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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Team Members, Thanks for making this forum and helping peoples across the globe, I applied for renewal of B1/B2 Visa as a new application, got the appointment after a year long wait, Appeared in the interview and was very smooth, only few questions asked nothing much, general questions like Year of last visit - places visited , overall that went very well, At the end VO said to my Wife congratulations while smiling your visa is approved and handed over the Blue slip of Approval, and said for all four of you, Myself - 3 Kids we need some additional information and we will contact you over email, and handed over White Slip 221(g) & Passports Returned After 2 hour received the email to submit additional information of DS-5535 over email in editable word text only, Responded to them in next day within email as they said to reply to this email, However its been almost 58 days and there is no update or response Wife passport received after 4 days with 5 Year / M Visa in the meanwhile I was not aware that Kids under the age of 14 may get the visa via drop box, and I took them to physical interview Interview 15 Feb-2022 Islamabad Already had B1/B2 Visa -2013-2018 Visited 3 Times and came back within allowed timeframe Last visited in 2017 Category B1/B2 Wife - House Wife Myself - Private Job Corporate Sector - Mid Senior Level Would you recommend me to contact them over the same email to get an update Please suggest Thnx
  2. Hello! I am in AOS from a K1 visa. I got my EAD combo card in February and applied for renewal. I'd like to know if anyone renewed recently and how long it took to get the new card? Knowing I don't need to go through the biometrics appointment again. Thank you!
  3. I have 2 questions for my mom's tourist visa. Thank you in advance to those who can help. 1. Her tourist visa expires September 2022, can she still travel to the US from January 2022 to February 2022? 2. We started the visa renewal process. We paid the fee, finished the DS-160, but we didn't see the Interview Waiver Letter and we have not sent anything else to the embassy. We have not set an appointment yet. If she travels to the US next month (Jan 2022), would there be an issue if we already started the visa renewal process?
  4. hello i just need a quick guidance on what my wife and i should be focusing on doing soon. So my wife and i are thinking of visiting philippines soon and her passport is expiring in 9 months. But ever since pandemic started and her being pregnant and giving birth to our son. We havent really had the chance to take care of them. So heres the situation my wife's name on her passport is still her maiden name. But on her greencard/social and state id she has my last name on all of them already. So i was just wondering, what requirements does she need to be able to renew her passport with after married name? And btw do i need to legally apply in court for her to change her maiden name to after marriage name? Or i dont have to? Since her social/greencard and state id has been updated already. Sorry i dont really know much about these thing and cant really afford any immigration attorney right now. Hopefully you guys will be able to help me somehow. And does she have to report to the philippines consulate that she had got married already? and sorry if i ever post this in the wrong section, please kindly move it if needed. Thank you very much
  5. Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen has finally issued his ruling on DACA. Says DACA is illegal and all new applications must be rejected. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/16/politics/daca-ruling-hanen/index.html https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/federal-judge-declares-daca-program-illegal-halts-only-new-applications-n1274247
  6. Hello, I am in a bit of a bind currently due to my USA passport renewal process taking longer than expected. It is critical that I to travel to Turkey soon but in order to do so I need (1) my renewed USA passport since mine was expiring within 6 months and (2) a Turkey tourism visa (or other visa of some kind which would permit my entry). I have a pending expedited passport renewal which has been in the system for some time and I am going to try and contact my US Representative's office to see if they can do anything at all to help speed it up (desperate, I know...). But I also need to obtain a Turkey Tourism Visa -- but I don't know if/how I can do so given the fact that I am currently renewing my passport. I do have scans of my existing passport that I sent in for renewal, which is valid until November 30th, 2021 (note that this expiration is within 6 months of my travel). Is it possible to apply for the Turkey tourism visa now using my older, but still valid passport's information, or would I really need to wait until if/when I receive my renewed passport to do so? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. Good afternoon, I just wanted to fill you guys in on my experience renewing my MO drivers license today. I filed for EAD/AP/AOS early November and it's still pending. I took my US MO Drivers test in November using my I-94, Passport and K-1 Visa page but my license was only valid for the length of the I-94 document. Of course this expired a little while ago, and I have been unable to drive. So my wife emailed the DMV requesting information as to whether or not we'd be able to renew my license for the time being. There is very little information out there in this. I have included the e-mail below. I walked into the DMV today, and brought the following documents with me: Marriage Certificate Passport AOS Receipt (With stamped biometrics) EAD Receipt (The DMV scanned this document) Utility Bill (Something with my name on it tying me to the address I live) It took her a few tries of various numbers on the EAD receipt but it was approved for renewal of my DL. The process took about 10 minutes once I was at the desk. So those of you wondering about drivers licenses, e-mail the DMV and ask about your state's laws regarding it. Remember: Not all DMV staff are competent. I hope this helps someone out there!
  8. Would like to know how to renew the re-entry permit during this covid time. It's the first renewal of my 11 year old son which is expiring on October 2021. When is the earliest he can file? At what stage will he surrender his old permit? Does he still need to do biometrics again? Please share your experience it will help us a lot. Thank u
  9. Hi Friends, My EAD + Advance Parole combo card is set to expire mid-Jun 2021. I applied for my adjustment of status in Jan 2020 (CA-San Francisco). At that time I was on my F1-OPT. My received my EAD+AP combo card in Jun 2020. I also got picked in the H1-B lottery in 2020. I decided to continue on my H1B because I didn't want to give it up, given the uncertainty around adjustment process and the timelines. Now that I am applying for renewal, I have the following questions: 1) Do I provide evidence of my current status (H1B) in my renewal forms though they don't specifically ask for it. I am asking because when I applied in Jan 2020, I was on F1, so there has been a change to that since my H1B got accepted. 2) Do the renewals require all documents (I-94. photographs etc.) or are they able to pull from the past applications? 3) Do I apply for both I-765 and I-131 in the same envelope given its the same address and I am looking for a combo card again. Also, in this case, do I provide 2 photographs or 4 photographs? Thanks in advance!
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