Due to COVID related USCIS closings and backlog, it looks like we won't have our AOS interview anytime soon. He will need to renew both the EAD and AP. We want to know: 1. When should he start to file for his EAD and AP? 180 days or 90 days before they both expire ? 2. Is it possible for him to file for both the EAD and AP at the same time and receive a combo card?
  11. So, a relative of mine still has an Alien Receipt Registration Card or Form I-151 in the year 2020 (like the one in the attached image, i don't feel comfortable sharing the real card), I have read that this was rendered by INS invalid for proof of residence since 1996. My uncle has never encountered any problem, neither thus he use the card often. He still has a current California RealID, obtained using his unrestricted SSN and the DD Form-1173-1 Card and now we are planning to apply for naturalization for him. Do we need to renew the card first? (In that case, what form shall be used?) or can we go straight to naturalization? , also he is now 71 years old , lived in america since his late 20's, is he exempt from the civic and language test?. His last travel abroad was on March 17, 1996 to May 30, 1996 and the P.I Passport he used back then still remain unrenewed . Passport expired in February 2001, Do we need to renew that too?. I know this might take time due to the current pandemic and lockdown. TIA for any responce
  12. Hi there, I received my passport with visa back on 18 march 2020, from Islamabad embassy. Due to coronavirus situation Airports are closed and am not able travel before the expiry date of my Visa. Its expiring on 7th may. I don't how to do extend it? Where to contact for that? I called on embassy num they refused to talk about this issue and I also emailed them but they said we deal here only US citizens. I am tens please help me. How to extend visa validity?
  13. Hi, So my 10 year green card will expire in just under 6 months. I'm working on applying via form I90 online and there was a question about where my entry was granted. I'm not sure if that's Jacksonville or if I supposed to put USCIS, Consulate... Also, for those who have done this before can I pay online? How long does it take? Do I need to do biometrics again? What should I expect? Note, I was married 9 years and been divorced for the past 3 years. Im sure I'm good to go there. Thank you Sue
  14. Hi Guys! I filed for AOS/EAD/AP based on a K1 visa on Feb 2018 shortly after I got married. I received my EAD/AP combo card on July 2018 and it is valid until July 2019 (1 year). Meanwhile, since I reside in NYC, the AOS(I-485) takes much much longer than expected. I'm waiting for them to schedule an interview since September 2018 ("Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview"). USCIS is saying it takes 15-31.5 (AOS) months for NYC - https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ It looks like my current EAD/AP will expire (July 2019) before I'll receive my green card. What are my options? - Is it true that I can submit for a renewal up to 6 months before it expires? - Will they waiver the EAD/AP fee since it's based on a AOS? - Will it be quicker this time since it's a renewal? (It took me 5.5 months to get my current combo card) Thank you all so much, this forum kicks ###! -David
  15. Hi! My passport and my son's about to expire on Dec. 2019 and m thinking of getting 2 round trip (asap) tickets to go to the Philippines for an emergency matter. 1. Is it ok to get a roundtrip ticket with the soon to be expired passport and get it renewed (expedited) in the Philippnes before our return to the US? Will it cause trouble at the airport going back to the States because a renewed passport will have a different passport number? It wont be the same passport number on the round trip plane ticket. 2. Shall i just get a 1 way ticket and get my passport renewed (expedited) in the Philippiines and just buy a ticket going back to the states? What will be the best course to do? Thank you.
  16. My husband is on L1 A blanket visa and I am on L2 visa. I-94 expiry date: Husband -03/20/2020 Wife -12/19/2020 My EAD expired in May 2019,i forgot to renew my EAD and worked for two months(i went through medical surgeries and it slipped our mind about renewal process). As soon as we released, I quit my job and notified HR about this. My husband's company is applying for L1/L2 renewal's. 1. what are the consequences we need to face because of my violation, during the renewal process? 2.will I be able to apply for EAD again once our visa renewal gets approved? 3. Will I be denied for the extension? 4.do I need to show any medical documents to support my violation during that time? 5. It will affect my i-485, how to rectify the situation Please help? we are in a lot of stress thinking about the situation.
  17. Hi, If you are doing aos from k1 and haven’t received green card, what should you put as (P1Q6) immigration admission status on renewal i-131 form? We applied for 485/765/131 last June and ead/card received and will expire in Oct., was told to fill out renewals 120 days in advance. Also, for P3Q4a, what should we put - not sure “reentry permit” is applicable? Same questions on 1-765 too (P2 Q24 & 25) Thank you in advance for assistance.
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